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Kevin Plank, Founder of Under Armour, can teach us a lot about the "you only eat what you kill" mentality ever-present in entrepreneurship. Under Armour started in Plank's grandmother's townhouse and has since risen to a billion dollar revenue, a contract with the MLB, and a large dominance over the sports apparel market. 

Elite Daily has assembled a collection of interviews with Kevin Plank and his now sixteen-year-old startup. We bring you only that which is relevant, interesting, and valuable, so that you can better your entrepreneurial pursuit after learning from Plank's:

On being an entrepreneur:

On his first venture:

On college:

On the idea for Under Armour:

On funding Under Armour:

On his first break:

On adjusting the plans:

On marketing:

On getting superstar athletes onboard:

On getting exposure:

On the future of Under Armour: