Lifestyle — How Dollar Shave Club Plans To Revolutionize Male Grooming (Video)

You may know Michael Dubin from the epic Dollar Shave Club commercial, the founder and CEO has had a disruptive mindset from the start.

Frustrated with the prices and hassle of buying razors, he decided to make a change, turning a normally banal task into a monthly membership.

But the subscription service is much more than a delivery service for razors; it's an experience. In the first package, members receive one of three types of quality razors, a sleeve of blades, the monthly magazine "The Bathroom Minutes" and a membership handbook.

The razors take away expensive frills and focus on quality at a price that's right. Dollar Shave Club's line of men's products has since expanded to hair products, bathroom wipes called “One Wipe Charlies” and a shave butter/serum line under the name “Dr. Carver's.”

Dubin said,

If you have an idea that's resonant and you put it in the right places to be discovered, it should find its audience... There's a huge opportunity for us to help guys look good, smell good, feel good, which makes them confident and more successful.

Who knew razors could be so... cutting edge?

This is the third episode of the new series “Disruptive,” which highlights disruptive innovators sponsored by Strayer Education.

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