Dealing With The Bad B*tch That Is Stress

Stress: the unwanted emotion that attacks at any given time and turns us into hormonal train wrecks. We want absolutely nothing to do with it, but it just keeps coming back like an unwanted girlfriend. Stress can't take a hint.

Although none of us wish to experience stress, it happens to everyone. Some of us get stressed out over the littlest things, while others are resilient to the small stressors but fall victim to the bigger ones.

From upcoming exams, to dentist appointments, to losing a job, to juggling a million and one things at the same time, stressors come in every size, shape and form. Hormones are released when a stressor triggers your reaction system, and your body kicks into fight or flight mode, known as the stress response. The effects of stress are often so overwhelming that our emotional regulation system totally gives up and our minds follow suit.

Stress can take a toll on your mind, body and soul. Stressful situations literally weigh us down, like a heavy burden dropped on our shoulders. How do you handle stress? Many of us still haven't figured out the best ways to de-stress in times of crisis and frustration. Instead of letting your emotions build and go far beyond what you can tolerate, try a few of these tactics to overcome your next obstacle.

Focus on your control.

While stress overwhelms the mind and consumes your thoughts, it's crucial to try to maintain a clear head. With so much negativity swarming around up there, how do you ever plan to find peace? Focus on controlling your thoughts and lessening the burden with your cognitive strength. Whatever stressor is affecting you, it is an outside factor. While the situation at hand may be uncontrollable, your thoughts are under your control. You have the power to alter your mood, regardless of surrounding conditions.

Utilize your support system.

If you're feeling so powerless and vulnerable to whatever stress is burdening you, turn to your supporters. The more support you have from family and friends, the quicker you will bounce back from whatever it is that has you down. If you isolate yourself in times of stress, you become more vulnerable to its negative effects. Use your support system not only to keep your mind occupied, but also as an outlet for releasing your frustrations. Venting is always a good stress reliever.

Use some calming exercises.

Close your eyes and count to ten if you're feeling like you're about to explode. This helps take your mind off whatever it is that's stressing you out, and the calming effects are truly beneficial. Meditation is another great way to ease your mind, body and spirit. On that same note, yoga is extremely relaxing and actually focuses on releasing all of the negative energy from your core.

Take a yoga class and you'll probably find yourself dozing off to the instructor's guiding words and light music, rather than worrying about the stress in your life. If none of these exercises are for you, some good old fashioned running is a solid way to take out your frustrations.

Combat the sh*t.

When stress gets far too overwhelming, the best way to handle it might be to just deal with it. Face the problem head on. Be assertive. Do not sit back and let the stress seep into every area of your life. Take control of your own well being and remove the negative as quickly as it came.

If all else fails…

Toke up. Getting high may not be the healthiest solution, per se, but it's definitely the quickest. After a couple hits, you'll be feeling good and devoid of any bullsh*t that was clouding your mind.

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