5 Creative Ways To Pay For College So You Never Have To Take Out Student Loans

by Linda Anderson

College education is known for the debt that comes with it. We all want to pursue our passions, but are in for a tough reality check when we see how much higher education and opportunity will cost us.

If you already explored scholarship and grant options and are still coming up short, consider getting creative. Use your unique skill set to give you a chance to take advantage of financial opportunities others might not be able to.

Here are more ways to get creative and find a way to pay for college, without ever having to take out student loans.

1. Consider modeling.

Model for artists that are aspiring to make it big. Model for a local ad campaign. Model for something bigger if you get the opportunity.

Check the campus notice board, and you'll find plenty of options.

The hours are short and flexible, the pay is good and you get to have fun while you work as well.

This could help you earn dollars for your college education fund. Moreover, you get a free portfolio, which can be shared on social media pages, and you never know who will see it.

2. Think of crowdfunding.

With crowdfunding, money comes for free and you don't have to pay back anyone — ever.

Set up a campaign online and blog about or spread it across social media. See what kind and generous individuals can help you out.

Patience is a virtue here, though, but with the right marketing skills, you can get money pouring in. Since the money coming to you through crowdfunding is gifted, you don't have to repay a cent.

3. Be an interviewer on campus.

There are many students in college paying off their college bills by interviewing aspiring students coming to campus.

Consider being an interviewer for campus jobs, recruitment drives and even for book and publication reviews, too.

You get paid for every interview, or by the hour. You get to be an authority and earn respect while making the cash you so desperately need. Your employers are getting a lot of work taken off their schedule and you get one step closer to walking away from school debt-free.

4. Be a dance teacher.

If you're good at dancing, why not use the skill to rake in the money and pay for your education?

Most students resort to making minimum-wage jobs, but dancing (and teaching it) can help you earn close to double that amount.

Use that savings to pay for your college, plus get a killer workout in while you make money.

5. Be a camp counsellor during the summer.

Being a camp counsellor can be your ticket into a university of your choice.

Being a camp counselor and sticking to it year after year, can add up. This money can help you pay off your tuition and the experience can give you the leg up in securing any type of paid leadership or mentor position.

Plus, if you enjoy children, the work is not as taxing as you might think.

If you can think outside the box and get creative, there are tons of financial opportunities out there.