bSafe Transforms Your Cell Into The Ultimate Safety Device


With the new app bSafe, the chances of you feeling threatened or in danger are significantly reduced. Mobile developer Bipper released the app that offers safety and protection with the touch of a button. It signals out to your emergency contacts that you are in need of help and even shares your location.

Elite interviewed Silje Vallestad, the founder of bSafe, on how she came about the idea and some of the features it offers.

The bSafe is an app that offers people the security of never having to walk alone again. What are some ways in which the app provides this?

Was there a certain scenerio or event that occurred in your life that sparked the idea for bSafe?

The app also offers "guardians" for you to add on your phone. Can you explain the purpose of having a guardian on your phone and what their job entails?

What are some of the other features on bSafe and how do they work?

There is another app called mobilekids which is primarily for younger children. Besides this, what are some of the main differences between MobileKids and bsafe?

The bSafe app originated in Norway and now it is available in the US. Where else can one find the app? Do you have any plans for expanding bSafe?

bSafe ensures safety and provides protection for those who may find themselves in a dangerous scenerio. What is a dream accomplishment for bSafe and where do you wish to see the business later down the road?