7 Great Reasons To Launch An International Career

by Evelyn Pelczar

Our generation is coming of age during a period of great uncertainty in the world. The global financial crisis has left the US economy staggering and wiped out job opportunities for millions of us.

The traditional templates for success in your life and career no longer longer guarantee stability. An irreversible geopolitical power shift is moving opportunities away from the United States and Europe and towards emerging nations in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

However, what you might not realize is that within every crisis there is also an opportunity. The sands are shifting beneath your feet and if you can build the courage to become an internationalist, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.Thus, today we are presenting Elite Daily readers with 7 reasons why they should launch an international career.


Have you forgotten your high school Spanish?

When you launch an international career, you will be forced to apply your language skills in a wide range of situations. Taking a trip to see a business associate, hanging out at the lake or meeting a lover will all be impromptu and practical lessons in language acquisition and application.

You’ll gain an appreciation for the nuances of the language in a way that would have never been possible if you were attempting to acquire it back at home. Moreover, the linguistic skill set you pick up will remain with you for the rest of your life.


Jobs and Woz. Gates and Allen. Brin and Page.

Many of the greatest success stories of our lifetimes occurred because ambitious individuals were in the right place at the right time and found the right people to partner up with. This is as true at home as it is everywhere else in the world - sometimes even more so, especially in emerging markets.

The difference for many of the entrepreneurs listed is that they became successful at a time when new opportunities and possibilities were emerging domestically due to advances in technology. This is why the Zuckerbergs and the Instagrams of the world get so much media attention - there are just enough of them making billions that we become inspired to try it out.

What is less frequently discussed is the plethora of opportunities that are available internationally. The reason is that those who are savvy to this don’t need or want extra competition edging in on the endless blue ocean opportunities available to those with the courage to explore the unknown. You’ll often find that those who are most successful in the international realm are also the ones making the least amount of noise publicly about their success. It’s in their interest to keep a low profile and, likewise, it is for you as well.

When you launch a career abroad you will inevitably build a strong network of trusted contacts in the places you visit. These links will often translate into sustainable long term relationships in life, social circles, careers, and business. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground and you will move yourself into positions of higher power and influence internationally.

Thrill Seeking

Launching your international career will be the adventure of a lifetime. It will also be one of the most challenging things you’ve ever done. In the end, you will come out of it stronger, smarter, and more versatile than ever. Above all, we launch an extraordinary life abroad to experience that which the mediocre do not and to take advantage of the fleeting time we have in this world.

Dance Samba in Rio de Janeiro. Train Muay Thai in Bangkok. Go on a silence immersion retreat in the Himalayas. Strike business deals in Angola, Dubai, and Shanghai. None of these things happen by accident - these things happen when you decide that you will become a pioneer and seize extraordinary global opportunities right now.

Become A Global Citizen

The world has become totally globalized and thus interdependent. This interdependence is positive, as it has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, but also negative, as it has dramatically exacerbated problems like national security, environmental degradation, and financial crises.

Thus, this new globalized world calls for globalized leaders. A global leader can only become so through going through a plethora of hands-on and practical experiences in a range of cultures and countries abroad. The power and wealth is shifting from the developed nations to the developing nations faster than ever.

Will you take advantage of this shift and position yourself as a global leader?

Or will you follow the crowd?

Get Out Of The Bubble

Due to geographic distance from other countries, global penetration of English language skills, and brainwashing by the mainstream media and social media, Americans are often stuck in a cultural bubble. It can be difficult to break free from the crowd at times. By launching an international career, you will break these bonds and experience a totally new environment that will force you to forge your identity and solidify your values and principles.

Witness Economic History

The rise of China is undoubtedly one of the most crucial historical, geopolitical, and economic stories of our generation’s lifetime. We have been and will continue to be affected by this groundswell for quite some time. Instead of fearing the rise of China, it’s up to us to embrace it - and thus seize opportunities within.

In order to seize opportunities resulting from the rise of China, however, one must understand this rising juggernaut and how to operate within. China is often referred to as the “Wild Wild East” - and for good reason. Where there lies hot growth and risk, there lies great opportunity for enterprising young go-getters who have the courage to take the risk and launch an extraordinary career in China.

Blaze A Trail

If you are American, you are descended from pioneers. Your ancestors came aboard a ship or plane to a distant foreign country for the uncertain promise of the pursuit of happiness and liberty. They did this because there was war, persecution, disease, political turmoil, or lack of opportunity in their homelands and they sought a better life for you - their descendent who would never be able to thank them.

Our nation is in crisis. Since the economic crisis struck, our generation lacks opportunities to build a foundation for ourselves at home. More than ever, we need intelligent, adaptable, and international role models to follow to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

We need pioneers. We need you to lead the way. We need you to be a role model of everything that made America great - striking off and taking a chance into the unknown for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Will you blaze the trail that the rest of us will follow?

Michael Park | Elite.

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