5 Tips On Maximizing Your Potential

by Evelyn Pelczar

Millions of Americans are suffering from an overwhelming dose of apathy and underachievement. Particularly in a time when leading companies are aggressively seeking confident young adults to transform their conventional ideas into profitable innovation.

But the problem isn’t necessarily an undereducated workforce, global competitiveness, or lack of domestic resources; it’s that Americans lack the required amount of ambition to maximize their potential in life to experience financial euphoria. The most toxic behavior a person can adopt isn’t their inability to cope with failure, it’s their inability to cash in on the wealth of experiences they have, for a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and drive.

Maximizing your potential isn’t something that can be taught in a classroom, read out of a book, or even gathered by word of mouth. It comes from the development of resilience in the face of controversy and critique. Life will unapologetically test your resilience and faith to determine if you’re worthy for greatness. Unfortunately, 2/3 of the people who attempt to achieve greatness never reach the sacred threshold because of their inability to maximize their potential.

Here are 5 tips on maximizing your potential to achieve greatness.

Recognizing your potential

In order to determine how best to utilize your personal dose of potential, you must first recognize that you have it! The greatest legends weren’t born with an exceptional amount of ears, eyes, legs, feet, or hands. We all start out in life on the same track, and with the exception of a few bumps on the road, the highway for success is created with the same pavement.

In order to keep up with the greats, it requires that you first be willing to go along for the ride. By seeing yourself as a potential millionaire, billionaire, social innovator, or tech company guru, you must first believe that you have the potential to BE that person. It’s not just a cliché, you can and will evolve into the person or thing you aspire to become.

Trusting the process

Once you’ve decided that you have potential, you must recognize that maximizing it happens when you take calculated and unpopular risks. The reason the 1% of the world is at the top isn’t because they’re all brilliant, it’s because they decided to go against popular opinion and make tough decision based on their unwavering faith in the process.

Stepping out on a belief that tells your inner conscious that the reward is far greater than the risk (even if your friends and family don’t think so) can be intimidating and scary. But remember, no one ever apologized for being great.

Never forget the basics

All too often people reach success and miraculously forget about the core principles that helped them acquire wealth in the initial stages. Maximizing your potential happens when you religiously remember how you made your first penny, and use that formula to produce your last million. In a world of uncertainty and ambiguity, the only people that will survive are those that remember the basics. Success is a science and must be exercised repetitively for the maximum results.

No one remembers 2nd place

Although Americans ceremoniously recognize 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, the only names engrained in stone are those that finish 1st. In order to truly maximize your potential and reach success, your body, mind, and way of living must become allergic to 2nd place. 3rd place shouldn’t even be an option. Maximizing your potential requires that you consider yourself 1st. Learn to discipline your mind and eliminate the old grade school adage that everyone is awarded a prize, because in life’s pursuit of greatness through potential, the only prize is 1st place.

Always expect more of yourself

Every morning is another opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and ask life’s most urgent and persistent question, “How can I improve?” Many people fail to maximize their potential because they lack the independent assertiveness to challenge themselves daily by becoming their own motivating critic. While critique, even from others can serve you well, it’s important to evaluate self through the eyes of the beholder. Being born with potential can be considered a gift and a curse. And for those that don’t utilize their potential, unfortunately, they’ve waived their first-class bus ticket to greatness.

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