The Most Ridiculous Things People Put On Their Résumés This Year

By Vivian Giang

Being creative in order to stand out on your résumé can be a good thing; however, if you decide to be too outrageous, you may soon find yourself on this list.

Since 1966, staffing firm Robert Half International has been publishing the most ridiculous things it's witnessed on applicants' résumés, applications and cover letters.

These bloopers, called "Resumania," are published in the company's newsletters and the firm still collects them today.

Many things about job searching have changed over the years, but the goal of the résumé has remained constant, and that’s to help you secure an interview,

Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half, tells Elite Daily.

Content that raises red flags or is simply irrelevant to the job can knock you out of the running quickly.

Below are the most ridiculous things people have put on their résumés this year:


"Only accountants can save the world through peace, goodwill and reconciliations."


"My employment is not up for grabs to the highest bidder."


"To find an office where I can enjoy great coffee, snacks, conversation and humor. This helps my productivity immensely."


"entertain co-workers with wit and ability to eat large quantities of Siracha."

"saying yes to everything and regretting it later."


"2008-2011 - Self-employed – Illegal drug sales."

"Domestic engineer: Supervisory duties over 3 subordinates and 1 manager."

"I am a Jedi Master of software development."


"Donated over three gallons of blood in my lifetime."

"I have a garage which rivals Iron Man for the purpose of building prototypes."


"Hanging out with friends, watching old movies, online shopping at work."

"Watching Food Network, playing softball and sketching SpiderMan."

Here are some of the most ridiculous things Robert Half has received from applicants in the past 50 years:


"To become a billionaire."


"To be able to wear feathers to work. Appropriately, of course."


"I have incredibly entertaining hair."




"My last client called me a god, so that was award enough."



Robert Half also asked creative and marketing executives about the most unusual ways people have tried to get a job. Below were the responses:

"We got a shoe in the mail with all of the candidate’s qualifications written on it. It said he wanted to get his foot in the door with us."

"We got a cutout of a hand in an envelope with the applicant’s résumé and cover letter. The letter said he wanted to offer us a 'helping hand.'"

"I was in a multistory building and a woman put her name and number on a kite with the words 'call me!' The kite blew towards the CEO’s office – he called her for an interview."

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox/Office Space