The 10 Most Successful People With ADHD

by Julian Sonny

There is a common misconception out there that people with ADHD become too distracted to get anything done. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Today there’s an estimated 7% of adults who are affected by this disorder. And of that percentage comes some of the world’s most influential people. That’s right, some of the greatest philosophers, athletes and entrepreneurs of all time suffer from this not-so-rare condition.

The truth is that when people with ADHD are able find something that they’re passionate about, they will dedicate themselves harder than anyone else could even imagine — often times crushing the competition.

And judging by what some people have accomplished, I think it’s safe to say that it should be considered more of an advantage than a weakness. These are the 10 Most Successful People With ADHD.

10. Walt Disney, The Founder Of Disneyland Walt Disney was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time as his presence is still felt even 50 years after his death. He took what were crude drawings and turned them into a brand that is now instantly recognizable worldwide. With ADHD, he was able to build an empire and make a product that people love and want. And as we all know, this is one of the most important things when it comes to creating long-lasting success. Fast forward to today and Disney is still one of the top dogs.

9. Michael Phelps, The Most Decorated Olympian Of All Time Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletic specimens the world has ever seen. He is the most decorated Olympian ever, racking up 14 gold medals in his career. He credits much of this success to his ADHD. Phelps’ mother described her son’s exhibition of classic ADHD symptoms: not sitting still or being able to focus. However, he channeled that into swimming, and with “continuous praise and positive reinforcement,” Phelps found the encouragement he needed to fight on to victory.

8. Justin Timberlake, Singer/Actor/Producer/Businessman JT is the f*cking man. Not only has he dominated the Billboard charts for years, but he wifed up one of the baddest chicks in the game. The Grammy-winning artist revealed in an interview with that he has “ADD mixed with OCD.” That hasn’t stopped him from bringing sexy back in his suit and tie. He has since transcended his success to movies and business. Not bad, Justin. Not bad.

7. Michael Jordan, The Greatest Of All Time MJ is perhaps the most polarizing sports figure on the planet. During his NBA career, he became the greatest of all time and made basketball what it is today. Oh yeah… and he had ADHD. His success went beyond just sports to business where he rakes in millions of dollars through sneakers sales and other investments. He has his hands in a lot of pots and is always looking for his next move — a common trait to this condition. 6. Jim Carrey, Actor/Comedian/Poducer

Jim Carrey has been making us laugh for over two decades and in case you haven’t realized it by now, the guy has a serious case of ADHD. He remembers coping by being the class clown, and said that it’s “hard for me to come down from what I do.” That hasn’t stopped him from putting out some of the most epic comedies of all time and acting like a complete nutcase wherever he goes. ADHD works well for him.

5. David Neeleman, Aviation Entrepreneur David Neeleman is a boss. While he only discovered he had the disorder while in his 30s, it didn’t stop him from creating monster value in one of the most-recognizable aviation brands in the world — JetBlue. He is the perfect example of what someone with ADHD can accomplish when they are truly passionate about what they do. Neeleman credits much of his success to having ADHD, saying that with the disorder comes creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

4. Will Smith, Actor/Producer/Rapper The fresh prince has done it all in his illustrious career — from creating one of the greatest sitcoms of all time to putting out bangers in the 90s, big Willy is that dude! He never settled for one lane and this is a direct result of his ADHD. Will once described himself as the “fun one who had trouble paying attention.” He even admitted before that he has trouble reading movie scripts. So he just does what any great actor does — wing it!

3. John F. Kennedy, The 35th President Of The United States JFK was the swag champ. Not only was he one of the most bad ass presidents of all time, but he changed what it meant to be an Elite gentleman. From leading the country to banging young Marilyn, John really left his mark on America — with ADHD of course. It has been said that he was able to apply himself though this by smoking pot, which helped him focus and alleviate his back pain.

2. Richard Branson, Business Mogul Sir Richard Branson is the definition of a mogul. With ADHD, he was able to accomplish ridiculous feats — from starting his own space exploration company to owning his own island. You never know what he’s going to do next, as his reach is truly universal. Thanks to his ADHD, he’s able to innovate, achieve and succeed in everything he does.

1. Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist When your last name becomes the universal reference to calling someone a genius — you’re smart. Albert Einstein was a classic case of ADHD as he was forgetful, could never find his keys and often seemed oblivious to his surroundings. Not to mention the hair. It’s safe to say he didn’t fit in with the majority. He was a maverick, and he lived by his own rules.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images