The 10 Things You Need To Do To Excel In The Workplace

by Eddie Cuffin

There comes a time in your life when you must no longer rely on your mother to pack your lunch, as it is now up to you to start making your own decisions. As an adult, you must wake up every morning with a sense of urgency, and the desire to accomplish any feat that the world places before you.

Now that you are no longer in college, you can expect the real world to give you a bit of a rough time. Nothing is going to come easy. Once you enter the professional world there is no one out there that can help you more than you can help yourself. It is imperative that you develop good habits. No more partying or procrastinating, it’s time to buckle down and get serious.

Realistically, no one is going to want to work with someone who is immature and unable to execute in a timely manner. Those who cannot hang are just a burden to the company, dead weight.

It is our duty to provide you guys with the proper guide that will lead you to success in the workplace. Here are The 10 Things You Need To Do To Excel In The Workplace


10. Be punctual.

Always be on time at all costs. And if you anticipate being late, let it be known ASAP. There is nothing worse than saying you're going to be somewhere and not following through. At the end of the day, all you have is your word. You will instantly lose reliability and favor with your superior. Make it a priority to show up early.

9. Be assertive.

Know your role. But speak up when you know that you must. Let your ideas be known, especially when you feel strongly about them. Around your colleagues, become a leader and separate yourself from the pack. Show your superior that you are fully capable of rounding up the troops and getting them in line.

8. Learn how to manage your time.

Become as efficient as possible. Don't get stuck on a task for too long. Switch it up if you feel flustered and come back to it with a refreshed mind. Take on more tasks too. The more you have to do, the more efficiently you will be forced to manage your time.

7. Get drunk.

This is essential when it comes to working long hours. Feeling burnt out? Take a swig! This will give you the extra inspiration you need to bang out some extra work and think outside the box. If you can keep it on the low, drink all damn day! Don't be soft.

6. Work late.

No one is a morning person. Straight up. In fact most people can agree that some of their best work gets done during the late night. This is where the creative juices are spawned and you can bang out the majority of your workload. Plus it's a good look when you're the last one out the office.

5. Be the only person anyone needs.

Make your worth invaluable to the company. You should be able to offer a whole array of skills. With a solid skill set you can be accessible to everyone. This will guarantee you success and longevity in any work environment.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Many people overlook this portion of their life. It is critical that you get your body in proper shape. Working out coupled with healthy eating habits surprisingly helps you stay focused. In addition to being more focused you will feel energized throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to a more productive lifestyle. If you want to guarantee a long and productive career, you should start worrying about and taking care of your body.

3. Get high.

We all have our vices and this is something we have to live with. There is no better way to end a productive day than with a fat blunt. Smoking with your co-workers builds a stronger community. With great people around, you there are no limits to your success. You will be surprised how many great ideas came out of cyphs amongst co-workers.

2. Know when it's time to be serious and when it's okay to let loose.

Everyone loves to have a good time and party. The truly successful people are the ones who can find a happy medium between a social life and finishing work. There is nothing more important than finishing your work. So no matter how much you are in need of a drink you must realize that completing your work takes precedence over everything. This is the big leagues, there are no more excuses for incomplete work. It's either you get it done or you're out. When your work is done it's perfectly fine to sit back relax and have a few drinks.

1. Work towards a goal.

At the end of the day, we are all working to achieve a particular task we set for ourselves. This doesn't have to be a monetary achievement. Your goals can be as simple as closing a deal or getting a promotion. Whatever it is, make sure your goal has you moving forward in the right direction to achieving your idea of ultimate success.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images