Young woman most likely to cry on Thanksgiving 2021, per her zodiac sign.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Cry On Thanksgiving, So Show Them Some Love

Pumpkin pie can’t solve ~all~ your problems.

Thanksgiving can be super overwhelming. Between making dinner arrangements, trying not to burn the turkey, and spending time with relatives you might not get along with, this holiday can feel a lot more stressful than relaxing. And when stress levels get high, it’s totally normal for someone to have an emotional reaction. However, some people might feel the strain more than others, because there are four zodiac signs most likely to cry on Thanksgiving 2021. If your sun or ascendant sign happens to be in Taurus, Leo, Virgo, or Scorpio, you might need an extra slice of pumpkin pie.

Aside from all the stressors that can certainly make Thanksgiving the perfect time to cry, it’s probably going to be even more overwhelming this year. After all, the moon will be in melodramatic and over-the-top Leo on Nov. 25, which will put you in the mood to express yourself. Rather than hold back your tears, you might just feel like letting them all out because your truth will feel more important than keeping things lighthearted.

As if this Leo moon weren’t intense enough, it will square off with brash and abrasive Mars, which could make everyone behave impulsively rather than cautiously. With Mars in the mix, people may say insensitive things without thinking, which could make someone feel upset. The Leo moon will also square off with unpredictable Uranus, which could lead to mood swings when you least expect it. You may be surprised by the way you feel and even more surprised by the fact that you’re literally crying at the dinner table.

If you’re one of the following zodiac signs, you should surround yourself with people you trust during this year’s Thanksgiving. Here’s why:



You might feel like your emotions are all over the map this year. The moon will be in your sensitive fourth house, tapping into the power of your heart and making you feel things much more deeply. As this moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, you might find it harder to control your emotions because they’re taking on a life of their own. Ride the waves, because you deserve to feel how you feel.


With the moon in your first house of the self, you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve at this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. While this will make it easier to connect with others on an emotional level and lead with empathy, it could make it all the more likely that the waterworks will arrive before dessert is served. Don’t feel embarrassed of your tears, because it’s a testament to your deep love.


This year, you might feel like your emotions are so powerful that it’s making it hard for you to enjoy small talk or participate in pleasantries. After all, the moon will be transiting your soulful 12th house, causing you to feel more vulnerable while raising your spiritual awareness. You may be feeling the vibrations of the room much more intensely, which means someone else’s tears may be what causes your own.


Tears can flow for a multitude of reasons, but the last reason anyone expects it to be is anger. This year, a dinner table debate might cause you to feel so passionate that it makes you feel like crying. As the moon squares off with Mars in Scorpio, you might feel so much more offended by opinions that you find insensitive, making you feel the full weight of the injustice.