Young woman on Dec. 31, 2021 in need of a tissue as one of the zodiac signs most likely to cry on Ne...

These 4 Zodiac Signs May Cry On New Year’s Eve, So Hand Them A Tissue

Fireworks? More like waterworks.

The astrology on New Year’s Eve 2021 is intense.

If you're a mutable sign, you're feeling it the most. As you celebrate the passing of time, New Year's Eve can make you feel emotional. You may feel nostalgic as you reminisce on the good times, but the experience can also feel bittersweet as you remember the hard times too.


On NYE, a waning crescent moon in Sagittarius will join forces with passionate Mars, increasing the emotional temperature. This can make you feel more reactive, because Mars has a tendency to make everything feel more intense and impulsive. Here's how mutable signs are taking it: