Your zodiac sign can help you determine which Airbnb you should rent, like this treehouse Airbnb.

Here’s The 1 Airbnb You Should Put On Your Bucket List, Based On Your Zodiac

The stars have aligned for the perfect vacay.

by Andrea Hannah
Adam Crowley/Tetra images/Getty Images

If you’re more than ready for a vacay, your zodiac sign can give you a clue to which unique Airbnb you should have on your travel bucket list.

Are you more of a cozy chalet or sprawling villa person? Click through some of the most popular rentals to see what your star sign says about the Airbnb you should rent.


Aries: This Modern Airbnb

As the first sign of the zodiac, fiery Aries loves all things exciting and new. This modern rental in Mineral de Chico, Mexico features clean lines and geometric decor that trendsetting Aries will appreciate.