This Harry Potter Treehouse On Airbnb Will Transport You To Hogwarts

Even the Ministry of Magic toilet is magical.

by Andrea Hannah

Calling all Potterheads: there’s a Harry Potter treehouse on Airbnb available for rent, and it’ll make you feel like you took a Portkey straight to Hogwarts. Between the castle-esque outer appearance and the on-theme rooms (including dormitory-style bedrooms and a hidden sliding bookcase), you’ll want to book your overnight stay at this Harry Potter haven ASAP. From a sorting hat and invisibility cloak to a magical toilet, here’s what to expect during your enchanting visit to Wizards Hollow.

Located outside of Asheville, North Carolina, the truly magical treehouse is chock-full of fun details that are sure to thrill any and all Harry Potter fans. Between the stuffed owls waiting to take flight in the dining area, to the four-poster beds like Harry and his friends sleep in, there’s so much to appreciate about the wizarding world inside this Airbnb treehouse. For one, there’s even a decal on the toilet that directs you to the Ministry of Magic. On top of that, it’s currently listed at $364 per night and it sleeps four people, so you could easily split the cost with friends and spend less than a hundred bucks per night to stay in this dreamy treehouse in the mountains.

Just a heads up: This Airbnb is so popular that the owners release the booking calendar one month at a time. On Nov. 1, they’ll release the calendar for May 2022, so you know what that means. Wands at the ready, witches and wizards.


When you first walk into this magical treehouse, you’ll enter into the cozy living room. If the vaulted ceilings and stunning mountain views weren’t enough, the Harry Potter-inspired textiles and decor are completely magical. There’s a stack of luggage tucked into the corner, along with a stuffed owl that looks exactly like Hedwig. There are even House flags hanging above the couch, and while you can certainly display all four of the Harry Potter houses — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw — you can also roll up the rest and show your solo House pride. And if you aren’t sure which House you belong to? No worries, because this Airbnb treehouse has its own Sorting Hat to help you figure it out.


There’s a full bedroom on the main floor of this 600 square-foot house, as well as a loft space with an extra bed. Both beds are decorated with Harry Potter-themed quilts and pillows, and there’s even a “secret passageway” between the living room and bedroom. Just slide the bookcase aside to reveal the room, and slide it back into place for added privacy. Plus, with a Platform 9 3/4 shower curtain and stone basin sink, even the bathroom is completely enchanting.

Caroline & Mike/Air BnB

While the inner decor is enough to make you want to hop on a plane tomorrow, the outside of the treehouse is just as magical. With stone siding and curved archways, this treehouse looks just like a castle hanging out among the trees. It also features a wrap-around porch with several rockers and a bonfire pit so you can enjoy the fresh mountain air when you aren’t trying to sort yourself into a different House (Slytherins, I see you.)

If you’re planning a trip to Asheville, keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that anyone not fully vaccinated should delay travel plans until they become fully vaccinated. Airbnb also encourages all guests to adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines during their stay, so check those out before you make the trip to Wizards Hollow.

This treehouse is popular among wizards and Muggles alike, so you’ll have to come up with an action plan to snag an overnight stay. To book the Wizards Hollow treehouse, check out the Airbnb listing and mark your calendars for Nov. 1st.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.