A woman at home is looking up yoga back stretch for any work-from-home back pain.

10 Yoga Back Stretches From An Expert That’ll Alleviate Any WFH Pain

Because leaning over a desk isn’t good for anyone.

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Raise your hand if you are currently dealing with some form of back pain. While you wish you could have a totally ergonomic work-from-home setup, you may not have the space or budget to buy all the products you need. Luckily, there are some yoga back stretches that’ll help with any back or shoulder pain you may be experiencing.

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Elite Daily spoke with Olivia Otten, an Open breathwork and yoga teacher, who shared some of the best yoga exercises for back pain. These poses may help after sitting at your desk all day or being huddled over your laptop, sifting through emails. If you’re ready to feel better, click through to see the best back yoga poses to try.

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