Name your White Elephant group chat something fun and festive this season.

54 White Elephant Group Chat Names That Are Snow Much Fun

It’s gonna be lit in the text thread.

by Andrea Hannah

While gathering gifts for your friends and family is always a Christmas highlight, stealing those sparkly packages during a riveting White Elephant can be just as fun. Will you end up with that luxe bottle of wine, or... a box of paper clips? You may just be able to swing the odds in your favor. With the holidays fast approaching, your best bet is to create that White Elephant group chat and plan out your strategy.

There are multiple ways to play a White Elephant, but all of them can be swayed with a little strategy. It doesn’t matter if your family goes for the traditional White Elephant by including random items that no one wants anymore, or you set a budget limit and everyone goes out to get new gifts. You may just be able to convince your cousin to trade with you before the game even starts. The White Elephant group chat is the perfect time to call in all those favors your fam owes you from over the years.

If you and your family aren’t that cutthroat about your gift exchanges, the White Elephant group chat is also just a fun place to hint at what you’re bringing to the Christmas party. You can tease your mom by telling her you’re bringing the ugliest dishcloths ever, and she’ll be the one to end up with them. Or you can drop clues in the group chat to see if anyone can guess what you’ll show up with. Then, be sure to wrap it in a way bigger box so they can’t guess which gift is you brought.

No matter the vibe of your White Elephant group chat, you’ll want to give it a fun and festive name to mark the occasion. After all, you might as well flaunt how you’re about to sleigh the family gift exchange.

Anastasiia Krivenok/Moment/Getty Images
  1. Making Spirits Bright
  2. We Sleigh
  3. Gifts Yule Love
  4. Santa’s Helpers
  5. All The Jingle Ladies
  6. The Greedy Grinches
  7. Your Presents Is Requested
  8. Up To Snow Good
  9. Santa’s Babies
  10. ‘Tis The D*mn Season
  11. Yule Be Surprised
  12. Snow Angels
  13. Team Naughty
  14. Team Nice
  15. The Jingle Bells
  16. Sugar Plum Fairies
  17. Sleigh-in’ It
  18. Merry & Bright
  19. The Stocking Stuffers
  20. Sleigh Whaaaat?
  21. Snow Much Fun
  22. Up To Snow Good
  23. But Wait — There’s Myrrh
  24. Makin’ It Rein
  25. Don’t Be Elfish
  26. It’s Gonna Be Lit
  27. Keep Calm & Jingle On
  28. Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins
  29. We Believe
  30. Fa La La Fam
  31. Holly Jolly Heroes
  32. Christmas Miracle Workers
  33. ChristMess Gift Exchange
  34. Claus We Said So
  35. Reindeer Games
  36. Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag
  37. Magic & Mayhem
  38. Santa’s Squad
  39. Happy Holla Days
  40. That’s A Wrap
  41. Christmas Crew
  42. Magic Makers
  43. Yule Be Surprised
  44. Who’s Bringing The Cookies?
  45. Mistletoe & Gift Bows
  46. Holly Jolly Christmas
  47. Jolly Jamboree
  48. Gingerbread House Party
  49. Don’t Be Frosty
  50. The Nice List
  51. Snow Angels
  52. What’s Your Poinsettia?
  53. Sleigh Bells Ringing
  54. Tinsel Troupe