Fans of the Netflix series may want to know where was 'The Watcher' filmed.

Where Was The Watcher Filmed? The Real-Life Location Is Nearby

The fictional 657 Boulevard is just a train ride away.

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Netflix has delivered again with The Watcher, a psychological thriller about a family that moves into their dream home, only to be terrorized by letters from a stalker known as the Watcher. The creepiest part about the seven-episode series is that it’s based on a true story. While it’s a fun watch for the Halloween season, you would never want to deal with the Watcher yourself. You may, however, want to visit where the story takes place, and you may be wondering, where was The Watcher filmed, especially considering it’s based on real-life events.

Anyone who has marathon-watched the show knows that the Brannock’s home is located at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey, but that’s not necessarily where The Watcher was filmed. While 657 Boulevard is the actual address of the real-life Watcher home, the house was sold to a new family in 2019 and Netflix did not use it for their production. In fact, if you visited 657 Boulevard in New Jersey, it would look a little different from the home you see on the show.

However, according to Newsweek, some of the The Watcher filming locations did include Westfield, New Jersey where the story takes places as well as other locations around New York. If you’re thinking of visiting some of these places for yourself — not in a Watcher way, of course — here is where The Watcher was filmed.

Where Did They Film The Watcher?

Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

You’ll need to head to Rye, New York instead of New Jersey to visit the home that subs in for the actual Watcher home. According to House Beautiful, the faux 657 Boulevard is actually 1 Warriston Lane. It’s plain to see why Netflix chose this New York home over the New Jersey one. While both homes have six bedrooms, the New York one also has seven bathrooms on 10,166 square feet versus the OG home, which has four bathrooms and 3,869 square feet. More space is ideal for a large production, and The Watcher has an impressive cast that includes Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Mia Farrow, and Emmy Award winner Jennifer Coolidge.

Since The Watcher doesn’t just take place in the creepy home, Netflix had to find other filming locations, and CT Insider reports that production stayed close to Westchester County. In Rye, they used the Coveleigh Club as the country club that Watts and Coolidge’s characters grab lunch at in the first episode. In addition to the Warriston neighborhood in Rye, production also used a neighborhood in Mamaroneck, New York. They even filmed at a home in Yonkers as well.

Courtesy of Netflix

John Papovitch, who was the location assistant for the series, told CT Insider that other Yonkers locations included the Tuckahoe police station and a bridal shop. Larchmont, a town within Mamaroneck, has the DeCicco & Sons grocery store, which Papovitch says was also used as a The Watcher filming location.

If you’re looking to visit any of these places, you won’t have to travel very far from New York City. They are just a drive or train ride away. Heading to Westchester County could even be a cute fall day trip for you and your besties to take to see some fall foliage or visit an autumn festival. Apparently Only Murders in the Building has also been spotted filming in Westchester County, so you really can make a day of recreating all your favorite shows, if you dare.