The cast of 'The Midnight Club' at the place where was Midnight Club filmed.

Where Was The Midnight Club Filmed? You'll Need Your Passport

Because visiting Brightcliffe Hospice IRL is not that easy.

Eike Schroter/Netflix

Netflix’s latest series The Midnight Club is the perfect watch for the Halloween season. In you’re into all things spooky and scary, you’ve probably already watched all 10 episodes on the streaming platform and are ready for a re-watch. A second viewing gives you a chance to spot any Midnight Club Easter eggs that’ll have you wondering, where was The Midnight Club filmed?

While The Midnight Club is inspired by the 1994 YA horror book from Christopher Pike, the Netflix series comes from showrunner Mike Flanagan. Flanagan is known for other horror Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor that are also fan-favorites. Hill House is such a beloved series that many fans have wondered if Midnight Club is somehow connected. In fact, many have re-watched the series to find out if The Midnight Club house is the same as Hill House.

In The Midnight Club, a group of terminally ill kids admitted to Brightcliffe Hospice meet each night to tell horror stories. The Brightcliffe Hospice is as scary as Hill House and Bly Manor with spooky hallways and an eerie basement. Horror fans may want to visit Brightcliffe IRL, but is it an actual filming location?

Where Was The Midnight Club Filmed?

Eike Schroter/Netflix

If a visit to Brightcliffe Hospice was on your travel bucket list, I’ve got a scary story to tell you. Unfortunately, the fictional hospice that the Midnight Club all meets at might be a little hard to find. According to Fiction Horizon, Brightcliffe Hospice is not a real place you can visit. It’s likely a set built for the series. However, you can visit other The Midnight Club filming locations from the show. You will need your passport, because the series was shot on location in British Columbia, Canada.

A trip to Canada may also be on your to-do list, so this is great chance to actually check that one off and your first stop should be Ladner Village in Delta. Delta Optimist reported last summer that the series had begun filming in Ladner Village, because Flanagan felt the “look” of the town fit in well with the vibe of the series. It also didn’t hurt that a fire happened in 2019 that left a few storefronts empty that The Midnight Club could take over. You could spend a day at Ladner Village shopping and checking out the cute cafes. Also in Ladner, The Midnight Club shot a few scenes at the Ladner United Church.

Eike Schroter/Netflix

Other locations in Canada that Distractify mentions were used for The Midnight Club include Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver, which are all in British Columbia as well. Burnaby is where the series reportedly started filming, and the city in British Columbia has some really great parks for a cute picnic during your trip. Vancouver is a hot spot for filming and shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and even Riverdale were all shot there. While you can visit Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe if you are a Riverdale fan, for The Midnight Club, you want to visit the Spanish Banks beaches in Vancouver, which were reportedly used for the Netflix series. Even though a fall-themed trip inspired by the spooky series may fit the vibe of The Midnight Club more, traveling during the summer is when the show was actually shot and gives you a chance to have a sunny day on the beach where the cast was as well.

So, while The Midnight Club house is not the same as Hill House and Brightcliffe is not available to explore on your own, you can plan a pretty epic trip to Canada to visit some filming locations. You may even have a story you’ll want to tell to your friends of your vacay.