Valentine's Day
Target is one of the places where you can buy Valentine's Day 2023 Squishmallows online and in store...
Where To Buy Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows Online & In Stores

Nothing says “I love you” like the cutest, huggable plush.

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Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, your besties, or just keeping it casual at home with your pet, Valentine’s Day is a day that’s all about sharing the love. You show your affection with kind gestures, sweet sayings, and of course, Valentine’s Day gifts. If your loved one is a collector of all things Squishmallows, you’ll definitely want to know where to buy Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows online and in stores.

Even if you’re just adding to your own collection, a Squishmallow is a great self-love gift idea for Valentine’s Day. They come in a variety of sizes and characters depending on your interest, plus they’re just as cuddly as the perfect bear hug. Since certain popular plushies can be difficult to locate, it’s helpful to know where to find Valentine's Day Squishmallows before you start going from store to store. Luckily, there are quite a few adorable little friends available online, so you can shop from your couch.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, now is the best time to shop for 2023 Valentine’s Day Squishmallows to make sure everything arrives before Feb. 14. Here are some of the cutest Valentine’s Day Squishmallows for 2023 that you can “add to cart” right now if you’re totally smitten.

Walmart Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows

Once again, Walmart is a great first stop to make when shopping for Squishmallows this Valentine’s Day. They have a variety of options available online in different sizes, giving you a lot of different plushes to choose from. For an added dose of sweetness, you’ll want to check out all the 2023 Valentine’s Day Squishmallows that come with candy like Reese’s and Hershey’s Kisses. Since a plush with candy is always a perfect V-Day gift, you really can’t go wrong with this combo.

Walmart also has Disney Squishmallows for Valentine’s Day that are a dream come true for fans who want some extra magic.

Target Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows

Target also has a great selection of Valentine’s Day Squishmallows this year, and who doesn’t love an excuse to go to Target, right? Of course, if you’re afraid you’ll be tempted to buy everything from the V-Day aisles while shopping in store, you can always just shop online. Target’s collection of Squishmallows includes a cute pug and pink Bigfoot.

Walgreens Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows

Walgreens has really stepped it up this year with their Valentine’s Day Squishmallows. Not only do they have a huge assortment of regular plushes in various sizes, but they also have cute plush clips for your partner as well. They’re the perfect size for a small V-Day present that’s totally in budget, and these Valentine’s Day plushes will look really great with their keys or attached to their fave bag.

Amazon Valentine’s Day 2023 Squishmallows

Amazon is also an easy place to shop for Valentine’s Day Squishmallows this year. While they have a variety of single plushes to choose from, they also have some pairs and packs. These combo Squishmallows are perfect if you’re shopping for multiple besties or a Galentine’s Day party while staying in budget.