Here's where to buy Cocktail Courier Absolut Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit for 'And Just Like That' vibe...

Absolut's Cosmo Kit Is All You Need For And Just Like That-Inspired Cocktails

$7 cosmos that taste priceless!

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Cocktail Courier
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Get ready to pair your And Just Like That viewing parties with the perfect boozy sip that’ll make you feel like your gossiping with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. Cocktail Courier dropped a new cocktail kit that’ll make mixing Absolut Cosmpolitans so easy — and it even features fresh fruits like oranges and limes. If you’re ready to raise a glass to your favorite New York ladies, here’s where to buy the Cocktail Courier Absolut Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit.

The new Absolut Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit dropped on Dec. 9 — just in time for fans to enjoy signature drinks while catching episodes of the new SATC sequel series And Just Like That. The boozy kit will certainly upgrade your TV nights as you follow Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte on their new adventures, especially since the kit comes with everything you need to mix some seriously tasty Absolut Cosmopolitans. According to the Cocktail Courier website, the drink only takes three minutes of prep time, and has a skill level of easy — which means you won’t have to go through much trouble to mix the classic concoction. Simply follow the instructions for the Absolut Cosmpolitan recipe and you’ll be saying cheers in no time.

In the kit, you’ll find one 375-milliliter Absolut Citron Vodka bottle, four 50-milliliter bottles, and two 5.5-ounce Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice cans. You’ll also get three oranges and six limes so that you can finish off your beverages with some fresh flavors. The $66 kit makes nine cocktails in total, which basically means each specialty cosmo is just around $7 — much less than what you’d pay for at an expensive Manhattan bar.

You can purchase the Absolut Cosmpolitan Cocktail Kit on the Cocktail Courier website for $65.99. BTW, the kit featuring alcohol is not available for purchase in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachussetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Utah. However, you can purchase non-alcoholic versions of the product — “just the mix” kits — for all U.S. states excluding Alaska and Hawaii.


Now that you’ve got everything you need to make your own Absolut Cosmopolitans, you’ll be ready to channel And Just Like That vibes with your BFFs at home.

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