Here's where to buy Bark's Under The Seams dog toys like the ones sewn to BTS' Jin in  "Super Tuna" ...

Buy Your Pup The Dog Toys BTS’ Jin Sported In The “Super Tuna” Video

“Please bite on my fishing rod.”

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Pet owners, stop what you’re doing ASAP because you can get the same plushies shown in BTS’ latest music video. ICYMI, BTS’ Jin dropped a special performance video called “Super Tuna” on Dec. 4, and it’s all about fishing. In the video, Jin had fun with a whale toy sewn to his shirt, and his backup dancers danced with squid and stingray toys attached to their outfits — and the Bark the toys are available to purchase for your pup. Here’s where to buy Bark’s dog toys sewn on BTS’ Jin in the “Super Tuna” video.

The “SuperTuna” video dropped on YouTube on Dec. 4, and it racked up more than 19 million views as of Dec. 8. There was no official collab, but the toys seemed to mesh with the theme of the fishing tune. Bark shouted out its dog toy collection, Under The Seams, from “Super Tuna” in a tweet on Dec. 6. “!!!! @bts_bighit Mr. Worldwide Handsome is that you??? thank you for carrying our dog toys on your big broad shoulders #SuperTunaByJin,” the company wrote alongside up-close photos of the chew toys.

Although it isn’t an official BTS and Bark partnership, fans can still emulate Jin by grabbing some toys for their pup. The dog toys that were sewn onto Jin and his backup dancers’ shirts included crinkle, squeaker, and multi-toys inspired by sea life.

Included in the music video were Shifty Sid the Squid, Moby Lick the Whale, and Sting Crosby the Ray. Bark’s other toys in the collection that launched in early 2021 include an oyster toy and a trio of fish toys called The Groupers.

Bark’s tweet hit over 9,000 retweets and 33,000 likes as of Dec. 8, so you may want to snap them ASAP. Luckily, Bark confirmed that Target will eventually restock any Under The Seams dog toys that sell out online and in-stores.


Where To Buy Bark’s Under The Seams Dog Toys From “Super Tuna”

Available in-store and online exclusively at Target, you can get each of the three toys that appeared in “Super Tuna” for $7.99 to $11.99 each.

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Shifty Sid the Squid features a squeaker and a crinkle material, so your dog will get so many nice sounds out of it.

Sting Crosby the Ray features the brand’s Crazy Crinkle, a T-shirt rope, and a squeaker, so it’s perfect for tug-of-war and other games with your pup.

Moby Lick the whale includes plenty of fluff for doggos that love extra-cushy toys.

Even though these other toys weren’t featured in the video, you may find they’re perfect for your pup.

The Earl, Pearl, and Shelly toy is a multi-toy with three toys in one, featuring two squeaky pearl tennis balls and a crinkle oyster shell toy.

There’s also a 3-pack of Grouper Toys from Bark in the collection, but it appears to be out of stock in most locations. If you’re set on getting the three-pack of fish toys, you’ll want to keep an eye out and see if your local Target restocks it.


With so many cute dog toys featured in “Super Tuna,” your pup can have some fun while repping the band. If you head out to get the Bark Under The Seams toys from your local Target, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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