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15 Things You Would Write In Your Diary If You Had One Today

The one place where you could spill all the tea.

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If you kept a diary as a kid, it was probably full of secrets and thoughts you didn’t want anyone else to see. Maybe you had color-coded gel pens to represent your mood and aesthetic, or doodled your crush’s name in all the corners. Picking up this habit again today may feel a bit silly, especially if you’re not sure what to write in a diary as an adult. While you may not be dishing on the gossip you overheard during third period, you're never too old to put your thoughts in a diary or notebook of your own.

Doing so can even relax you or help alleviate anxiety you may be having. Journaling can also help you remember every little detail of those days you never want to forget. It all depends on what purpose you want your diary to serve. Since there are tons of things to write in a diary, like your favorite quotes, dreams, and travel destinations, your first step is deciding on what you want to keep. You could even make it a super secret diary full of tea you need to spill, and for that you need to know what to write in your secret diary.

To get you started, head to a cozy cafe or get comfy on your couch, grab a pen (preferably of the gel variety), and jot down any of these 15 things you can write in your diary.


Your Travel Goals

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Having a list of your travel goals in your diary will help motivate you to scratch each one off. One look at a travel influencer’s Instagram has you adding new locations on the regular, so it’s time to do something about it. If you’re fully vaccinated, you need to get your passport stamped with your ideal vaxication destination ASAP.


Details About The Person You've Been Crushing On

Hey, who says you can't write about your crush as an adult? It's interesting to look back on, especially if you end up with this person in the future. (Oh, and it's totally OK to draw pink hearts around their name like back in the day.)


Aspirations And Hopes You Have For The Future

Your dreams don't have to only stay between you and your pillow. Writing them down gets you one step closer to devising a plan to get to where you want to be. Getting them together is the first part.


A List Of Things You're Grateful For

Being thankful allows you to stay humble, and can even improve your brain health. “Gratitude works through neuroplasticity in creating new neural pathways that increases focus through the prefrontal cortex and lowers stress and fear by activating the 'emotional thermostat' called the amygdala," Margaret Stockley, RN ACWPE CWC RYT, founder of the Professional Organization for Wellness Certification, previously told Elite Daily.

By increasing the activity levels in these key parts of the brain, Stockley explains, gratitude helps to improve your heart health, get along better with your SO, and just improve your overall well-being.


A Rant About Your Bad Day

Bad days happen to the best of us. Instead of letting them fester and ruin the rest of your days, write it down and leave it alone. Getting out your frustrations on the page is way better than taking it out on someone else. If you want, you can even go as far as burying this page so that it truly stays in the past.


A Dream Plan You Want To Make Reality

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The universe works in mysterious ways. Calling things into existence through meditation or journaling could actually work. Give it a try, and see what comes of it.


Your Horoscope For The Day

You may want to keep tabs on your daily horoscope, especially when it really applies to how your day went. It's always nice looking back at what the stars had in store for you on that given day, and no two days are ever the same.


An Insightful Quote You Don't Want To Forget

Inspirational quotes have the ability to get you through many situations. Keeping a backlog of the ones that really speak to you will give you a source of good vibes to peek at when you need them the most. You never know when someone other than yourself could use the inspo, too.


Recipes Your Mom Shared With You

Your mom's recipes are definitely a secret because they're so darn delicious. Maybe you'll share them one day. For now, you're harboring them in your diary for yourself.


Your Usernames And Passwords

OK, not everything in your diary is sensitive, per se. Think of how many usernames and passwords you have in your life (and how many you’ve forgotten). You need a private and secure place where you can refer back to all of them.


A Plan To Ask For Your Next Raise

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Writing out difficult conversations before you have them can be helpful to clear your mind and help you focus on the most important points you want to make. A tough conversation you have to have with your boss is no different. Try fleshing out what you want to say and then organizing them by key points you want to make sure you don’t forget to touch on.


A Mini Bucket List

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, try writing out a list of small and attainable things you’d like to do over the next few weeks to get you a little out of your comfort zone. Is there a restaurant in the neighborhood you’ve been dying to try? Take yourself out to lunch alone. Do you always pass by a vintage store but never make the time to dig through the racks yourself? Give yourself a day of self-care while shopping without feeling rushed.

By writing out these little fun bucket list items, it’ll motivate you to tackle them and you can use your diary to write about the experience later.


A Letter To Yourself

Take the time to write a letter to your future self about how you’re feeling in the current moment. You can discuss the goals you’re trying to reach as well. Not only is it a great way to mark where you are right now, but it’ll be a great resource to turn to in the future to see how far you’ve come.


Your Favorite Dishes

Never forget a delicious dish again. Foodies will definitely want to use their diary to jot down their favorite meals and menu items. You can use your journal to keep track of the tastiest things you’ve tried, so you know what to order again and where to take friends when they’re in town.


First Thoughts, Last Thoughts

Start your day off on a good note by meditating and writing everything you’re feeling first thing in the morning. You can even keep your journal right by your bed, so you turn to it before you start scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. Use the same journal to write down everything you’re feeling at the end of the day and right before bed. This will allow you to decompress and let go of anything you’re currently thinking about, so you can fall asleep with ease.

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