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32 Wedding Countdown Quotes To Post On Instagram So No One Misses Your Happily Ever After

You had me at forever.

by Kristin Corpuz and Rachel Chapman
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The minute you say “yes,” a countdown to your wedding day begins. While there's a ton to be done — between cake tasting, dress shopping, food planning, and establishing the final guest list — you can’t wait to get to the part where you can slip into your dancing shoes and walk down the aisle to say, "I do." If you're a bride who's getting ready to tie the knot super soon and still have a few engagement pics you never posted, here are some wedding countdown quotes to let everyone know how excited you are for the big day.

Weddings are such an exciting time. Every event feels like a mini celebration in anticipation of the big day. By now, you’re getting antsy and it’s because you can’t wait to see your dream wedding become a reality. Sometimes, when you’re extra excited about something, it can make the days leading up to it feel longer than ever. To help pass the time in a fun way, start counting down the days on Instagram with your favorite pictures together. You’ll need unique wedding countdown captions for each day you have left, though. So, to help make the posting even easier, here are 30 marriage countdown captions that perfectly convey all the excitement and love you have inside.

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  1. "Only [X] more days until I get to throw on my something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."
  2. "Can't wait to become a blushing bride."
  3. "Only [X] months, [X] days, [X] minutes, and [X] seconds until I marry the love of my life, but who's counting?"
  4. "Who else is ready to party like it's my wedding day (because it will be)?"
  5. "Just counting down the days till I take the love of my life's last name."
  6. "Can someone tell my future partner I'm ready to do this thing already?"
  7. "Waiting for my wedding is just seriously bringing out my impatience."
  8. "I'm already an impatient person, but this whole wedding countdown thing is just on a whole other level."
  9. "My Pinterest board is already full, so I think it's time for us to just get married already."
  10. "*To the tune of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"*: Oh I just can't wait to be a bride!"
  11. "Just twiddling my thumbs until my wedding day."
  12. "Why does it feel like the wedding day is still so far away?!"
  13. "You remember how you'd look at the clock in school and realize that only five minutes have gone by? That's what waiting for this wedding feels like."
  14. "My Instagram stories will just be the countdown feature until my wedding day."
  15. "Waiting patiently until I can put my wedding dress on for real."
  16. "Counting down the days till my wedding is worse than waiting for dessert as a kid."
  17. "How many times can I put on my wedding dress before my wedding day before it's socially unacceptable?"
  18. "This whole engagement has been the wildest ride, and I just can't wait to become your bride."
  19. “You had me at forever.”
  20. The marriage countdown is officially underway!”
  21. In [X] days, I’ll be starting the rest of my life.
  22. “Just go ahead and start calling me Mrs. [X].”
  23. “In [X] months, you’ll be you and I’ll be married.”
  24. “Cheers to my last week of being a bachelorette!”
  25. “[X] days until I fit into my forever.”
  26. “If we had eloped, we’d be married already.”
  27. “Just thinking about the cake I get to eat in [X] days.”
  28. “[X] days till my forever starts.”
  29. “I don’t think I can wait another week to say ‘I do.’”
  30. “What a time to be alive! Only [X] more days till my wedding.”
  31. “No measure of time with you, would be long enough. But we'll start with forever.” — Edward Cullen, Twilight
  32. “It’s the final countdown!” — “The Final Countdown,” Europe

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