There's plenty of 'Friends' merch on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour online store.
Shop Gilmore Girls And Friends Merch On The New Warner Bros. Studio Tour Online Shop

The exclusive finds start at just $7.95.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Have you ever wanted to walk through Stars Hollow or sit on the iconic orange couch in Central Perk? These are all things you can do on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood. The tour, which reopened in June, is a must-see for fans of Gilmore Girls, Friends, and even Harry Potter, but no worries if you’re not flying out to California anytime soon. You can still take a piece of your fave TV show and movie home with you, thanks to the new Warner Bros. Studio Tour online store.

Exclusive merch and items you’d previously only find in the massive gift shop on the Warner Bros. studio lot are now available for purchase online. So, if you’ve always wanted to sip coffee from Luke’s Diner or Central Perk, you can recreate that vibe with a brand new mug at home. There’s even a Dragonfly tea set for you and the Sookie to your Lorelai to enjoy as you sip and spill the tea.

Even Harry Potter fans can trade in their robes for some Hogwarts house spirit jerseys. The Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff jerseys are super cute and perfect for showing off your house pride in your OOTDs. Speaking of ‘fits, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour online store even has some cozy winter wear for when you “smell snow” like Lorelai does and want to stay warm all season long. Need some last-minute holiday decor? You’ll want to scoop up some of the exclusive Friends ornaments.

There are also plenty of merch inspired by DC comics like a Wonder Woman leather jacket and spirit jersey. Pretty much, no matter what standom you follow, you’re sure to find something cute from the new Warner Bros. Studio store that you’ll want to add to cart ASAP.

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Dragonfly Inn Floral Teapot

This Dragonfly Inn number is tea-riffic. This cottagecore piece looks like something you’d definitely find in the adorable bed and breakfast owned by Lorelai and Sookie in Gilmore Girls. It’s perfect for your next tea party with your besties, and it’ll make you feel like you’re at one of Emily’s DAR meetings.

Gilmore Girls Pom Pom Beanie

Throughout the series, winter-loving Lorelai can be seen wearing so many cute beanies. You need something just as cute and cozy to keep you warm this time of year. This Gilmore Girls beanie is especially adorable with the matching pom pom on top, and it comes in a cream or grey color.

Stars Hollow Photo Frame

You’ll find some cute home decor on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour online store like this Stars Hollow picture frame. You can put a pic of you with your Gilmore Girls-loving bestie inside. Or, keep it as is, because it looks just like the iconic Stars Hollow sign from the show.


Gilmore Girls Gazebo Ornament

Bring Stars Hollow to your home for the holidays with this adorable Gilmore Girls ornament, which looks just like the iconic gazebo from the show.

Luke’s Diner Mug

If you love coffee just as much as Lorelai does, you can never have too many mugs to sip out of. If only Luke’s Diner was a real place where you could enjoy some coffee poured by a grumpy man in flannel and a backwards baseball hat. Until it does exist IRL, this adorable Luke’s Diner mug is the next best thing.

Stars Hollow Pillow

Another cute home decor item is this Stars Hollow throw pillow. It looks just like the sign and will be an adorable addition to your couch or bed. You can even use it to get cozy as you rewatch all the Gilmore Girls episodes for the millionth time on Netflix.

Luke’s Diner PJ Pants

Match your mug of coffee to your PJs. For the ultimate cozy mornings, sip on a fresh brew while wearing these Luke’s Diner pants. The blue plaid even matches like 90% of the shirts that Luke wears in the series.

Friends Plate Set

Give your kitchen a Friends refresh by picking up some new kitchenware, like this color-accented plate set. It features adorable little nods to the series, and comes in either red or yellow. These are the perfect plates to use at your next Friends-inspired Thanksgiving or dinner date.

Friends Reunion Spirit Jersey Hoodie

Another cozy item on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour site is this Friends reunion hoodie. The black spirit jersey was made to celebrate the Friends: The Reunion special, which took place at the Warner Bros. Studio. On the front, you’ll find all your favorite characters’ names, so they’ll always “be there for you.”

You're My Lobster Hand Towel

Also for your kitchen, you can get this “you’re my lobster” hand towel. It features the adorable quote from the show, and is actually the perfect gift to get your partner to remind them how much you care.

Central Perk Polka-Dot Mug

The next time you have friends over just to chat while sitting on the couch, you can serve up some coffee in these Central Perk mugs from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour online store. It’ll make you feel like you’re actually in the iconic coffee shop from the show. All that’s left is to find someone to serenade you with a rendition of “Smelly Cat” while you sip.


Friends Turkey Ornament

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler would love this Friends ornament, which is a hilarious reference to the Thanksgiving episode when Monica has a turkey on her head.


Friends Holiday Lights Mug

The Central Perk crew will make your morning coffee routine a little brighter with this cheery mug, which features the Friends logo on one side and the names of the friends (with their own adorable red stockings) on the other.

Warner Bros. Marquee Journal

If you’re into the history of the Warner Bros. Studio, you’ll love their classic films collection. They have some cute Casablanca items, like a rocks glass ($13) and a Rick's Café Pint Glass ($13). If you’d rather jot down your own movie ideas, get this vintage Warner Bros. marquee journal.

Hogwarts House Spirit Jersey

Show off your pride with a Hogwarts spirit jersey in your house colors. They have Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. They also have just a regular Hogwarts jersey and one that says “Harry Potter” on the back. For something super fun and vibrant, they have this tie-dye Luna Lovegood jersey ($65) as well.