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36 Instagram Captions For Your Personal Favorite Part Of Brunch: Waffles

I’ll take a short stack, please.

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Whenever you and your best friends are going to brunch, you always scan the menu ahead of time to see if the restaurant has waffles. Most places serve delicious plates of French toast or massive stacks of blueberry pancakes, but you’d rather dig your fork into the most underrated breakfast food out there. Not only are waffles the perfect combination of sweet and savory, but they also photograph so well. If you see them on the menu, your next step is to find Instagram captions for waffles that are brunches of fun.

You could caption your upcoming post with a simple phrase like, “Out for brunch,” or a quote from Parks and Recreation’s resident waffle lover Leslie Knope such as: “We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work.” But you’d rather go the extra mile for the breakfast food you love so much. Nothing quite compares to waffles that have been nicely decorated with syrup and butter, sliced strawberries, or a dusting of powdered sugar. In your experience, whether they are Belgian-style or made in a miniature waffle maker, they’re #unmatched and ready for their close-up.

During brunch with your besties, you may set them up next to your cup of iced coffee, napkin, and sunglasses to create the tastiest flat-lay for Instagram. Or you may hold up your perfect plate and smile wide, while your friend takes a photo of you. There’s plenty of opportunity to be creative, thanks to your very photogenic and yummy subject. These waffle pun and quotes will match your creativity, and maybe make your waffles go viral on social media, too.

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  1. "Where there’s a waffle, there’s a way."
  2. "Just trying to make Leslie Knope proud."
  3. "I love my best friends a waffle lot."
  4. "Dare to be a waffle in a world full of pancakes."
  5. "I like hashtags because they look like waffles."
  6. "Beyond this point you may find best friends eating waffles."
  7. "Waffles are just pancakes with abs."
  8. "Weekends are for sleeping in and making waffles."
  9. "Pour some syrup on me."
  10. "Sleep is just a time machine to waffles."
  11. "If you love me, pass the syrup."
  12. "I’ll take the waffles with a side of waffles."
  13. "Let there be brunch."
  14. "We go together like waffles and whipped cream."
  15. "Three words: miniature waffle maker."
  16. "Waffles for dinner? Don’t mind if I do."
  17. "A waffle was here."
  18. "Love you a brunch."
  19. "As long as there are waffles, I’m in."
  20. "This waffle is some kind of wonderful."
  21. "Breakfast food stan."
  22. "As sweet as waffles, as carefree as whipped cream."
  23. "Short stack of waffles, please."
  24. "In waffles we trust."
  25. "Is a waffle connoisseur a thing? Let’s make it a thing."
  26. "Surround yourself with waffles, not negativity."
  27. "The only thing I'll wake up early for is waffles."
  28. "Forget your sign. What’s your favorite waffle topping?"
  29. "In the morning, I’m making waffles." — Donkey, Shrek
  30. "This waffle is the eighth wonder of the world."
  31. "TFW your waffles come out of the kitchen..."
  32. "#WOTD: waffle of the day."
  33. "Every waffle feels like my first."
  34. "The best part of brunch has arrived."
  35. "This waffle really goes with my pajamas."
  36. "All you need is waffles (and syrup)."

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