20 Unique Travel Accessories That Make Long Trips Way More Comfortable

There’s no reason to suffer in your seat.

by Andrea Hannah

We all know how important it is to pack all the essentials for a big trip, but honestly, half the battle is just getting to your destination. When you’re packing for your trip, you want to be sure to include all the things you’ll need to ensure you arrive refreshed and stress-free so you can start your trip off on the right foot. Luckily, these 20 unique accessories that make sitting on a plane more comfortable will get you from Point A to Point B with minimum hassle.

If you’re thinking that these travel-friendly items are just more bulky neck pillows and sleep masks, think again. These unique travel accessories have you covered from head to toe to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re in that tiny airplane or car seat on your way to vacation freedom. There’s everything from candy that’ll help stave off motion sickness to neck-massaging pillows that help you get some self care in while you fly.

Let’s be real: it’s not exactly comfortable to sit in a tiny seat for hours on end. There’s no avoiding that part, but that said, you don’t have to suffer in complete misery, either. These truly unique travel accessories can help alleviate some of the pain, and you can show up to your vacation relaxed and ready to have a good time.


This Bendable Neck “Scarf” That You Can Mold To Your Comfort

Skip the flat foam travel pillows and grab this bendable neck “scarf” with almost 4,000 five-star reviews before your next trip. It features a super soft cover, and there are bendable wires on the inside so that you can twist this extra long pillow into a shape that feels good for you. It’s like wearing a scarf, only the scarf helps to hold your neck and head in a comfortable position.


These Moldable Wax Ear Plugs That Efficiently Block Out Noise

These noise-canceling ear plugs are a must for any long ride. You can use one set of these wax “pillows” up to 10 times, so you get 150 uses in one box. They’re also formulated so that they gently mold to the shape of your ear, making them extra comfortable and more efficient at blocking out background noise.


This Inflatable Lumbar Support Pillow That Eases Back Pain

You’ll be glad you popped this inflatable lumbar pillow into your bag before you headed out on your trip. It’s small enough to fit into your carry-on, and you don’t have to use it right off the bat if you don’t want. When your back starts to feel sore, you can pull it out from its carrying bag and gently inflate it. Not only is it filled with air, but it also has small memory foam “shreds” to help give it shape and keep you comfortable. While reviewers rave about its support on long plane rides, many people also said they use it for their desk chairs or at home.


This Bluetooth Sleep Mask That Plays Soothing Music

This Bluetooth sleep mask with over 14,000 five-star reviews does it all — it blocks out light while also helping you drift off to sleep to the sounds of whatever soothing music you choose. You can sync it to your phone and play whatever book, podcast, or music you want through the tiny disc speakers embedded in the mask. You can even adjust the volume just by touching the front of the mask, so you never have to get out your phone.


This Essential Oil Roller That Alleviates Anxiety

If you’re feeling nervous, reach for this soothing essential oil roll-on — which one reviewer called “one of their best anxiety management purchases” — for a sense of calm. It’s made from a blend of cardamom, ginger, sweet fennel, and peppermint oils for relaxation and rejuvenation when you’re on the go.


This Sleep Mask Eases Headaches And Insomnia

If you tend to get headaches while you travel, this gentle pressure mask with both a warming and cooling side is an absolute must. It’s filled with tiny beads that apply pressure to your forehead to help alleviate tension headaches and migraines. You can tie it around your head to stay in place while you’re on the go, or lay it around your forehead while you’re in bed at your hotel. According to numerous reviewers, the weighted design also helps with insomnia and can help lull you to sleep.


These Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviewers Rave About

These noise-cancelling headphones have over 6,000 positive reviews, with many travelers insisting they’re a godsend. For one, they feature a comfy padded panel that keeps sound out, yet still feels comfortable on long trips. These headphones are also lightweight, and they’re completely wireless.


These Motion Sickness Bands Reviewers Swear By For Nausea

With over 20,000 positive reviews, it’s easy to see why everyone seems to love these anti-nausea wristbands for travel. They’re soft, comfortable, and they gently apply pressure to the inside of your wrist to help alleviate motion sickness instantly.


This Natural Motion Sickness Candy That Calms Your Stomach

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to take on your trip, why not grab a bag of these organic lollipops? Not only are they made from all-natural fruit flavors, but they also include ginger to help settle upset stomaches. And the best part? They look just like regular lollipops so no one will ever catch on that you aren’t feeling well. Reviewers say anyone suffering from nausea due to morning sickness or motion sickness, or IBS would benefit from these. However, some noted the flavor of ginger is pretty prominent, so you’re better off getting the peach flavor if you want a less intense taste.


This Cult-Favorite Facial Hydrating Mist That’ll Leave You Refreshed

Over 50,000 reviewers absolutely rave about this bestselling facial mist. It’s made from a soothing blend of rosewater, aloe, and botanicals, and comes in a spray bottle so you can lightly mist your face after a long flight. It also smells amazing, making it the perfect product to freshen up on the spot.


This Foot Sling That Relieves Any Swelling And Pressure

This foot sling, which one reviewer called “first class in coach,” is an absolute must-buy before your next long flight. Here’s how it works: Just wrap the strap around your tray table, then adjust so it’s the perfect height. Slip your feet into the sling to instantly relieve any pressure or discomfort, and to help increase your circulation and reduce swelling.


These Medical Grade Compression Socks Reviewers Can’t Stop Raving About

If your feet tend to fall asleep or swell up during a long ride or flight, you need these medical grade compression socks in your life. These socks offer up to 30 mmHg of compression, which is strong enough to actually increase circulations in your legs, feet, and ankles. They’re also just really cute and come in bright, fun colors.


This Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm To Prevent Dry Lips

Thousands of reviewers swear by this ultra hydrating lip balm, especially for long flights that tend to dry out your skin. It’s made with an indulgent blend of cupuaçu oil and coconut oil, both of which are tropical fruits rich in antioxidants. This lip balm goes on a bit heavy, which helps to seal in moisture while you’re traveling.


These Melatonin Gummies That’ll Help You Drift Off

Sometimes you just have to try to get some rest while you’re stuck in a tiny seat, and these well-reviewed sleep gummies can help you gently drift off. They’re completely vegan, and each berry-flavored gummy has a small amount of melatonin, L-theanine, and botanicals to help you rest while you ride.


This Neck Massager Pillow That’s One Of Amazon’s Bestsellers

Now you can get a massage while you’re on the road with this genius neck massager pillow, which is currently Amazon’s #1 new release in neck pillows. It features a rechargeable lithium battery (so no cords involved while you’re on the plane). Just place this pillow around your neck, tap the power button, and sit back and relax while experiencing a heated massage.


This Seat Cushion That Relieves Hip And Lower Back Pain

The popular Purple mattress brand create this comfort cushion made from the same unique material, and it’s exactly what you need for your next trip. According to thousands of reviewers, it’s great for relieving back pain and sciatica, and easily folds into a backpack when you’re done. Plus, it also comes with a non-slip cover so it won’t budge.


This Pillow & Sling Combo That Offers Support For Side Sleeping

If you don’t know what to do with your arms while you drift off on a long ride, this pillow and sling combo has you covered for napping while leaning to your side. It comes with a extra comfy neck pillow that helps to keep your head propped up, as well as an arm sling that you can attach or detach as you like. That way, you have somewhere to place your arms, and you can sleep in peace.


This Blanket-Scarf Combo That Also Comes With Pockets

This genius blanket-scarf combo, which reviewers rave about for its quality, weight, and size, is a travel essential. As a scarf, it can easily be wrapped around your neck, and it even has multiple hidden pockets to store your most important items close at hand. But if you get chilly on your trip, simply unsnap the buttons and unfold the scarf to create the perfect travel-sized blanket.


This Inflatable Nap Pillow That International Travelers Call “Brilliant”

There’s so much to love about this inflatable nap pillow that once you have it, you’ll never leave for a trip without it again. Once you inflate it, just prop it up on your lap or tray table, then slip your arms through the holes in the sides to anchor it down while you snooze. You can also rest your head in the top hole while watching a show on your phone. Plus, its hollow design makes it easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage.


This Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Reviewers Love For Its Versatility

If you want something that’s more versatile, this twist memory foam pillow with over 10,000 rave reviews is a great travel accessory to have. Not only does the memory foam conform to the shape of your neck, shoulder, head, or legs, but reviewers also said they love that you can easily take the cover off and wash it.