65 Things Under $20 On Amazon Prime That Are Wildly Useful

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Spending money will always be easier than saving it — but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart with what you’re spending it on. My best tip? Focus your spending on useful products. That way, you get to scratch that impulse shopper itch, and you’re still walking away with a haul of helpful things you’ll get genuine use out of.

But if you aren’t sure what counts as a useful product? Not a problem, as this list is chock-full of genius products you’ll find yourself reaching for everyday — like the Bluetooth speaker I’ve made sure to include. The waterproof design means you can jam out to music in the shower, or even take it with you on a trip to the beach. Or, if you like to have guests over for dinner, make sure to check out this stainless steel meat thermometer. For less than $15, it’ll give you peace of mind that those steaks are the perfect medium-rare, not raw.

And because I’m trying to help you be smart with your money, I’ve made sure that all these wildly useful products cost $20 or less. So what are you waiting for? That Bluetooth speaker isn’t going to add itself to your cart, you know.

This Handle That Helps You Carry Heavy Groceries

I always try to get my groceries from the car to the fridge in one trip — but it never works. This handle, on the other hand, helps distribute their weight so that you can easily carry up to 80 pounds. Plus, it also works great with other heavy objects, including paint cans, sports gear, and more.

A 4-Pack Of Racks That Hold Baggies Open

Filling up plastic bags can be tricky — but these racks hold them open so that it’s easy to stuff them with whatever you like. They also work great as drying posts for reusable bags after they’ve been washed, while the nonslip rubber base keeps them from shifting around your countertops.

The Organizers For Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Every home has that one drawer or cabinet that’s stuffed with plastic grocery bags — so open up some of that storage space with these organizers. Each one is made from tough mesh that’s tear-resistant, while the open bottom allows you to pull them out when needed.

A Pocket For The Space Between Your Seats

Don’t let your handbag sit on that dirty floor — keep it safely inside of this between-the-seats pocket instead. Or, if you don’t carry a bag, it also works great for holding snacks, cleaning supplies, or even important documents. One size is made to fit nearly any vehicle.

This Waterproof Pouch For Your Phone & Valuables

This waterproof pouch is an absolute must-have on vacation — especially if you plan on hitting the pool. It’s large enough for your phone, cash, cards, and ID, keeping all of them high and dry until you need them. Plus, your touchscreen even works through the front panel.

A Bag That’ll Keep All Your Belongings Dry

Whether you’re kayaking or swimming, this backpack will keep whatever’s inside of it dry. It’s lightweight and transparent, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for — and it even comes in five sizes: 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 liters.

The Protective Sleeve For Vaccination Cards

Don’t risk getting your vaccination card wet or ripped — keep it safely inside of this protective sleeve. The resealable zipper is waterproof, while the pouch itself is made from tough PVC. And with hanging loops at the top, you can easily attach it to your keyring or lanyard.

This Speaker For Jamming Out In The Shower

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, but the rechargeable battery also lasts for up to six hours. It also features a built-in microphone — in case you receive a call while bathing — and the buttons on the front let you play, skip, pause, and more with wet hands.

An Organizer For That Messy Broom Closet

It’s almost too easy for your broom closet to devolve into a jumbled mess of handles — so grab this organizer. With space for up to five handles, it’s great for everything from brooms to gardening tools. Plus, the commercial-grade ball grippers are able to support items weighing up to 35 pounds.

The Shelves That Add Style & Function

Install these shelves over your toilet for an instant bathroom upgrade, or even use them in your kitchen for spices. The towel rack on the bottom is removable — and each order comes with all the hardware needed for mounting. Choose from five colors: brown, black, natural grey, or white-washed.

These Storage Bags For Blankets & More

Searching for somewhere to keep your seasonal blankets and bedding? These storage bags fit neatly underneath your bed, while the reinforced handles won’t tear loose when the weather turns cold again. Plus, the window on the front lets you see what’s inside.

A Flatware Organizer For Tight Drawers

By stacking your flatware on top of each other, this organizer is able to have a slim profile that makes it perfect for cramped drawers. Despite its compact size, there’s enough space for up to 24 pieces of cutlery — and reviewers raved about how it’s a total “space-saver.”

The Hangers That Open Up So Much Closet Space

Got a closet that’s overflowing with hangers? These space-saving ones let your clothes hang vertically, opening up tons of room on cramped closet rods. Each order comes with enough to hold up to 50 garments — and you can even hang them horizontally if you like.

These Trays That Help Tidy Up Drawers

Add these trays to your desktop or vanity drawers — they’re the perfect place to keep everything from office supplies to toiletries. The storage compartments are removable, allowing you to configure them however you like. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “it has made a world of difference!”

The Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic Wrap

Unlike plastic wrap, these eco-friendly wraps are made from organic cotton that allows you to reuse them for months. The beeswax and jojoba oil coating keep them from becoming soggy, and you can even wash them down using soap and water. Plus, they’re biodegradable once disposed.

These Cages For Putting Hats In The Wash

Letting your hats spin freely in the wash can leave them deformed, whereas these cages help ensure that they don’t lose their shape. Each one is made from tough, sturdy plastic — and they also work great inside of suitcases. “These plastic hat washers are the bomb!” wrote one reviewer. “The hats were clean and still had their original shape. Success!”

A Set Of Mesh Bags To Keep Your Laundry Sorted

Put your delicates inside of these mesh bags before you send them through the wash — they’ll help prevent tangled bra straps and ripped lace. They also work great with everything from shirts to socks — or, you can even use them as dirty clothes bags while traveling.

The Labels That Make Any Pantry Instagram-Worthy

These black chalkboard labels add a touch of farmhouse style to any pantry, but they also look great on candles, plant stakes, and more. They’re tough enough to survive a trip through the dishwasher — and each order comes with a white marker so that they’re easily readable.

An Airtight Container To Help Keep Dry Foods Fresh

Flour, cereal, rice, pet food — you name a dry ingredient, and this container’s airtight lid can help keep it fresh. It’s completely BPA-free, while the crystal-clear walls make it easy to see how much is left. Plus, it’s even safe to put into the freezer.

These Sliding Shelves That Work Pretty Much Anywhere

Tidy up the space underneath your sink with these shelves — or even add them to your vanity for some extra storage space. Each bin slides in-and-out, making it easy to reach all your items without having to pull the entire shelf out. Plus, many reviewers raved about how they’re easy to assemble.

This Reusable Silicone Food Bag That Can Help You Save Money

Stop wasting money on plastic baggies — upgrade to this reusable one instead. It’s made from tough silicone, while the pinch-lock seal helps keep your food fresh until you’re ready to eat. Plus, it’s even safe to use in the microwave, as well as heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Pair Of Hotel Pillows Made From 100% Cotton

Filled with shift-resistant down alternative, these pillows stay soft — yet supportive — in all the right places. They’re also resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, making them great for use in any situation. Choose from three lofts: soft, medium, or firm.

The Spray That Removes Stains Almost Instantly

Whether you’ve got carpet stains from pets, wine, or even rust, this spray can help get rid of it almost instantly. The water-based formula is safe to use around children and pets, as it’s completely free from any petroleums or solvents. Plus, each bottle is made right here in the United States.

These Command Strips Can Hold Up To 16 Pounds

There’s no need to drill into your walls when you’ve got these heavy-duty command strips — the adhesion is so strong that each one can hold up to 16 pounds. They’re great for picture frames, dry erase boards, clocks, and more. The best part? They don’t leave behind any residue when removed.

The Straps That Keep Your Sheets From Riding Up

Tired of finding your fitted sheet has curled up over your mattress? These straps will keep the corners in place so that your bedding stays put overnight — and the tough elastic bands move with you to help prevent tears. “I love the fact that it’s a three-way hold,” wrote one reviewer. “My sheets are not budging now.”

A Pack Of Tablets To Clean Your Dishwasher

When was the last time you cleaned out your dishwasher? Probably never — so grab these tablets. They’ll power through any stubborn mineral deposits that have accumulated in your pipes, and you only need to use them once a month for the best results. The best part? They’re safe to use on stainless steel, and plastic-tub dishwashers.

These Baking Mats Take The Place Of Parchment Paper

Stop wasting money on parchment paper and upgrade to these reusable baking mats instead. They’re heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for baking cookies, pastries, and more. There’s no need to use baking sprays since they’re non-stick — and the flexible silicone means you can even use them to roll out pastries.

A Pair Of Scissors Made From Stainless Steel

With their super-sharp stainless steel blades, these scissors will quickly become your go-to kitchen shears. The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort, regardless of whether you’re left- or right-handed. And if you’re not a fan of black and red? They also come in fun colors, including a delightful version of pastel purple.

The Vacuum Attachments For Cleaning Dirty Lint Traps

A clean lint trap allows your dryer to function more efficiently, which means these vacuum attachments can help you save money on your utility bill. They also work great for reaching far-away dust and dirt underneath your furniture — and many reviewers raved about how they’re “easy to use.”

This Electric Fly Swatter That’s Battery-Powered

Not only is this electric fly swatter effective on all sorts of flying pests, but it’s also free from any harsh chemicals. Just supply two of your own AA batteries, and it’ll be ready to go. One reviewer even wrote that it’s “the greatest product ever,” and its collective rating is 4.3 stars.

These Bracelets That Help Repel Mosquitos

Trying to avoid harsh bug sprays? These wristbands are made with potent lemongrass and citronella essential oils that help keep mosquitos away — not DEET. They’ll work even if you get them wet, and one size is made to fit all.

The Garbage Bags That Smell Like Lavender

On days where your garbage can smells particularly stinky, you’ll be glad you grabbed these lavender-scented trash bags. They’re the perfect size for small bins in your bathroom, or even next to your nightstand — and each one is extra-thick to help prevent tears.

These Brushes That Clean Deep Into Tight Spaces

Grout, shower tracks, window frames — this set of brushes is perfect for all those tight spaces, and more. Each order also comes with scouring pads for your tile surfaces, and the handle on every scrubber is ergonomically designed for comfort. Plus, the bristles and scouring pads won’t leave behind scratches.

A Pair Of Tongs With Nonstick Silicone Tips

Not only are these tongs made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but the tips are coated with nonstick silicone that allows for effortless release when handling food. They’re also heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit — and reviewers raved about how the locking mechanism is easy to use.

This Super Glue That Sets In Less Than 1 Minute

It only takes about 45 seconds for this super glue to dry, making it perfect for crafts, DIY projects, or even just impatient people — myself included. The anti-clog cap helps keep it fresh, even if you haven’t opened it in a while. And since it’s more of a gel than a liquid, it won’t wind up running down vertical surfaces.

The Fan-Favorite Meat Thermometer That Gives An Instant Read

Not sure if your roast or steak has finished cooking? Use this meat thermometer to make sure it’s the perfect medium-rare in the center (or medium-well, if that’s more your speed). It only takes three to five seconds to get an accurate read, and the magnet on the back lets you store it on the fridge or oven door. The best part? It boasts a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 94,000 reviews.

These Pruning Shears That Help Reduce Hand Strain

With spring-loaded handled that automatically open for you, these shears create less strain on your hands than some manual ones. The stainless steel blades are ultra-sharp, making quick work of outdoor chores — and the sideways locking mechanism helps keeps hands protected when they’re not being used.

A Jewelry Washer That Gets Your Pieces Sparkling

It takes less than one minute for this washer container to get your jewelry pieces sparkling. The dip tray inside keeps your fingers dry from cleaning solution — and the solution is even completely ammonia-free. Plus, it’s safe to use on all types of diamonds, gemstones, or gold settings.

The Fridge Liners That Help Protect Against Spills

Tired of wiping your refrigerator shelves clean? These liners not only help keep them clear from spills, but they’re also completely waterproof. You can even put fresh fruit and produce directly on top of them — and the non-adhesive dots on the bottom work to keep them in place.

These Brushes That Reach Deep Into Tall Bottles

Whether you’ve got tall vases or awkward bottles, these brushes can help you scrub the insides clean. The bristles are hard, making it easy to scrub away dirt with minimal effort — and each brush is completely BPA-free. Choose from four colors: white, blue, green, or pink.

An Oil To Help Revitalize Dry Cuticles

If your cuticles are dry and flaking, you might want to start using a cuticle oil to help moisturize them back to health. This bottle in particular is made with hydrating milk and honey, and the cruelty-free formula is also absent of any parabens. Plus, it’s even great for helping to strengthen brittle nails.

This Shaker Bottle Costs Less Than $10

Even if you don’t drink protein shakes, this shaker bottle is still great for smoothies, drink mixes, or even just water. The lid screws on, creating a leakproof seal — and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill with whatever you please. The best part? It costs less than $10.

The Tablets That Clean Bottles For You

Don’t feel like scrubbing all the way down into your reusable water bottle? Just throw one of these tablets inside with some water, then give it a few good shakes. The chlorine-free formula will scrub away stains and grime for you, leaving you with a refreshingly clean bottle.

These Pillowcases Can Help Tame Unwanted Frizz

It’s possible that these satin pillowcases can help tame unwanted frizz and bedhead while you’re asleep, since they don’t cause as much friction as cotton typically does. They’re also super soft and shouldn’t absorb moisture from your skin. Plus, they come in more than 10 colors so that it’s easy to match them to your current bedding.

A Heat-Resistant Handle Cover For Cast Iron Skillets

Don’t risk burning yourself on hot cast iron — use this heat-resistant cover to help keep your hands safe. It’s able to handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and will fit onto any Lodge Keyhole cast iron skillet 9 inches or larger. Choose from six colors: black, red, blue, green, orange, or yellow.

This Organizer Can Hold Up To 24 Pairs Of Shoes

Don’t have enough space for a shoe rack in your closet? This one hangs over any standard-sized door — and there’s even enough space for up to 24 pairs of shoes. You can also hang it on a closet rod if needed, and it works just as well holding toys as it does with shoes.

A Knife Sharpener That Takes Up Little Space

Many knife sharpeners are large and bulky — but not this one. Not only does its compact size allow it to fit into tight drawers, but dual slots allow you to polish, and hone your blades. And with its non-slip rubber base, there’s no need to worry about it shifting out from under you.

The Scrubber That Dispenses Soap While You Wash

Fill this scrubber up with dish soap, then give the button on the handle a press — it’ll squirt out the ideal amount to get your dishes clean. Not only is it an easy way to help prevent waste, but the bristles are also safe to use on non-stick cookware. One reviewer also wrote that “one of the nice things about it is that the brush can be removed and placed in the dishwasher, or replaced.”

These Shower Curtain Hooks That Glide Across The Bar

With small spinning balls on the tops, these hooks glide along shower rods — no yanking required whatsoever. The bottoms are double-sided so that your curtain and liner are held separately. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “I love how easy it is to remove the outer curtain now to wash it, before I had to take everything off.”

This Utensil Rest With A Built-In Drip Pad

Need somewhere to place your stirrers when cooking? This utensil rest is great for everything from spatulas to spoons, while the built-in drip pad saves your surfaces from mess. And once it does get dirty, the food-grade silicone material easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.

A Trio Of Apothecary Jars That Are Sleek & Stylish

You can’t go wrong with these apothecary jars — they’ll add style and storage to any vanity or countertop you put them on. Each one is made from thick plastic that looks just like glass, but won’t break when dropped. Plus, the lids even keep their contents safe from dust and dirt.

These Airtight Containers Come With Cute Labels

Not only will these containers help keep your dry ingredients fresh, but each order also comes with cute chalkboard labels to help you stay organized. The pop tops let you pour cereal out, or reach inside and scoop out flour — and they even come in four colors: black, blue, pink, or yellow.

A Container Made To Keep Guacamole Fresh

Tired of discovering your guac’s turned brown in the fridge? Keep it fresh with this container. The smaller size helps keep your guacamole exposed to as little air as possible, while the airtight lid prevents air from leaking inside over time. “This bowl is easy to use and your guacamole stays beautifully green and yummy from day to day!” wrote one reviewer.

The Insulated Thermos That Keeps Hot Food Toasty

Not only is this thermos made from stainless steel, but its vacuum-insulated walls are able to keep hot food toasty for up to seven hours. Cold food will stay chilled for up to nine hours — and the exterior is completely sweatproof. Plus, each order comes with a compact folding spoon.

A Folding Board That Makes Laundry Fun

Ever wonder how the department stores get their shelves looking so tidy? They’re probably using a folding board — like this one — to make sure that every piece is folded the same way. It works just as well with pants as it does with shirts, and you can even use it to help get kids interested in helping with the laundry.

These Dividers That Keep Drawers Organized

I have these dividers keeping my kitchen utensil drawer organized — they’ve made a huge difference. The spring-loaded ends instantly adjust themselves to fit your drawers, and they’re also tipped with rubber to help prevent scratches. Plus, each one is made from classy bamboo.

This Jewelry Tree That’ll Fit Extra-Long Necklaces

Even if you’ve got really long necklaces, they’ll likely fit onto this jewelry tree. Three tiers let you hang everything from bracelets to hoop earrings — and there’s even space on the tray below for smaller rings or studs. Choose from two finishes: white or powder-coated.

A Convenient Cupholder For Your Bathtub

Whether you’re sipping on wine or chugging a beer, this cupholder lets you do it while soaking in the tub. The extra-strong suction cup on the back can support up to 7 pounds with ease — and it can even handle heavier coffee mugs. Choose from six colors: clear, black, blue, pink, purple, or red.

The Stopper That’ll Work With Nearly Any Drain

Whether you need a drain stopper for your kitchen or bathtub, these ones are large enough to fit nearly any drain. They’re made from flexible silicone that adheres flat to your tub or sink basin — and reviewers raved about how easy they are to clean. “They fit so well covering my drains,” wrote one. “They mould right to the tub.”

A Can Opener That Lifts The Lid Off For You

Instead of dealing with a manual crank, open cans with minimal effort once you have this automatic can opener. The battery-operated opener works with just the press of a button, and unlike electric openers, doesn’t take up precious counter space and is small enough to stash in a drawer.

These Hair Towels Made From Soft Microfiber

Microfiber is able to absorb more water than cotton, which means these microfiber hair towels can help get your hair drier, faster. They’re suitable for all types of hair — no matter how long or short it is — and the lightweight weave won’t put stress on your neck.

The Cutting Board Mats Can Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

You always need to be mindful about cross-contamination in the kitchen, and these color-coded mats can help prevent that from happening. Each one has a small symbol in the corner that tells you whether it’s for fish, poultry, meat, or vegetables. And with textured grip bottoms, they won’t go sliding all around your cutting boards.

A Spray That Repels Liquid From Upholstery

Nothing ruins furniture quicker than a spill — but this spray can help keep your upholstery pristine. It creates a waterproof barrier on your fabrics, allowing them to repel water so that your pillows, backpacks, curtains, or even shoes stay stain-free. The formula also dries completely clear.

These Furniture Markers That Really Work

I bought these furniture markers on a total impulse — to my surprise, they actually worked as well as they claim. Each order comes with six markers and crayons in wood-friendly colors, ranging from rich black to warm oak — they’re great for any type of wood furniture. After the refresh it did on my scuffed coffee table, consider me a fan.

A Suit That’ll Help You Stay Dry In The Rain

Made from non-woven fabric that’s waterproof and wind-resistant, this suit is perfect for staying dry in the rain. Unlike rain coats, it adds protection without weight so that you don’t get too hot — and the hood is also fully adjustable. Choose from six colors, including a fun shade of yellow.

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