A woman travels around Japan doing the best things to do in Japan from TikTok.
14 Things To Do In Japan From TikTok That Are Off The Beaten Path

From visiting a Shiba Inu cafe to ordering 3D lattes.

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Japan recently opened its borders for tourists without a visa, which means if you’ve had a trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, or just Japan in general on your bucket list, now is the time to start planning. Between the Insta-worthy cafes and character-filled theme parks, you may already have a few places on your to-do list but getting a rundown of the best things to do in Japan from TikTok can help as well. TikTok is not only a great resource for cooking hacks and funny memes, but travel inspo for ideas that will take you off the beaten path.

Through your TikTok search, you can even find things to do in Japan based on your specific interests. For example, Disney adults will obviously have Tokyo Disneyland on their list, but did you know there’s also a Sanrio theme park with Hello Kitty food and rides? Japan also has a dreamy Studio Ghibli museum for fans of Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. If you’re more of a foodie, you can find restaurant suggestions on the FYP for your trip or get inspiration on what to buy at a Japanese convenience store. Now that travel to Japan has become a lot easier to do, this is your sign to finally book the flights and plan out the best vacation ever with your pseudo tour guide, TikTok.

Visit A Shiba Inu Cafe

While cat cafes are popular, Japan is known for having cafes that feature other animals like owls, micro pigs, and hedgehogs. According to TikToker @japanontiktok, though, you need to stop by a Shiba Inu cafe. Spend an afternoon enjoying coffee at the Harajuku Nozu Shiba Cafe with the Japanese dog breed.

Stop By Sanrio Puroland

If you love all things Sanrio, from Hello Kitty to Keroppi, you’ll definitely want to visit Sanrio Puroland. This stop, which was recommended by TikToker @lucintokyo, is like a giant indoor Hello Kitty theme park with rides, character meet and greets, and menu items that are the definition of kawaii.

Fish For Your Own Dinner

For super fresh seafood, you can fish for your own meal at Zauo Fishing Restaurant. According to TikToker @hangrybynature, the restaurant has tanks throughout where you can go fishing. Once you catch something, the chefs can deep fry it, boil it, or make sushi out of it.

Make A Reservation At The Pokémon Cafe

Pokémon fans will want to stop by the Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo, which TikToker says is a 10 out 10 experience for vibes alone. All of the food looks like a Pokémon character, like a Gengar Smoothie and Snorlax rice, so your camera will get to eat first as you snap tons of pics.

Explore The Cave In Okinawa

For some of the natural beauty that Japan has to offer, TikToker @nickellemick suggests you visit Cave Okinawa. The massive cave is cool to see and has tons of history to it as well. When you’re done exploring, you can even grab some ice cream afterwards like @nickellemick does.

Take In The Views From Shibuya Sky

Spending a day or two in Tokyo is a must, and while you’re there, you can take in the views from above at Shibuya Sky. TikToker @klooksg puts a visit to Shibuya Sky on the top of their list, but suggests going after sunset when “things will start becoming magical.” The escalator ride with breathtaking views is worth the trip and is a must-do for your own TikTok vlog.

Spend a Few Hours At TeamLab Planets Tokyo

At least one museum should be on your to-do list, and TikToker @klooksg suggests teamLab Planets Tokyo. This interactive museum and immersive experience not only has digital art projected on walls, but it’s also on water as well. In one room, you get to walk through a koi pond with light projected on the surface.

Plan A Tokyo Disneyland Day

For some people, carving out a whole day to go to Disney in Tokyo may not be a priority, but if you are a Disney fan, it should be. Tokyo DisneySea is often voted the best Disney theme park in the world. While some of the rides are similar to the ones in the U.S., there are still plenty of new attractions and tons of exclusive merch, food, and characters you can only see in Japan. Tokyo Disneyland is also cheaper to visit, according to TikToker @fantasvik.

Stop By The Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli fans will want to visit the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. This is a must-do for anime lovers, according to TikToker @hangrybynature. While the inside of the museum is a bit of a mystery, because they don’t allow filming or cameras, there are plenty of Insta-worthy photo moments outside. You’ll truly feel like you’ve stepped inside your fave movie, from My Neighbor Totoro to Princess Mononoke.

The Studio Ghibli theme park will also be open for your visit, so you may want to visit it as well in Nagakute.

Enjoy Nagashi Somen In Kyoto

While in Kyoto, TikToker @franklinthewoman recommends that foodies stop by Hirobun, where you can catch your own somen noodles. That’s right, while eating nagashi somen, the noodles rush by your table in cold flowing water and you have to catch them as they travel by. It’s just as much fun as conveyor belt sushi, which is also something to add to your list.

Marvel At The Cherry Blossoms

One of the best times to visit Japan is in the spring for the cherry blossom, or Sakura, festival. The most popular destination for Sakura is Mount Yoshino. Not only will you have stunning views of the cherry blossoms, but you can also enjoy some Sakura snacks, too.

Order Some 3D Latte Art In Harajuku

You may have seen latte foam art before, but nothing like the 3D foam art in Japan. At the Reissue Cafe, order up your favorite characters to be placed on top of your coffee. TikToker @thelayovertraveler had a Hello Kitty foam drink, but you can also order Totoro or Pikachu. While in Harajuku, you could also spend the day shopping for clothes and souvenirs for even more fun.

Grab Lunch From A Japanese Convenience Store

Scrolling on TikTok, you may have discovered convenience store videos of people showing off the snacks they pick up from a 7-Eleven in Japan. These viral videos are so entertaining to watch because of all the delicious options found in Japanese convenience stores. You may just want to film your own video, like TikTokers @ianboggs and @bokksu, and show off your foodie haul.

Treat Yourself At Spadium

You’re on vacation, so you might as well do something relaxing, right? TikToker @ririnyaw recommends spending a day at the Spadium, which has different saunas, baths, and places to relax. You can also grab a meal or a drink from one of the vending machines.

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