These Popular Home Products On Amazon Are So Good, Reviewers They Deserve 6 Stars

They may even deserve 100 stars, honestly.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Even if you never write reviews, the popular home products on this list might just make you consider it because they’re just that good. Don’t worry — you won’t have to write one if you don’t want to because these fan-favorite things already have a ton of rave reviews left by happy customers.

Plus, some of these reviewers are even saying that these finds for your home don’t quite fit into the classic five-star rating. In fact, they might just deserve six stars.

A Sleek Stainless Steel Food Scale That’s Easy To Use

This battery-operated food scale has a sleek stainless steel finish that will work in any kticvhen. To add to how professional it looks, there’s a backlit display and two flat buttons that blend right in with the shiny finish. Beyond looking so good, you can also choose from five different units of measurements depending on your recipe, and it’s accurate within 1 gram.

A Promising Review: “I love the size of this, it’s lightweight, easy to read and easy to use. I love that it has a few more settings than some other scales, too. Very happy I bought this scale to replace my old one.” — PSM

This Moisture-Wicking Sheet Set With 100,000 Five-Star Reviews

This set of bed sheets is made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, so you’ll won’t have to deal with feeling too warm (and sticky) in the middle of the night, no matter the time of year. This machine-washable pack has deep pocket sheets that are super easy to put on, and you also get the matching pillowcases to have a cohesive bedroom look.

A Promising Review: “I don’t write a lot of reviews but these sheets deserve 10 stars! However nothing I can tell you will do them justice. Just pick a color you like and buy them. You WON’T return them and you’ll end up buying more, just like me.” — Tiffany Macdonald

These Grippy Velvet Hangers That Can Fix An Overstuffed Closet

These velvet hangers give your closet that professionally organized look because they’re thin enough to make an overstuffed closet look tidy. Plus, they have a velvety texture which looks chic yet are also a functional aspect that grips even the silkiest, slinkiest tops. These compact hangers come with classic notches to hold onto tank top straps, yet they can hold up to 10 pounds each.

A Promising Review: “These are great hangers. Your clothes do not fall off the hanger. They keep the closet looking very neat. I’m 100% satisfied with these hangers. I will buy them again.” — Lynette Alexander

An Easy-To-Clean Sponge Holder With Minimalist Style

This sponge holder will tidy up your sink, but the minimalist white design also won’t stand out too much in your kitchen. This glossy ceramic holder has the perfect slot for all of your favorite dishwashing sponges (or whatever viral sponge you’re testing out). You can also wash it in the dishwasher if it starts collecting a little too much water.

A Promising Review: “I have searched for a stylish scrub holder for a while and am happy I found this one. I love it! Serves the purpose it's intended for.” — Jana Warf

This Scent-Free Stain Treater That You’ll Use For *Every* Spot

This stain treater comes in a pack of two because you’ll always want a backup bottle of this pH-neutral and perfume-free formula nearby. It will instantly make that wine spill on your rug or pet spot on your couch disappear, and you can, of course, spritz it on all of your laundry. It works on everything from blood to mud in just minutes.

A Promising Review: “This product is absolute magic. I have a very messy, very hungry little foodie and stains come off her clothes before my eyes! [...] I had a red wine stain on light gray carpet from around a year ago I was never able to properly get up. So I sprayed liberally with this stuff today and it GOT IT ALL OUT. an old, set in wine stain... Gone!! Surely this is a testimony to the sheer power of this stain remover!! It's amazing.” — Alysa

A Cutting Board & Knife Set With A Color-Coded Design

Swap out mismatched kitchen tools with this cutting board, knife, and knife-sharpener set with a color-coded design. You won’t have to guess which knife is for carving and which is for dicing every time you cook dinner, and the non-slip cutting board will even keep spills off of your counter with its grooves. Plus, all of the stainless steel knives come with a matching cover (in case you want to store them in a drawer).

A Promising Review: “I love this set for chopping vegetables and fruit. The blades are sharp and handle is comfortable in hand. These knifes really surprised me. I also like the colors, it makes it easier to see which one I want to use when grabbing them out of the drawer.” — Joy

These Aesthetic Shower Shelves That Are Easy To Stick On

These rustproof shower shelves will honestly make your shower look newly renovated because they have a chic matte black finish, and the stick-on design will look built-in. Each shelf has easy-to-arrange hooks and an anti-scratch design that will hold up to 15 pounds of shower supplies.

A Promising Review: “Don’t wait. Buy this! Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, great addition to our shower instead of the old metal ones that hang off the shower head!” — Hibbard

A Foldable Step Stool With Non-Slip Details

You won’t mind adding this step stool to your home because you can neatly fold it up, so it won’t take up a bunch of space. This 11-inch tall stool can hold up to 300 pounds, and it’s covered in grippy dots on top, so you’ll feel super secure, whether you’re dusting or reaching a jar from the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets.

A Promising Review: “This little step stool is just what I needed. It is not too tall nor too short. I can reach things around the house much better now. I also find the bright color not only pretty, but safer since it catches my eye and I don't fall over it. I highly recommend!” — Clara76

These Transparent Organization Trays That Are Easy To Arrange

These washable organization trays are the ones to grab because you get four different sizes, so you can fit them all together in your unique drawer, and they won’t slide around. Each one is made of super durable and completely transparent plastic that makes it easy to see all of your makeup sponges, desk supplies, or utensils, all while keeping them from getting cluttered in a drawer.

A Promising Review: “Love these! Been looking for so long for something for my skinny small kitchen drawers. These are perfect! Holds my silverware and other things. I might order more for makeup and jewelry. Sturdy too and highly recommended.” — cin3dee

A 3-In-1 Egg Cooker That’s So Easy To Use

This compact, fast-acting egg cooker comes with a a poaching, omelet, and, of course, a boiling tray, so you’ll honestly never have to pull out a pan — no matter what kind of eggs you’re in the mood for. Plus, the included measuring cup has labels for whatever egg recipe you’re making, so you won’t have to do any guesswork.

A Promising Review: “We use our dash 4-5 times a week! It’s the greatest little gadget and I am not usually a gadget person. But this takes the guesswork out hard boiling eggs and works in about half the time.” — MDenver

A Reusable Pet Fur Remover With A Cult Following

This pet hair remover has over 104,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, because you don’t have to touch all of that gross pet fur after cleaning up your sofa and rugs. Why? Because you simply open up the back and empty it right into the trash. It’s also made of grippy fabric, so you won’t have to clean the actual roller after you use it.

A Promising Review: “This product is truly a game-changer! First of all, it's incredibly easy to use. You simply roll it back and forth over the surface you want to clean, and the hair magically sticks to the roller. It's also very effective – it removes pet hair with ease, even from fabrics that are notoriously difficult to clean. But what I love most is that it's eco-friendly and reusable. You don't need to use any sticky, disposable sheets or chemicals – just roll the hair off and use it again and again. It's a much more sustainable option than other pet hair removers on the market.” — shilopa

A Long-Lasting Candle That Helps Get Rid Of Gross Smells

This unique candle will make you want to toss all of your other candles because it won’t just make your home smell great — it will get rid of up to 95% of gross smells in your home — even those frustrating pet smells. The scented soy wax will smell just as nice as your usual candles, and it burns for up to 80 hours, so it will be your new go-to candle after cooking dinner.

A Promising Review: “I have a dog and I live in a small space. Though I can't do much for getting rid of all the hair, I can do something about any odors (especially after a bath). [...] I also cooked fish in the house and burned the candle after. NO. ODOR. Worth every penny!” — dee-lite

The Adorable, Stackable Mixing Bowls With A 4.8-Star Rating

These mixing bowls are obviously functional with their stackable design, but they’re also a bit retro with their pistachio coloring, so they’ll look adorable in your kitchen cabinet. Each of these dishwasher-safe bowls comes with a little handle, a non-slip base, and a pouring spout to make dinner prep easier.

A Promising Review: “I absolutely adore this bowl set! The sizes are perfect for my different needs. Rubber gripper on the bottom to prevent slippage. Beautiful color and sturdy design.” — Amy G

A Fogless Bathroom Mirror For An Easier Skincare Routine

Wherever you stick this suction cup mirror in your bathroom, it has a fogless design that’s such a game-changer. You can do your skincare in the shower, or right after your shower, without needing to wipe down this swiveling mirror. There’s also a spot for your razor on the bottom of this secure mirror, which makes it great for shaving.

A Promising Review: “Been using shower mirrors all my life and this one is easily the best one I have ever owned. It will not fog. The mirror does not hold stains/soap. And the unit is very easy to keep clean. A very good buy.” — Dennis Baran

These Durable, Clear Bins That Can Organize Anything In Your Home

These shatterproof storage bins can honestly go anywhere with their simple shape, transparent design, and carrying handles on both sides. You can stack these durable BPA-free bins up in a cabinet for snacks, put them under the sink for cleaning supplies, or put them in your refrigerator to easily see all of your produce. No matter how you use them, you’ll quickly discover why this storage solution has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

A Promising Review: “The bins look great. They're clear so you can see everything you store inside them. They're well-made, durable, and easy to move around. Two days after we put these into place, one of the spray cleaner bottles cracked open and the contents spilled out. If the bin had not contained the spill, it would have all over everything. We have sixteen bins now and will probably buy more. Thanks for a great product.” — RCLloyd

An Expandable Sink Strainer To Replace Colanders & Dish Racks

You might just leave this minimalist little strainer on your sink all the time because it comes in handy every time you need to watch produce, strain pasta, or even let your dishwashing sponge dry off. With the extendable silicone design, you can also be sure this dishwasher-safe strainer won’t slip off of your sink.

A Promising Review: “This was so much better than I ever expected. It is sturdy. It fits my sink perfectly. The color (black) matches my kitchen. I use it to dry flatware. I use it to strain spagetti and veggies. Perfect!” — Catherine Charlton

These Shelf Dividers For Custom, Tidy Closet Storage

Instead of ignoring the top shelves in all of your closets or letting towels topple over, slide on these gentle fabric shelf dividers with a durable wire frame to tidy everything up. The 12-inch design is tall enough to separate tall bottles of cleaning supplies, stacks of sweaters, or even extra bags, all while keeping them aligned.

A Promising Review: “I redid my closet this weekend and this was a huge help! It really helps the clothes look organized as well as maximizes space. My favorite part is how easy they are to install and how they can be put on any part of the shelf so you can customize the layout. I love them!” — Monica Benya

These Cooling Pillows With 151,000 Five-Star Reviews

These pillows have a breathable cover and a cooling design that’s always going to beat the stuffy, stiff pillows that are on your bed right now. This down alternative-stuffed two-pack are fluffy, yet the filling inside won’t shift over time, which makes these a great investment. If you don’t believe the specs, maybe you’ll believe the 150,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon.

A Promising Review: “I’ve had these amazing pillows for 6+ months now and they are still just as plump and amazing as the day I received them. I’ve spent $50+ on pillows in the past for them to lose shape and support within months so the fact that these are still so plump and supportive is amazing to me. I highly recommend these pillows they are comfortable and keep their shape and form after use. I am both a side, back, and stomach sleeper and I can sleep comfortably in all positions with these pillows! MUST HAVE!” — Jennifer Cook

These Best-Selling Apothecary Jars With Handy Labels

This pack of plastic apothecary jars lets you get all of those tiny things out of your bathroom drawers (think: cotton balls or your favorite flossing picks) and organized on your counter. Stick the included labels on these clear jars to keep your countertop tidy and your things separated. Best of all, these shatterproof jars are topped off with a little lid to keep your bathroom essentials dry.

A Promising Review: “Very cute little organizational jars for my bathroom accessories. Loved the labeling stickers it came with. Adds a piece of decor to my bathroom without adding clutter.” — Peyton Stammer

These Trimmable Mats That Make Oven Clean-Up Easier Than Ever

These trimmable oven mats cover up and protect the bottom of your oven from those inevitable food spills, and all of those spills will wash right off of their non-stick design. These dishwasher-safe mats will also work with all of your baking projects and sheet pan recipes up to 500 degrees.

A Promising Review: “These make cleaning the oven SOOOO much easier, especially when a teen who is new to baking overfills the pan and it makes a huge mess in the bottom of the oven! Before that meant either some serious time and elbow grease or a round of the super hot self-cleaning oven cycle. Now I can just slide the sheet out, run it under water, dry it and pop it back in. Easy peasy!” — G. Blankenship

A Durable Organizer With The Tidiest Drawer Design

This three-tier organizer has built-in drawers, so you won’t have take a lid off a plastic bin or pull out a bulky container to get to all of your things. The steel mesh design is durable enough for under a bathroom sink, but its extra-tidy, modern design will honestly work all over your home.

A Promising Review: “This is exactly what I needed for under my bathroom sink to organize my toiletries. Easy to put together and I love that the drawers pull all the way out.” — glamazon

A Compact White Noise Machine That You Can Travel With

This white noise machine will honestly look more like a chic little decor piece on your bedside table with its compact design and modern white finish. It’s battery-powered, so you’ll have six calming sounds to choose from without adding any extra cords to your table. You can also use it with a USB if you’re traveling and run out of batteries.

A Promising Review: “Great little sound machine. The ocean sound is my favorite - if it loops I can't tell, really sounds like the ocean and not just static. I use this in my massage and skin care business in addition to music. It really cuts down on outside noise without feeling loud.” — Katie Trebes

These Dry Food Dispensers That Make Snack Storage Stylish

These airtight, 35-ounce food dispensers are way better than classic pantry bins because you won’t have to pull out the container to grab your cereal. Each one has a chrome-finish knob on the front, so you can quickly pour the perfect bowl of granola or snacks. Plus, these refillable dispensers are scratch-proof, so they’ll always look nice in your pantry.

A Promising Review: “My boyfriend and I love this nifty thing. It looks great in our kitchen. The colors of our cereal look fun, but the sleek design and solid color of the dispenser keep it from ever looking silly or distracting on our countertop. It looks great and I expect any guests who enjoy cereal to be pleased.” — Jk

These Cozy Flameless Candles With Brightness Settings

This pack of flameless candles comes with several different sizes, so it’s super easy to arrange them on your countertop or all over your home without them matching too much. They’re made with wax for a realistic look and feel, and the accompanying remote has timer and brightness settings to create the perfect cozy vibe.

A Promising Review: “These candles, Look and Feel just like real candles without all the wax drippings, and no risks of fires. They match pretty much any decor, and with a flicker setting, that makes them feel lifelike. Using these candles will make your space feel special, or use them for weddings, Christmas, Halloween, or anywhere that might use candles.” — Deborah H.

A Dimmable Alarm Clock With A Trendy Mirrored Design

If you avoid alarm clocks because they always look super dated, this alarm clock is the one to reach for because it has a mirrored finish that looks so trendy. To keep the design sleek, it has a simple, detachable base and hidden USB ports on the side. You can also use the minimalist buttons to dim the clock or completely turn it off and use it as a little mirror.

A Promising Review: “The clock is very cute and elegant looking. I love the fact that it has three different brightness settings. During the day I have it at the brightest and at night I put it at the lowest. The lowest setting is not bright at all and it will not light up my room but I can still perfectly tell the time. It also has an alarm which is a plus. I love it.” — Summer Chic

A Mini Blender With Super Versatile To-Go Cup Options

This blender comes with three different to-go cup attachments, so you have the perfect cup, no matter what smoothie, ginger shot, or cocktail you’re blending up that day. They come with travel lids to take your smoothie with you, and this entire blender setup is small enough to fit in your kitchen cabinet.

A Promising Review: “This blender is an amazing! I previously owned another brand of blender (that was way more expensive) and it was so difficult to use, pushing down required some serious muscle but not this one! This one is super easy to press down to get the blades spinning and has some good force for chopping things up! Very user friendly and all the lids that come with it are useful as well! I’m so happy with my purchase! Highly recommend this product!” — Mo

This Powerful, Best-Selling Scrubber That Speeds Up Chores

This water-resistant power scrubber will take care of all of those tiny spots around your home that are so annoying to clean, like around faucets, in the microwave, or even gross grout. The small brush head spins around 60 times per second to make your cleaning day go by way faster than usual — no elbow grease needed.

A Promising Review: “This scrub brush does wonders! It's easy to use, battery lasts for hours and makes me want to clean everything in sight, LOL! Cleaned grout for over two hours and the hardest part of it was just sitting on the floor. Highly recommend for grout, tight corners, ornate frames, baseboards and more!” — H. Dorner

These Colorful Storage Boxes To Organize & Clean Your Shelves

These collapsible fabric boxes have little matching handles, so you can use them as storage bins in closets or as drawers for a cluttered furniture piece. This colorful pack looks adorable on square shelves or open shelving, and you can even use them to color-code your things.

A Promising Review: “These are so much more sturdy than I expected, especially the extra support for the bottom of each cube. I'm so glad that I purchased these, it has helped my keep my linen closet organized and I just ordered another set for my laundry room.” — PibbleGirl

The Easy-To-Clean Taco Holders That You Can Pop In The Oven

These stainless steel taco holders make dinner so much easier because it keeps each taco upright when you’re putting it together and intact while you eat (instead of all over your plate). You can pop them on the grill or in the oven if you need to heat up tacos, and you can even slide them into the dishwasher after dinner, which is why these have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

A Promising Review: “I didn’t even know these things were a THING. I use it all the time for dinner tacos, breakfast tacos. Obviously all the tacos. Keeps the tortilla is perfect eating shape. Plus you have an option on one side to hold two tacos, flip this bad boy over and you have three taco holders. Who could say no to that?!” — Breagh

This Rechargeable Electric Lighter With A Sleek Design

This USB-rechargeable electric lighter has LED lights on top to let you know how much candle-lighting battery you have left. The simple design looks sleek next to your favorite candle, and it won’t take up as much room in a drawer as a classic lighter.

A Promising Review: “One of my favorite purchases, I’m a candle lover myself, so having a lighter that I can easily re-charge was definitely a game changer! I also love the sleekness of the design. It was also a plus that it was delivered the same day! If you love candles, this lighters for you!” — Audrey

A Microwave Cover & Colander That Collapses For Storage

You won’t have to leave this splatter-preventing cover in the microwave or on your countertop after you heat up your food because you can collapse it and neatly tuck it away in your kitchen cabinet. It also comes in handy when you’re not using your microwave because you can flip it over and use it as a colander when you’re cooking dinner.

A Promising Review: “This is definitely a must-have for anyone who uses a microwave! It is well made, the height is adjustable, the diameter meets my requirements, and it is a heck of a lot better that using a napkin or paper towel to put over the dish you're heating. I'm sorry I didn't get one sooner.” — RMCampbell

A Reversible Throw With Cozy, Stylish Textures

This fleece blanket is way better than the classic fleece blanket hanging out on your sofa because it has a fluffy sherpa side and a plush textured side to amp up the coziness and trendiness of your space. Both sides will look chic when draped across your sofa, and you can even put this soft throw in the washing machine.

A Promising Review: “I bought this for the sofa hoping it would be comfortable for snuggling and watching movies, etc. It is sooo much softer and cozier than I expected and everyone fights for it.” — Robin M

A Glass Pitcher That’s Durable Enough For Your Everyday Drinks

This dishwasher-safe glass pitcher is functional enough to keep in your fridge holding your everyday cold brew and adorable enough to pull it out when you’re hosting brunch. It comes with a locking lid and a pour spout, so it’s easy to open to pour your morning drink of choice. Plus, the wide top is perfect for adding citrus slices to your pitcher of water (or brunch cocktail).

A Promising Review: “I love this product as it fits perfectly in our refrigerator door and still leaves room for the milk and a couple bottles of water. The handle is not intrusive and the lid fits snuggly. perfect to store that morning orange juice in.” — P. Clark

This No-Slip Laptop Stand That Looks Sleek & Tidy

This laptop stand won’t mess up your tidy desk because it has such a slim design. The non-slip aluminum design is open at the back, so it won’t cover up all of your desk supplies or decor. There are also little pieces at the front to hold your laptop and plenty of room underneath to tuck away a separate keyboard or mouse.

A Promising Review: “I am very pleased with this new laptop stand. I bought it to hold my 15-inch Macbook Pro which fits nicely. Not only does the stand help with back pain, bringing your laptop to eye level, but it also makes a great tripod for video calls.” — Rachel

A Protective, Large Egg Holder For A Tidier Fridge

Sticking this holder with 18 egg slots in your fridge instead of the egg carton from the grocery store will instantly make your fridge look tidier, and it even comes with a lid so you can stack other groceries on top. The clear design lets you see how many eggs (out of 18) you have left.

A Promising Review: “It's exactly the way it should be, very sturdy and easy to use. My eggs of all sizes fit perfectly and the holder fits perfectly in the fridge. Love this product!” — Em H.

A Cleaning Kit To Keep Your Screens Streak-Free

Grabbing this screen cleaner kit will save you a ton of time every time you need to wipe down a gross laptop screen or smudgey phone. The spray and scratch-free microfiber cloth won’t leave behind streaks or scratches, so you won’t have to wipe your screen multiple times to get rid of the streakiness.

A Promising Review: “This stuff is remarkable! It cleans better than every other screen cleaner I’ve used. A little goes a long way and the cleaning cloth is nice and big. First, I cleaned my phone and was impressed. Then I cleaned my glasses and it made me realize that I had just been smearing the dust and smudges around previous to using this product. I hadn’t seen so clearly in months.” — Dawn

This Best-Selling Salad Spinner That Makes Dinner Less Soggy

This dishwasher-safe salad spinner makes it super easy to create a crisp (and not soggy) salad because it gets rid of all of the extra water. The included colander is perfect for rinsing your favorite greens before you pop them in this spinner and push the easy-to-use knob to dry them off. You can also make the lid more compact to store it after you chop up your salad.

A Promising Review: “I would literally eat semi wet lettuce because I could never get my salad completely dry after washing. This makes me want to make salad all the time now. Being able to have completely dry lettuce and your salad not being ruined by extra bits of water is top tier.” — ALIYMA LEWIS

An Adorable Rolling Cart That Works In Every Room

This highly-rated utility cart is equally great for storing skincare products, extra cleaning supplies, even snacks in the pantry. Each shelf has a mesh bottom to make them breathable, and you can lock the wheels in place when you’re not moving it around your home.

A Promising Review: “I love this cart. I have purchased several others in the past. However, this cart is the best I have found. The price was very reasonable. This cart is very sturdy and has held up much better than the more expensive carts that I have purchased in the past. I would highly recommend this product.” — Nancy P. Hart

These Popular Bamboo Lid Glasses That Are *So* Durable

These glasses are the trendiest travel cup option with their adorable shape, bamboo lids, and matching glass straws. They’re even durable enough for your hot coffee, and you get all of the cleaning brushes you’ll need to take of the straws. If you’re staying in and hosting, pop the lids off of these dishwasher-safe glasses and they double as trendy cocktail glasses.

A Promising Review: “I love making fancy drinks in the afternoon instead of going to one of those expensive coffee places. I love the way my drinks look in these glasses. I also love the reusable glass straws. These glasses make my afternoon treat feel extra special.” — GGTBUSMECH

These Stair Lights With Motion Sensors That Look Super Custom

These battery-operated stair lights make your home super chic, and they come with screws or adhesive, so you won’t even have to put holes in your floor if you don’t want to. These sleek little LEDs have motion sensors that turn on when you’re 10 feet away, so you’ll never have to walk down a dark staircase. Plus, they’ll turn off 30 seconds after you step off the last step.

A Promising Review: “Our main stairs have no light when the house lights are off. These seemed like a good solution and THEY ARE FANTASTIC. Appropriately sensitive and enough light to walk but not enough to disturb. Very happy!” — Katya-d

A Chic Organizer To Clean Out A Messy Makeup Bag

This easy-to-clean acrylic makeup organizer is so much better than keeping a messy foundation-covered bag full of your makeup. It gives you four little drawers to tuck away palettes and small products, plus a bunch of slots on top to stick your most-used products and brushes.

A Promising Review: “Plenty of room for all of my cosmetics and brushes. This item has totally organized the mess on my dresser. Now I can find everything easily and can even see my dresser top!” — Barbara L

A Mini Waffle Maker With Over 228,000 Reviews

This mini waffle maker has a non-stick finish to make at-home brunch easier, and it won’t clutter up your kitchen cabinet. The super compact design gives you 4-inch waffles that are still large enough to stack up in a fluffy photo-worthy stack. There’s also a little light to let you know when to start pouring waffle batter. It’s a simple yet effective tool, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating after 228,000 reviews.

A Promising Review: “I love this little waffler maker! It makes cute size waffles. I used the waffle recipe included with the box and it was delicious! I added mini chocolate chips to half of the batter - mmmm! I also tried a mini grilled cheese using French bread slices and provolone! Equally delicious! I totally recommend the Dash Mini Waffler Maker!” — Catherine C Higgins

This Aesthetic Cable Concealing Box With Plenty Of Ventilation

This cord management box comes with super tiny ventilation holes on top, so you won’t be able to see your messy-looking power strip inside, but it won’t overheat. On the back of this aesthetic, neutral box, you get three wide slots to slide cords through and keep them all tidy.

A Promising Review: “I wish I got this box months ago, all those cords were driving me crazy. Since I have a stand up desk and 2 monitors, cords were everywhere. Great quality - LOVE it. If you see cords all over your desk you need this box.” — E France

A Spice Organizing Kit That You Can Tuck In A Kitchen Drawer

Not only will this spice organizer give you matching containers and a ton of labels, but it also gives you the tidiest storage system to tuck in your kitchen drawer. The metal organizing tray comes with four shelves that perfectly prop up your glass spice jars, so you can see your oregano and dill. This easy-to-use, aesthetic system has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after 2,500 reviews.

A Promising Review: “One of my new fav things about my pantry!! All of my spices are organized and look nice. There are a ton of stickers for all kinds of spices too! I used all of the bottles and still had tons of spice name stickers left over.” — Courtney

These Reusable Dishcloths To Scrub All Over Your Home

These reusable and biodegradable dishcloths obviously earned their 4.6-star rating because you can wash them in the washing machine or the dishwasher after cleaning all over your home. These odor-resistant dishcloths come with ridges on one side and a diamond texture on the other to scrub whatever stuck-on food or annoying stain you need to tackle — on any kind of surface.

A Promising Review: “I’ve saved so many paper towels by having these! They last a remarkably hard time and have worked for every application I’ve thought of for them. My only complaint is that they last so long I forgot where I put the package when I finally decided to replace one! Obviously kidding. Great product and when the time comes I wouldn’t hesitate to reorder.” — Sharlyn

These Highly-Rated Kitchen Shears With So Many Uses

These dishwasher-safe kitchen scissors are perfect for cutting up a bunch of green onions, trimming twine off of a roast, or even carving meat. Each stainless steel blade has tiny serrations, so they’re even durable enough for cutting tougher things, like small chicken bones. They also come with a little case, so you can tuck them right in your kitchen drawer.

A Promising Review: “I wanted to try spatchcocking a chicken and needed some kitchen shears. These got good reviews and said they could cut through chicken. They work great. Cut through much easier than I anticipated. I can cook a whole chicken in half the time. I appreciate they come with a cover and kinda 'locks' into place. So far, so good!” — howdy2u

A Cat-Shaped Hair Catcher To Keep Your Shower Clean

This little cat-shaped hair catcher sticks to your shower tiles with 3M adhesive and makes it super easy to clean up all stray hairs after washing your hair. Simply gather the loose hairs and slide your hand from right to left between this catcher. The silicone bristles will scoop each strand off of your fingers. After your shower, slide your hand the opposite way to quickly clean the hair off of the bristles and throw it in your bathroom trash.

A Promising Review: “I didn’t know I wasn’t the only one trying to make little hairballs on the wall to prevent the hair from going down the drain. I didn’t know what I was missing before this! Keeps the hair from falling off the wall and out of the drain!” — Erica

A Clip-On Pot Strainer To Wash Your Produce & Drain Pasta Quicker

Pop this dishwasher-safe silicone strainer on your pasta pot, and you’ll never have to frantically search for your colander when your pasta is ready. The flexible design also comes in handy on your mixing bowls when you’re washing fruit and veggies for the week because the pouring spout makes it easy to pour out all of the gross water — all while using just one hand.

A Promising Review: “I've used this to strain pasta. Washed fruit in a bowl and strained without losing one piece. I've strained ground meat, boiled eggs, vegetables, ect. I love it!! Total game changer for me.” — Faith Dunphy

This Chic Rechargeable Lamp For Cord-Free Mood Lighting

This USB-rechargeable LED light will make your home look seriously expensive because it has a super trendy shape, and there aren’t any cords to clutter up your space. It also has a touch sensor on top to change the brightness without a button ruining the look of this chic gold tone lamp.

A Promising Review: “Purchased this little bar light for a space in my kitchen with an exposed pantry, turned an old radio cabinet into bar cart, but this mood lighting is everything. Comes with batteries and a rechargeable chord. A must for any small space you want to transform into something special.” — B

A Versatile, Fun-To-Use Slicer For Your Favorite Baked Goods

You can completely avoid pulling out a cutting board if you keep this bagel slicer next to your toaster. The unique design won’t smush your bagel or other baked goods like trying to slice it on a cutting board will. It also has a built-in cover to make this little dishwasher-safe slicer super safe.

A Promising Review: “What a fantastic product. For years I struggled to cut bagles..without cutting myself. They were never evenly cut. But THIS is magic! Easy to use and fast!” — cynthia heileman