These 63 Cool Gifts Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon Because They're Cheap As Hell

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Sure, generic sweaters and bubble bath gifts are always appreciated — but you don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get a gift that’s way better. You don’t even have to search for a better gift, because I’ve put a list together of all the personalized, unexpected, and cool presents that are skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon. (It helps that they’re also cheap as hell.)

Like, who would have thought you could get a cold brew coffee maker for $25? The coffee enthusiast on your list might enjoy making their own cold brew every morning. And if coffee isn’t their thing (but houseplants are), there are a few planting kits on this list. Just grab the pepper growing kit or a bonsai sow and grow kit that creates a little windowsill bonsai forest, and you’ll have given the coolest present ever.

If you love giving self-care gifts, pair that face mask I mentioned earlier with a natural volcanic pumice stone and a lip tint in a pretty matte bottle. Seriously, there are so many products on this list to create a hand-selected spa night kit. Also, never underestimate practical gifts like a car USB adapter that charges your phone in only 25 minutes or a reinforced umbrella that shouldn’t flip inside out.

Go ahead and get everyone on your list something way cooler than your normal go-to’s this year. They’ll be so excited with how unexpected and awesome their presents are, and they’ll have no idea how cheap they were.

This Popular Mascara Duo With A Waterproof Option

If you’re looking for a good mascara and a good waterproof mascara, this two-pack comes with both for under $10. The cruelty-free beauty product gives a false-lash effect, thanks to its conic brush that prevents unwanted clumps. One reviewer raved, “Love it! Goes on great and looks like false lashes.”

A Waterproof Phone Mount To Watch Movies In The Bath

This double-layered waterproof phone holder was designed to be adhered to your bathroom wall, and it can be rotated 360 degrees in case you need to pause your show to text. Grab it in one of five colors for the person who’s serious about self-care spa nights.

These Reusable Straws That Pop Open For Cleaning

You can pop open these reusable plastic straws after every use to clean them without searching for a specific straw brush. This pack of five has neutral and pastel colors to match your water bottle or simply your vibe that day. One reviewer raved, "Exactly what I was looking for for years."

These Sparkly Eye Masks Made With 24-Karat Gold & Collagen

Grab one box of these refreshing eye masks and you'll have enough to add at least one to everyone's gift this year (keep some for yourself, too). They’re made with active 24-karat gold, collagen, vitamin C, and more that work to revive the areas underneath your eyes. They also help increase circulation — and one reviewer raved, "I love, love, love how these make my skin feel after."

This Water-Resistant Shower Radio In So Many Colors

This water-resistant Bluetooth radio is colorful, compact, and simple to use in the shower with only five quick controls. It has a strong suction cup on the back for your shower tile along with a mic to answer important phone calls. Plus, it comes in six colors.

A Reusable Notebook That Turns Handwritten Notes Into Digital Ones

Pair this reusable notebook with the Rocketbook app to scan your handwritten notes. After scanning, wipe each page clean and you’ll never run out of pages. It comes in 11 colors — including patterns like camouflage and minimalist spots — and pairs with other cloud apps to store your notes.

A Spill-Proof Toiletry Bag With Luxe Quilted Fabric

This quilted hanging toiletry bag looks polished no matter where you hang it, but the best part — in my opinion — is that the water-resistant zipper pockets help stop shampoo spills from making a mess. It comes in six luxe colors, and one reviewer raved, "The 2 large compartments are a game-changer: they fit full-size bottles!"

This Scrunchie Set With 10 Trendy Colors & Styles To Choose From

Toss these Kitsch scrunchies in everyone's gift bags because they're super trendy and polished. Choose from 10 color and style options, including unique fabrics like sheer crepe, a soft velvety finish, metallic, and more. Plus, they come with five comfy scrunchies for only $8.

A Pocket-Sized Campfire That's Super Easy To Light

Lighting this portable campfire takes only a few seconds, just like lighting a candle (but it gives off a campfire glow). The soy wax burns for three to five hours — and if your backyard or beach party ends early, simply pop the lid on to extinguish.

An All-In-One Olive Oil Dispenser Set With Spouts & A Funnel

This olive oil dispenser set comes with everything you need to make your kitchen counter look super put together. When I say everything, I mean multiple spout styles, a stainless steel funnel, seal caps, and more. Plus, the glass containers come in clear, green, and even amber brown.

A Ring Light With 2 Phone Holders For The Perfect Angle

The aspiring YouTuber on your list will have the perfect filming angle with this adjustable LED ring light that’s complete with two spots for your phone, a Bluetooth selfie remote, and adjustable brightness levels. One reviewer raved, “Whether you want to up your selfie game or use it for photography, this is absolutely amazing, especially for the price!”

A Rotating Jewelry Box To Travel With All Of Your Favorites

Multiple reviewers are raving about this multi-level rotating jewelry box for travel because it’s compact but still keeps your jewelry separated. Each of the four layers spins to reveal a spot for jewelry with a protective non-woven fabric base. Choose from black, white, pastel pink, or pastel green.

A Shine-Enhancing Hair Treatment That’s Under $10

With this rinse-out hair treatment, you don’t have to stand in the shower waiting for your hair mask to soak in because it makes your hair silkier and shinier in only eight seconds. It’s free of silicones as well as parabens, and it helps strengthen multiple hair types.

This Unique Cloud-Shaped Barometer For A Weather Enthusiast

Grab this whimsical glass barometer for the friend or family member who's always checking the weather radar. The translucent gel transforms into cloudy crystals based on changes in the atmosphere. One reviewer who received it as a gift raved, "Fascinating and beautiful. It does predict changes in the weather."

A 2-Liter Water Bottle With Inspirational Messages On The Side

This 2-liter bottle makes hydration the easiest part of your day with a carrying handle, a straw, a lid that doesn’t get in the way while you drink, timestamps with encouraging messages, and a leakproof design. Plus, it comes in 11 bright colors and rainbow gradients, so it stands out. That way, you won’t forget it on the go.

A Pack Of Food Huggers For Small & Large Avocados

Perfect for the avocado toast lover, this two-pack of BPA-free food huggers comes with two sizes to fit even the largest avocados. Plus, they each have a handy spot for the pit because, let's be honest, it's often annoying to remove. These colorful fruit huggers also come in packs for butter, cheese, fruit, and vegetables.

This Smooth Lip Tint With The Staying Power Of Ink

Choose from 15 bold colors in this velvet finish lip tint that features a unique, ink-like adhesive formula. It shouldn’t clump up, and multiple reviewers love displaying the matte bottle it comes in. One reviewer raved, “Moisturizing but still matte. Great consistency, easy to apply. Adorable bottle!”

These Cloths That Remove Makeup Without A Facial Cleanser

These reusable and machine-washable microfiber make-up cloths are only $7 and save you so much money on facial cleansers and cotton pads. They help remove your make-up with just a little water, and one reviewer raved, “I have been pleasantly surprised by how effective these clothes are at removing my make-up. No chemicals or soap needed. Just warm water.”

A Cast Iron Skillet That’s Pre-Seasoned For Zero Sticking

This Lodge cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned to help prevent food from sticking stick, and it even comes with a silicone handle holder for under $30. The skillet also holds heat for even cooking, and the cast iron is super durable. One reviewer raved, “I usually don’t write reviews, but this is one of the best purchases I have ever made.”

This Sleek Gadget That Opens Bottles With Zero Effort

Choose from black or stainless steel in this handy bottle-opening gadget that saves your hands at parties because it’s so effortless. It’s only $10, and there’s no twisting involved with the push-down and pull design. Plus, it’s more hygienic at parties because it keeps hands away from your guests’ bottles.

This Volcanic Pumice Stone That’s The Definition Of Spa-Like Luxury

This natural volcanic pumice stone makes your shower look and feel like a luxurious spa, and it’ll help exfoliate your skin with every use. It’s even easy to store, thanks to the included suction cup. Plus, all you need is bubble bath and a cute basket, and you have an easy spa gift.

A Coffee Kit For An Easy Liter Of Cold Brew At Home

Grab a gift that saves money with this cold brew kit that makes a liter of cold brew overnight and comes with a funnel along with a handy stainless steel measuring cup. It’s made of heat-resistant, BPA-free borosilicate glass — and one reviewer raved, “Purchased this as a gift for a family member who loves coffee, and it makes a delicious brew.”

An Ammonia-Free Hair Dye With Fun Holographic Packaging

This semi-permanent unicorn hair dye comes in 10 colors and is free of many things that may be harsh on your hair, including bleach, ammonia, and peroxide. It’s even vegan and cruelty-free, and the holographic label pairs with the funky packaging for a fun gift idea.

This Luxe Robe With A Hood For Extra Coziness

You can pull up the hood on this plush fleece robe to help dry your hair after the shower or to be extra cozy while you relax in your comfy robe. With 25 colors and patterns, you can gift it to multiple people (and get one for yourself) without anyone knowing it’s the same one.

A Matching Shorts PJ Set With Chic Piping That Comes In 19 Colors

This PJ set has shorts and short sleeves and chic contrasting piping no matter what color you choose. It comes in 19 colors, including a unique teal, pale yellow, and more. Plus, the fabric is stretchy, and one reviewer raved, “These are so cute and soft. I want every color.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
A Container Designed To Keep Your Sub Sandwich Safe & Fresh

This sub sandwich container helps prevents soggy bread and protects your sub from getting smushed in your bag — and it even floats (in case you’re eating on a boat). This three-piece set that fits a 6- or 12-inch sub is perfect for your cooler — and one reviewer raved, “Great creation for the sub lover. Must have for games, boats, coolers.”

A Book-Lover’s Safe That Hides Valuables For Under $20

This book isn’t an actual book; it’s actually a small storage box that fits right on your bookshelf with the rest of your novels. It can be effortlessly opened when needed (without any locks), but it closes with a magnet. The sides even look like antique pages, and the entire unit is made with plastic.

A Chef-Worthy Terracotta Garlic Baker That Looks Super Expensive

For under $15, you can gift an expensive-looking terra-cotta garlic baker that’ll up anyone’s cooking game. It’s complete with a garlic-shaped handle and a glazed interior, and you can use it in both the microwave and oven for that roasted-garlic flavor at home.

These Trendy & Stackable Rings With So Many Different Designs

This bulk pack of rings has 15 to 19 trendy rings in each pack, so you can keep a few of your favorites and gift a few. It includes a few midi-rings, and each ring has a unique and stackable design. Plus, they come in a 59-pack option to use for multiple gifts.

This Colorful Pack Of Workout Resistance Bands With A Case For The Gym

This three-pack of colorful resistance bands comes with a mesh case, and they're even color-coded. It includes green light resistance, pink medium resistance, and purple heavy resistance bands. It shouldn’t slip or pinch during your workout, and one reviewer raved, "They stay and place and give awesome resistance."

This Cleaning Putty For The Person Who’s Never Without Their Earbuds

For your friend who never takes out their earbuds or AirPods, this cleaning putty is a great gift. It helps clean small crevices within the earbuds so they’re fresh with every use, and they can even help restore sound quality. One pack comes with 24 putty squares.

A Heatless Curling Solution You’ll Want For Yourself

You might find yourself twisting your hair around this heatless curling solution instead of gifting it to the friend you bought it for. It comes in 13 colors with silky finishes and has all the accessories you need for curls without the warmth, including the unique soft and silky foam roller.

This Easy-To-Use Brownie Pan That Makes Evenly Cut Pieces

Section your brownie batter with this nonstick pan that has dividers for super clean-cut and pretty brownies. It’s BPA-free and made of food-grade carbon steel, and one reviewer raved, “I gave this pan as a gift to the best baker I know. She has a collection of brownie pans, but she says this is her favorite by far.”

A Pack Of 10-Foot Phone Chargers That Are Extra-Durable

Who doesn’t appreciate an extra iPhone charger like one of these? This three-pack includes chargers that are 10-feet long — and they come in red, gold-tone, orange, purple, and blue. Plus, they’re reinforced with TPE braided material, so they’re not only extra-long — they’re also extra-durable.

This Organic Tinted Lip Balm With Moisturizing Coconut Oil

This four-pack of organic tinted lip balm pack with coconut oil and natural peppermint oil is under $10, and it features sheer colors including a glamorous shimmery option. Each lip balm has a vanilla scent, and one reviewer raved, “It is amazing how well these keep my lips healthy while giving them some color too.”

A Digital Coffee Scale & Timer That Perfects Your Pour-Over Process

With this Coffee Gator coffee scale, you can stop fumbling with a timer on your phone while you’re busy setting up the scale and brewing your coffee. It helps perfect your pour-over process with a built-in timer for the ideal three-minute pour, and the scale weighs ounces, liters, and grams.

This Terrarium Kit For A Beginner’s Gardening Gift

This terrarium kit doesn’t include a plant, so you can personalize your gift and hand-pick a succulent or cactus your recipient would love. It has everything else to plant your succulent of choice together, including polished river rocks, sheet moss, washed pea gravel, activated charcoal, and organic potting mix. Plus, the pretty glass jar, of course.

These Compact Spice Shakers That Are Handy For Travel

These BPA-free spice shakers are compact and complete with sliding lids that shouldn’t pop open if you pack them for a camping trip. Perfect for a constant traveler, this six-pack comes with a matching tray to keep them together in your suitcase or to display on your countertop if you’re home for a while.

A Padded Phone Mount That’s Secured By Your Phone Vents

The padding on this car phone holder grips your phone, so it shouldn’t slip while you’re on the go. Plus, the unit clips to vertical or horizontal car vents, as it rotates 360 degrees. It even has over 50,000 five-star ratings, with many people writing that they “definitely recommend” it.

This Lap Desk With A Spot For Everything & A Wood-Grain Top

This lap desk holds everything a normal desk would, with a spot for your laptop, phone, and even a grippy mouse pad. The best part is that you can work from bed with its cushioned and ventilated base. The top comes in six colors, including classic wood grains and even a chic marble option.

These French Onion Soup Bowls For Melty Cheese & Protected Hands

Pop these porcelain bowls into the oven to get that top layer of cheese all melty on your French onion soup, mac and cheese, and more. The handles make it easier to sip your soup, and the dishwasher-safe set comes in eight color options.

A Travel Umbrella That’s Break-Resistant & Windproof

If you ask me, nothing’s worse than the dreaded inside-out umbrella when it’s windy. This travel umbrella is so windproof with break-resistant features that one reviewer raved, “This umbrella literally never flips inside out or pulls out of my hand because of those nifty vents.” Plus, it comes in 15 colors, including pastel pink, brown polka dots, deep burgundy, and more.

An Exfoliating Soap For A Steam Room Experience At Home

Made of vegetable paste, eucalyptus essential oil, olive oil, and other moisturizing ingredients, this Moroccan black soap mimics the steam room experience at a spa. It exfoliates with salt — and one reviewer raved, “It’s very moisturizing and does a great job deep cleaning and exfoliating. Removes makeup great too because it’s oil-based.”

These 2-Tone Cozy Slippers With Anti-Slip Soles For Inside & Outside

These plush slippers are built for indoor and outdoor wear, so go ahead and walk the dog, get the mail, even step in the grass if you want. They're made of trendy plush fleece that comes in 10 colors and styles. The best part — in my opinion — is that each pair has the cream-colored, fluffy interior fabric peeking out.

  • Available sizes: 5-6 Women/ 3.5-4 Men — 14-15 Women/ 13-14 Men
An Electronic Lighter That’s Great For Lighting Hard-To-Reach Candle Wicks (Or Stoves!)

Instead of running out of gas in your lighter, this electronic rechargeable candle lighter is gas- and oil-free. With its sleek design, you might not mind leaving it out between uses. Plus, it’s flameless and windproof, and one reviewer even raved, “Barbecues aren’t a problem. The wind can blow, and it still works.”

These Cooling Facial Massagers Filled With Sparkling Pink Glitter

Using cooling facial massagers is already pretty luxurious, but these sparkling facial massagers are filled with pink glitter to make your routine more fun and a little more glam. They come in a matching pink gift box and help improve circulation as well as sooth your skin. Plus, they're plexiglass and shatterproof.

A Styling Hair Brush That Helps Shape Natural Curls

The handle of this Denman styling brush is long, tear drop-shaped, and extra-grippy, making it easy to comb through. It’s complete with nine rows of pins that have rounded ends to gently sculpt hair, and it comes in black, black, and pink, purple, or white. One reviewer raved, “Helped sculpt my curls and didn’t create frizz.”

The Dog Bath Brush That Lathers Shampoo For A Deep Clean

This waterproof grooming brush lathers up shampoo while you wash your dog for a deeper clean while also giving them a massage. It doesn’t have to be bath time because you can use it as an everyday brush that gets rid of excess hair, too. Plus, it’s super gentle and comes in blue, purple, yellow, or pink.

The Dog Puzzle With Multiple Treat Hiding Spots

You can tuck treats and food under the nine small bones in this interactive dog puzzle and give your dog a little mental workout. Plus, it helps prevents boredom, and it’s made with food-safe and BPA-free materials. You can even choose from four difficulty levels as your pooch learns and grows.

This Portable Seat Cushion For The Constant Traveler

If you ask me, the best part of this supportive seat cushion — besides its comfy dual-layered foam — is its removable and machine washable mesh cover. It’s portable with a handle on the back and easy to clean. Plus, it’s made to be nonslip no matter where you’re traveling or what seat you’re using it in.

This Pet Camera With A Built-In Virtual Vet

This high-definition pet camera with 30 feet of night vision adds an extra layer of security so you can watch your pets while you’re not home. It even has a two-way chat feature, along with with a built-in virtual vet who can walk you through what to do if you notice your pet needs attention.

A Set Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Look Nice On The Dinner Table

Toss your salad or mix your sauces in these stainless steel mixing bowls without getting other dishes dirty; they even look nice on your dinner table for serving. Plus, each size has a matching air-tight and spill-proof lid — and one reviewer raved, “I mix in them, marinade in them. The smaller one became my favorite cereal bowl.”

A Sleek Salt & Pepper Set That’s Mess Free

These glass salt and pepper shakers display your fancy tricolor peppercorns, Himalayan salt, classic black pepper, or any spice you want freshly ground. Plus, the set comes with a sleek holder for your table, and the stainless steel tops shouldn’t absorb the flavor of your spices no matter how many times you change them up.

A Fast-Charging USB Car Adapter For Quick Trips

Even if you’re only running quick errands, you can plug your phone into this USB car adapter because it aims to fully charge your device in 25 minutes. It has two USB ports along with a blue LED light to see it during night drives — and one reviewer raved, “Loved how compact this is and how fast it really charges in both ports!”

A Kit To Grow Your Own Little Bonsai Forest

With four types of bonsai seeds in this bonsai sow and grow kit, you can create your own little bonsai forest on your windowsill. The kit comes with grow pots, seeds, soil discs, and even a grow guide to help you through the planting process.

The Terra-Cotta Watering Stakes For Happy Plants While You’re Away

These terra cotta plant watering stakes come in an eight-pack for under $25, and your plants won’t be thirsty while you’re away. Stick them in your plant’s soil and pop a 1-liter bottle of water on top for seven to 10 days of happy plants. They work with most bottles — including glass wine bottles — for a practical way to recycle.

This Anti-Slip & Non-Damaging Tape For A Practical, Safety-First Gift

No matter who you're buying a gift for, I’m sure tons of people can find a spot inside or outside where they need anti-slip tape. This practical gift is made of 80-grit aluminum oxide that can be removed without damage, and it’s meant to provide extra grip on various different walkways. Plus, it has so many uses one reviewer even raved, "I use it to apply it to the bottom of my heels. Love it!"

An Insulated & Colorful Banana-Saving Storage Bag

The thick, aluminum-film lining of this bright yellow banana bag helps keep bananas fresh for up to two weeks. It's complete with an easy-to-close drawstring that keeps out oxygen so you can store bananas in the fridge without worrying about much browning. Plus, you can grab a matching green bag to keep your lettuce crisp.

These Heavy-Duty Nail Clippers With A Carrying Pouch

You can pack these stainless steel nail clippers in their PVC pouch with a zipper for easy travel storage. Plus, the pouch is bright yellow, so it’s always easy to spot in your drawer or suitcase. This two-pack includes two sizes of nail clippers with extra-sharp blades, and they have over 19,000 five-star ratings.

This Set Of Neon & Glow In The Dark Paints

Gift a glowing DIY set with this eight-pack of neon acrylic paint that glows in the dark after exposing them to sunlight. It comes in eight colors, and there’s even a blacklight-activated set. One reviewer raved, “Received fast, nice colors, and they glow very nicely! Love them.”

An Airtight Food Storage Container Designed For Bagels

Grab up to six fresh bagels on your next bakery run because this BPA-free, airtight bagel container helps keep them fresh. It’s even waterproof and dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it when needed. One reviewer raved, “To my utter delight, the bagels were fresh-tasting for an entire week.”

A Pepper-Growing Kit With Hot & Sweet Peppers

You can plant your own pepper garden in your yard or windowsill with this pepper seed kit. It comes with pots, a book of helpful growing tips, and peat discs if you’re just starting out and don’t have gardening supplies at home. Plus, there are six types of peppers, including sweet peppers.

A Pack Of 6 Durable Door Stoppers For $15

Each of the door stoppers in this six-pack comes with an adhesive storage holder that sticks to your wall. You can prop your door open for family gatherings and parties, or use these rubber stoppers to help secure your door once the party’s over. Choose from white, black, red, orange, gray, or a variety pack and multiple pack sizes.