You can stay in an exact replica of "The Holiday" movie cottage in Atlanta, Georgia in 2023.

The Holiday Cottage In Atlanta Is An Exact Replica From The Rom-Com

This calls for a house swap.

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Having a stay-at-home movie night is the best way to escape the cold when the weather is frightful, especially if you can’t resist rom-coms that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, like The Holiday. Sometimes the cozy vibes are so strong that you just want to jump into the fictional English hamlet to stay in the Rosehill Cottage and live in filmmaker Nancy Meyers’ world — and now, you can. Instead of flying across the pond to make your own rom-com happen, you can book a stay in The Holiday cottage in Atlanta, which is an exact replica from the movie.

While there’s no guarantee your own version of Jude Law will come knocking on the door, you can expect the rest of your experience to pretty much look exactly like Cameron Diaz’s when she decided to do a house swap in the English countryside for the holidays. However, your stay will be a little closer to home, as this Rosehill Cottage replica will be located in Atlanta, Georgia. Local home designer Lucy Small of State and Season, who created the Rosehill Cottage replica, isn’t the only one to take inspiration from the area. Many Hallmark Christmas movies film in Georgia for its picturesque small towns, mountain peak scenery, and winter wonderland weather. If you are from Dahlonega, Blue Ridge, or Helen, you’ve probably spotted your hometown on your TV screen a few times during the holidays.

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In reality, the fairytale house from the movie doesn’t actually exist. While the iconic cottage’s design was inspired by the real Honeysuckle Cottage in Holmbury Saint Mary, England, the home’s charming interiors were filmed on a soundstage in Los Angeles and the exteriors of Rosehill Cottage were built in a field for movie magic purposes. However, after noticing a fanbase demand online to experience the beloved Hallmark house, Small says she decided, “I could build this. There's no reason this can't exist in real life."

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Small worked with architects to construct an exact replica of The Holiday house, with a specific vision in mind: “If you stay there, I want you to feel like it's an old cottage in the English countryside and Jude Law might knock on the door at any minute." She embarked on the project to create a 300-year-old looking cottage to accommodate travelers and fans of the film to unwind, enjoy the charming town, and experience their comfort movie IRL. The replica has three rooms instead of just one, so you can stay with your group of girl friends or small family. You can snuggle up to wood burning fireplaces alongside rustic design details like British pottery and decor, wood beam ceilings, and layered rugs. There will even be a full library of books and stocked collection of British tea so you’re set for a heartwarming stay of well-deserved relaxation. And, if you visit in December, you can bet on amazing Christmas decorations to bring the fictional romance to life.

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The cottage won’t be ready to visit until fall 2023, but you can book your reservation starting Dec. 1, 2022 at this link. The home officially opens Oct. 1, 2023, the ideal time of year to enjoy colorful fall foliage, and is open for reservations throughout the holiday season. The Rosehill replica contains three bedrooms, starting at $290 per night, serving as a romantic getaway or festive family setting to soak up the season.

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