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When posting on Instagram, use these 'Ted Lasso' Roy Kent quotes for a memorable caption.

Ted Lasso Roy Kent Quotes For Instagram Captions That Are More Than Fine

Because he’s f*cking everywhere.

by Andrea Hannah
Apple TV+

While Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso has taken the internet by storm mostly due to its extremely charming title character, it’s the grouchy football legend Roy Kent that stole viewers’ hearts. While Roy secretly has a heart of gold, he is particularly hilarious to watch because even his gentlest words of wisdom are peppered with f-bombs. If you want to bring the same energy to your Instagram, use these Roy Kent quotes for captions to rack up all those heart emojis.

TBH, Roy (played by Brett Goldstein) has every reason to be a huge jerk. After all, he’s one of the Premiere League’s biggest stars and, when the show starts, the captain of AFC Richmond. As Roy himself says, “I like being Roy Kent.” And, honestly, why wouldn’t he? However, the perpetually scowling footballer earns a place in all of our hearts when he shows his softer side — albeit in his signature direct fashion.

Even though he clearly cares about Ted, Keely, his niece, and the players he coaches, Roy isn’t one to shy away from telling it like it is. And, with plenty of cursing to boot. It’s no surprise that some of Roy Kent’s most famous quotes are both sweet and spicy, making them perfect for a cheeky social media caption. Whether you’re a Roy fan or you prefer some of Ted Lasso’s softer characters, you’ve got to admit, the man knows what he’s talking about. Check out some of Roy’s words of wisdom and add them to your photos before posting. They’re sure to show up “f*cking everyhere,” just like Roy.

Apple TV+
  1. “Don’t you dare settle for fine.”
  2. “Enjoy your trophies for winning nothing.”
  3. “The 28th — the sexiest of all the days!”
  4. “I think you might be dying.”
  5. “F*ck your feelings, f*ck your overthinking, f*ck all that bullsh*t, go back out there and have some f*cking fun.”
  6. “You look cool as f*ck.”
  7. “Well, this place is ruined now.”
  8. “I want you to remember this feeling. Burn this moment into your brains.”
  9. “You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning.”
  10. “This is why it’s hard to love you.”
  11. “I’ve had it with your mind games and your stupid gifts. I mean, what even is ‘A Wrinkle in Time’?”
  12. “Just dock four percent from my paycheck.”
  13. “Don’t read it. Say it to my face.”
  14. “What do you have to be sad about? Did one of the ‘Paw Patrol’ dogs die?”
  15. “Yum — Roy Kent.”
  16. “You’re an ugly, ugly boy...with bad hair.”
  17. “That’s actually pretty good.”
  18. “Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at ‘Coach.’”
  19. Never stop breaking TVs.”
  20. “It’s part of the job. It’s encouraged.”
  21. “Best teachers are the toughest ones.”
  22. “Felt good to be back around the game.”
  23. “Look, most adults think kids need to be constantly entertained. It’s bullsh*t… Truth is they just wanna feel like they’re part of our lives. Little idiots.”
  24. “Stupid barking means it’s over, right?”