Taylor Swift sings songs from 'Red,' which Modsy reimagined into home decor.
Here’s What Taylor Swift’s Red Songs Would Look Like As Rooms In Your Home

Hint: They’re filled with easter eggs.

by Andrea Hannah
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Swifties, the time has finally arrived: Taylor is re-releasing her most heart-wrenching album to date, Red, on Nov. 12. It’s clear that Taylor was going through it when she wrote the lyrics to some of the best songs on Red, but she still managed to create such strong visual imagery in the midst of a bad break-up. So much so, in fact, that interior design company Modsy has created a series of Taylor Swift Red rooms that are inspired by the vibes of Tay’s most iconic songs on the album.

Even before this T. Swift-inspired endeavor, Modsy has been an innovator in the design space. Not only does their website allow you to design a 3-D version of your own home, but they make it super easy to find and purchase the pieces you like. The same goes for these cozy-chic rooms based on Taylor Swift’s Red album. Once you peruse the room online, you can click on the shoppable links to purchase the products you love as much as fans love All Too Well.

Speaking of the most iconic song on Red, Modsy designed a dining room based on All Too Well’s lyrics. There’s even an “open refrigerator” so you can “dance around the kitchen” like Taylor does with her beau in the song (cue sobbing). There are also Red-themed rooms for other album hits, and the best part is each and every one is full of easter eggs that Swifties are sure to recognize.

Ready for some Swift-inspired design inspo for your own home? Check out how Modsy brought the essence of Red to these four rooms.

“We Are Never Getting Back Together”
Courtesy of Modsy

This fun, vibrant bedroom designed by Mackenzie Rifkin at Modsy is a Swiftie’s dream. The entire vibe is based off the bedroom in the We Are Never Getting Back Together music video, and the boho-chic rug is in keeping with the style which was popular at the time the song was first released. Plus, there are countless easter eggs. There are Red lips on the bed and wall, vinyl records to represent the “indie records that are much cooler than mine,” and a 2-D cityscape just like in the video. There’s even a teddy bear to represent all of Taylor dancing animal friends.

Courtesy of Modsy

Mackenzie Rifkin also designed this laid-back living room that represents the carefree vibe of Taylor’s “22.” She got her inspiration from the mid-century house in the video, and wanted to give it touch of “girls’ weekend” decor, which includes a blush couch. There are also hearts all over, from the throw pillows to the neon wall light, in a nod to the many, many hearts that show up in the ”22” music video. There’s a pink guitar hanging on the wall as well, along with a “Not a lot going on at the moment” light-up sign, which fans will recognize as the caption on one of Swift’s lockdown Instagram posts.



Courtesy of Modsy

The album’s signature song is all about deep emotion, which this moody living room captures perfectly. Designed by Becky Sturniolo at Modsy, the luxe maroon walls elicit the intensity of new love, while the deep blue rug represents the sadness woven into the “Red” lyrics. In this room, there’s a newspaper open to a crossword puzzle in a subtle nod to the lyrics, “Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword / And realizing there’s no right answer.” Plus, we can’t ignore the fire burning in the corner, just like Taylor’s love.

“All Too Well”
Courtesy of Modsy

Designer Becky Sturniolo created this homey dining room to transport you back to your childhood home, which is the main setting of Swift’s “All Too Well.” Classic wooden furniture and cozy textures create the quintessential American home straight out of Taylor’s lyrics. The refrigerator door is carefully propped open in a nod to “dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light,” and there’s even a scarf tucked into one of the cabinet drawers. And we can’t forget the “crumpled up piece of paper” on the rug, representing Taylor’s broken heart.

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