Target's viral pink basket, in collaboration with Ulta and Kylie Cosmetics.

What’s The Tea On Target's Viral Pink Shopping Basket?

Hint: Kylie Jenner is involved.

Target/Instagram; Elite Daily

Dreams dashed. Earlier this month, you may have seen pics and videos of a pastel pink Target basket make their way around TikTok and Instagram — and they were real, posted by the giant retailer itself.

“A good combo is about to be the BEST combo. Something pink is coming June 9th,” the brand wrote in an IG caption days prior. The post in question depicted one of Target’s classic red baskets being draped in a much more blush-colored paint.

Given that bold red has always been the store’s signature hue, fans were OTT excited about the possibility of pink baskets making their way into stores. “Listen Target, I’m going to be honest with you… if you at any point have pink shopping baskets, one will absolutely be coming home with me,” one commenter wrote, before adding: “Accidentally, of course.”

The official account for Victoria's Secret PINK echoed the sentiment. “This looks right up our alley,” wrote the lingerie line. “We’re absolutely seated for this collab.”

In the days that followed, though, Target loyalists learned that the pink baskets were actually part of a campaign for a new partnership with Kylie Jenner’s beauty brand and Ulta. “@KylieCosmetics is coming to #UltaBeautyatTarget 6/9,” read the announcement, accompanied by a carousel featuring snaps of the makeup mogul and various products. “Set your alarms for this Sunday and be the first to shop your fave lip combos.”


Though some were in favor of this new info — with one user commenting, “Definitely stockin up this weekend!!!” — others expressed their disappointment in the pink baskets not being the real deal. “This feels like getting socks for Christmas,” wrote one user on Instagram. “My wallet is safe at Target for once,” wrote another.

Many suggestions called for Target to listen to customers’ pleas. “From a marketing standpoint I’d look through these comments and bring it back to the higher ups,” wrote Melissa Litchfield, CEO and Creative Director of ad agency Litchfield Media. “You need to save this fumble and give the people pink baskets.”

Elite Daily reached out to Target for comment on the pink baskets — specifically, whether the brand has plans to introduce them in stores sometime in the future — but did not hear back by the time of publication.

TikTokers Are Taking Target’s Pink Baskets Into Their Own Hands

Sometimes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Creatives across TikTok are now taking this idea and running with it, making their own pastel pink Target baskets.


Using a can of pink Rust-Oleum, TikToker @trollintot spray painted an actual Target basket and has gone viral multiple times since then. One video of her shopping in Target with the new creation currently has a whopping 2.5 million views.

Another TikToker is also going viral after doing the same with a toy Target shopping cart. “After that elusive pink basket post, there’s no way we couldn’t bring it to life,” the user captioned the video.

With the virality of the pink Stanley cup, can you imagine what would happen if Target actually introduced the pink basket IRL?