A woman gets ready to follow a guide to Sun Salutations in yoga with her yoga mat at home.

Easy Sun Salutation Sequences From A Yoga Teacher

These energizing poses can be done at home.

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Whether you’re a pro or totally new to yoga, Sun Salutations are an essential part of your practice. Fiture’s yoga instructor, Victoria Gibbs, told Elite Daily that a Sun Salutation sequence can be an “energizing, full body practice that works the body from head to toe” — and it’s so easy to incorporate into your day. Click through for some Sun Salutation sequences you can do at home.

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Gibbs walks us through the three “breath-based sequences” — A, B, and C — so you have a step-by-step guide to follow for Sun Salutations at home. While Gibbs mentions these workouts are low-impact, Sun Salutations are also great if you’re looking to “improve mobility of the entire body,” “reduce stress and anxiety,” and give yourself “a challenging cardio workout.”

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