*SO* Many People Are Obsessed With These 50 Weird Things For Your Home

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All of the things on this list are a little funky and sort of strange, but seriously — so many people are obsessed with them. So, yes, they're quirky, but these 50 weird things are trending and, most importantly, help up-level your home (also, a few are perfect for work or your car).

The super colorful sunset lamp on this list is a perfect example of an on-trend, weird-yet-wonderful thing. It casts an aesthetic ombre orb reminiscent of a sunset right on your wall, plus it has 16 colors and four sunset settings so you can even create the Martian dusk of your dreams. Staying with the nature theme, there's also a set of faux ivy vines to bring some upkeep-free greenery indoors, as well as a cosmic-fabulous galaxy projector.

On the more helpful side of these slightly strange items, check out the honeycomb-shaped drawer organizers. Instead of your go-to squared-off inserts, you can snap these together how you need. They’re ultra-versatile and trimmable, and come in 20 different pack options. Also, definitely don't miss the rug grips that don't get sticky adhesive on your wood floor and the adorable sliding "clean" or "dirty" dishwasher magnet. Plus, there's even a cotton foot hammock that hangs under your desk with an added clip to hold your things.

People are obsessed with this strange stuff for the home, and once you get into it, it honestly makes so much sense — just scroll and see.

These Finger Covers That Keep Messy Food Off Your Hands

Pop these dishwasher-safe silicone finger covers on if you can’t handle powdered cheese, BBQ-sauce sticky fingers, or if you’re just not the best at prepping veggies and cooking. They come in a heat-resistant three-pack to protect your fingers from all of the unwanted stickiness as well as the hot stovetop.

A Lockbox For Your Phone That Helps You Focus

Don’t freak out — this phone lockbox still has small cutouts where you can access your screen unless you choose to go all the way and put your phone face down. It’s extremely helpful for moments you need to focus, and has unique features like a timer plus a spot for earbuds so you can still make emergency calls.

A Travel Pillow & Eye Mask Combo You Can Wear Around Your Neck

This extra-padded Ostrichpillow is actually a travel pillow and eye mask combination that goes cozily around your head. It's reversible, and even if it looks a little unique, it's super comfy and helps you get shut-eye on planes, trains, or around loud roommates. It even works with headphones or earbuds. It's adjustable, cleanable, and loops onto suitcase handles too.

This Colorful Sunset Lamp That Creates The Vibe

This crystal lens sunset lamp creates an orb of colorful light wherever you point it, so you can set the vibe for a dreamy night in or take super aesthetic photos to share. There are 16 colors to choose from and four sunset background options that adjust the ombre ring around the light.

A Cute, Avocado-Shaped Guac Bowl With Spoon Stem

The quirky avocado shape of this ceramic guac bowl gives you a handy lid in case you don’t finish (lol) and an adorable stem-shaped spoon. It also comes in a pepper-shaped option for salsa (obviously), and they're both made of high-quality, hand-painted ceramic. Plus, they're both under $15 and hold 1.5 cups of tasty dip each.

The Faux Ivy Strands You've Seen All Over Everyone's Walls

Everyone seems to have these trendy faux ivy strands covering at least one wall in their house. With this realistic-looking pack, you get 12 vines that are 7 feet each. You can twist them around furniture, decorate for a party, or — as multiple reviewers love — hang them on their wall with a mix of string lights.

An Elegant Towel Rack That Goes Right On The Cabinet

It's easy to pop these stainless steel hand towel racks next to all of your sinks because they simply hang over your cabinet door. Anywhere you don't have a hand towel rack, choose from four metallic colors and hang it in a few seconds. Your cabinet can still open and close, and the rack has a protective foam backing to keep doors safe.

An Affordable Projector For An Ethereal, Galaxy-Filled Room

This trendy Bluetooth-compatible projector comes in sleek black or white, and fills your room with galaxy-style lights and your own music or white noise. There are eight LED light modes, eight soothing white noises, and a timer setting. It also comes with a remote control so you can kick back and coast through the galaxy show from bed.

The Cooking Conversion Chart That’s A Big Fridge Magnet

Pull this magnetic cooking conversion chart off your fridge and pop it on your counter while you cook. You'll have all of your conversions right there, and the spillproof coating makes it countertop-friendly. The colorful design is full of helpful details, and it even has a timing section for boiling eggs.

A Protective Eyemask With Headphones That Last All Night

This washable Bluetooth eyemask protects your eye area with softly padded cups and has a 3D design that sits away from your face. The built-in headphones are rechargeable, and your music or white noise won't turn off while you sleep because they last for more than eight hours on a single charge.

An Indoor Herb Kit With Rustic Wooden Accessories

This indoor herb kit comes with adorable rustic-looking tools, including wooden stakes with room for labels, four waterproof-lined jute planting bags, gardening shears, and a reusable wooden gift box. Plus, you get cilantro, parsley, basil, and thyme seeds in the kit, and once they're planted, you can arrange your sprouting planter bags in the wooden box.

These Remote-Controlled Lights That Up-Level Your TV (Or Wall)

These LED strip lights create a big look and are controlled with a super small remote — just point the remote at the strip and adjust the vibe as needed (instead of finagling with cords or bulky fixtures). You can choose between 16.5 feet or 14.3 feet long strips of these ambience-setting lights, and they plug into a USB port.

These Trimmable & Customizable Drawer Organizers

If you’re hip to the drawer-organizing world, you may have seen traditional squared-off numbers. But this honeycomb-shaped option is better, because they're trimmable and ultra customizable. They come in 20 pack options, all with different color combinations, and each one has a clip design that lets you snap them together for stability.

A Kitchen Cube That Makes Measuring Ingredients Fun

This bright yellow, dice-like cube makes measuring ingredients feel like playing a game — yet it’s hiding 19 serious measurements (both US and metric) in its cute little form. And it can go in the dishwasher and microwave. It has BPA-free tablespoon and cup compartments, and if yellow is too much, it also comes in blue or red.

These Handy Taco Holders In A Rainbow Pack

Pop up to three tacos in each of these large taco holders that come in a super fun rainbow pack (there's also a classic stainless steel option). They're BPA-free, have an easy-to-grab zig-zag design, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. One taco enthusiast shared, "We love these colorful, easy to clean and use taco holders!"

A Tabletop Punching Bag For Releasing Frustration

This mini version of a stress-relieving punching bag is still heavy duty and can withstand some blows. The sleek black suction cup bottom sticks to your desk, and it comes in a full kit with an air pump. So many reviewers appreciate it at the office, and one affirmed, “I'd recommend it to anyone in need of immediate stress relief.”

The Steel Soap Bar That Rubs Away Odors

Scrub your hands with this stainless steel bar that gets rid of food odors after you cook (especially useful after garlic). They come in the shape of a bar of soap, a fish, an adorable little garlic bulb, and there are three sizes to choose from. They're dishwasher-safe, and you can use them wet or dry after chopping stinky ingredients.

A Motion-Activated Nightlight That Glows Under Your Bed

This motion-activated bed nightlight lights up your room way more effectively than a little outlet nightlight. Plus, it casts a warm, gentle glow that you'll actually like having on. This LED strip is designed to run along the bed frame, but you could also grab some for your bathroom cabinets — they just peel and stick to install.

An Under-$30 Bougie Bidet

Installing this dual-nozzle bidet only takes four steps, and once it's on, you can barely see it because it's so slim. It comes with all of the adapters, control panels, and even seal tape to ensure everything is secure. Plus, the water pressure is adjustable — cleanliness, ahoy.

A Handheld Ice Roller For Soothing Massages

This handheld ice therapy roller comes in seven popsicle-pretty colors. A few options even include an extra roller so you can pop one in the freezer while the other one dries. One enthusiastic roller raved, “I am a licensed esthetician and recommend that all my clients keep one of these ice rollers.”

A Wide-Capacity Toaster That Even Fits Fluffy Waffles

If you like picking up fancy, thick-sliced farmers' market bread, you can toast it up nice with this stainless steel toaster with extra-wide slots. It has all the go-to toast settings, a crumb tray, and a high-lift lever. One happy toastee admired, “Looks like a professional piece in my kitchen.”

Chic Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Looks Like Oversize Tile

This black and white adhesive wallpaper looks like oversized tile arranged in a chic geometric pattern (with zero grout or elbow grease required). Each roll has over 48 square feet, which is enough to cover some serious wall. One reviewer raved, “It’s really easy to work with, it’s sturdy, and I would highly recommend. It added so much brightness and life to my room!”

A Surge Protector With So Many Outlets & USB Ports

You don't have to take off your outlet cover to screw on this outlet extender that even has a nightlight. It completely covers up your classic two-outlet set up to give you six outlets that you can use all of simultaneously, as well as two USB ports. It provides surge protection, and has a smart nightlight that only turns on after dark, with an adjustable brightness level.

A Stick-On Toilet Paper Holder With Phone Shelf

Yes — the back of this super modern toilet paper holder is pre-loaded with 3M adhesive, so you simply have to press to install (just make sure the wall is clean). It has a phone shelf on top to safely hold your device, and comes in matte black or silver and gold tones. Should you feel like it, it also can be drilled into the wall.

These Dual Hook Rings For Shower Curtains & Liners

You may wonder what’s so “weird’ about these beaded, rust-resistant shower curtain rings — their unique feature is the double hook design. That means there are separate hooks for your trendy curtain and the liner, which makes disassembling and washing everything way easier. Beaded design accents add to the charm.

A Hair-Catching Drain That Hides The Trapped Hair

The much-loved TubShroom drain kit comes with a stainless steel, mushroom-shaped drain insert and a universal plug. The combo comes with adapters to fit your drain, and the unique mushroom shape actually hides the caught hair, so you don't have to see it while you shower. It’s guaranteed to catch every hair, preventing gnarly clogs before they start.

A String Of Waterproof Mirror Lights For A Brighter Vanity

This string of LED lights has glam, classic vanity flair with its rows of large circular lights. No tools or drilling is required — they stick on, are dimmable, and are even waterproof, so they’re perfect for behind the sink. One reviewer gushed, “The lights are a perfect addition and look so Hollywood professional.”

The Silicone Molds That Make Adorably-Shaped Goodies

This four-pack of colorful silicone candy molds has all the quirky (and somewhat weird) shapes to make cute candy, ice cubes, candles, crafts, and more. The set comes with seashell-, star-, and heart-shaped trays, as well as super precious little gummy bears. Reviewers say they’re easy to use and clean, and are “tons of fun.”

A Bendable Armrest Table With A Non-Slip Top

This bamboo armrest table has bendable ridges that let it drape to perfectly fit the width of your armrest (even the mega-cushiony kind). Plus, it has a non-slip pad on the top, a secure slot to prop up your phone, and it also comes in a white option.

These Washable Rug Grippers That Don’t Get Adhesive On The Floor

Avoid the mess of sticky adhesive on your floor with this four-pack of rug grippers. They have a sticky side, but that only touches your rug — the floor-facing side uses ridged vacuum technology that essnetially suctions to the floor. You can keep them on while washing your rug, and one fan raved, “For anyone with a dog that goes hyper-speed, these are a must for rugs on hardwood.”

These Wood-Tone Plastic Patio Tiles That Slide & Fit Together

These wood-grain interlocking patio tiles slide and fit together for a chic, patterned deck with non-slip accents, unlike wood. They’re water-resistant, won’t bend or swell after rain, and you don’t have to use any tools to install. The packs come with six tiles, each with four wood-style boards running across.

A Sleek Electric Lighter With A Windproof Spark

This electronic candle lighter comes in six metallic shades, and has a bright purple, windproof spark instead of a flame. You charge it via USB (even with your laptop), and it has a sliding, non-slip switch. It has over 15,500 five-star ratings, and one reviewer complimented, “Sleek. Compact. Reusable. Good quality. I have started gifting them now!”

A Helpful Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet That’s Really Cute

This silver-tone clean/dirty magnet sticks to your dishwasher and has a small sliding door to reveal the clean or dirty sides, written in an adorable, restaurant-chalkboard style. It’s 7 inches long, so it’s easily viewed from across the kitchen. If you want to place it on a plastic portion of the dishwasher, it also comes with two double-sided stickers.

A Vintage-Fab Snowcone Maker That Couldn’t Be Sweeter

This super small snow cone maker with vintage accents is about as precious as kitchen gadgets come. It’s complete with two snow cone slots and a scoop, and also includes two reusable cones with a flat base so they don’t tip over. Reviewers love it for kids — and when the tykes are tucked in, may or may not craft a cone with a splash of booze.

This Industrial Ceiling Fixture With Twirling Light Design

Choose from cherry or oak stains in this washed wood and metal 2-light fixture. It has spots for two Edison bulbs (or regular lightbulbs) that sit in s-shaped sockets as if they’re twirling around each other. One reviewer glowed, “The light fixture looks and feels expensive. It was easy to install and put together. We love it and we are extremely happy with this purchase.”

A Comfy Foot Hammock With Extra Hanging Hook

Hang this miniature hammock under your desk because it’s adorable (obviously one of the most important parts). It gives your feet a place to rest (especially helpful for those of us on the shorter side), and has an extra hook on the side for storage. It comes in three colors, and twists and tightens onto your desk without any tools.

This Sunrise Clock With Gentle Wake-Up Options

If you want a soft nightlight and a sunrise shine that gently wakes you up, this alarm clock covers those bases. It has seven color options and 20 brightness levels to customize as you like. It also has over 12,600 five-star ratings — reviewers love the sleepytime setting that encourages drifting off, and the infusion of sunny light into long winters. One even says, “I would pay 2 or 3 times the price for this thing. It’s 100% worth it.”

A Memory Foam Cushion With A Funky (But Helpful) U-Shape Design

The u-shape design of this machine-washable memory foam cushion is a little bit funky, but has a point! It’s super ergonomic and supportive. It adapts to how you sit and allows for more airflow. Plus, it has a nonslip bottom if you have a hard time sitting still at work.

This Anti-Burst Balance Ball In The Boldest Colors

This sturdy exercise ball holds up to 600 pounds of weight, and comes in the brightest and boldest colors, including hot pink, purple, green, a seriously bright yellow, and more. Like any high-quality exercise ball, it has an anti-burst coating, a pump, and it even comes with two extra air plugs.

A Pair Of Colorful LED Light Saber Chopsticks

These Star Wars-style lightsaber chopsticks come in 12 colors (even a rainbow pack), and they’re durable enough to use every night at dinner. They’re BPA-free, and there’s a spot in the handle to replace the batteries and keep the colorful LEDs glowing for every Force-worthy snack time.

A Multi-Slot Organizer That Revolutionizes The Underwear Drawer

Pop each of these four underwear organizers in separate drawers, or fit them together. Each has different slot sizes and a unique setup, so there’s a spot for bras, undies, socks, boxers, belts, or whatever you need. Reviewers are loving how tidy their drawers are, and one shared, “These organizers are perfect for keeping everything in place, and you won't forget about those items you own that end up buried at the back.”

A Mug Warmer To Keep Your Coffee Toasty

This low-profile coffee mug warmer has three easy-to-choose-from precise temperature options to make finding your favorite a super quick process. The large heating pad means even your oversized mug will fit, and it’s complete with a fire-retardant design. There’s an automatic shutoff feature so you don’t have to worry if you forget all about your desk and coffee.

A Compact Knife & Scissor Sharpener With Suction-Cup Base

This three-step knife sharpener is compact but mighty, and has slots that sharpen and repair, and polish and hone knives, as well as one specially made for scissors. It works for household knives (including serrated) as well as outdoors and sports knives. It stays sturdy with a lever that secures the suction cup to your table with a super tight seal.

A Darling Donut Maker With No Fry Skills Required

You don’t have to have donut frying or flipping skills to use this mini donut maker that serves up the tasty treats in just 15 minutes. It’s designed with a lid that creates that classic donut shape, and the entire surface is non-stick. It comes in turquoise or the most adorable white and pink donut pattern.

A Durable & Dustproof Counter Gap Cover

If things slip into the no-person’s-land between stove and counter, they just might be gone forever. Enter this silicone gap cover that won’t stand out in an obvious way, but gets the job done. It has a subtle matte finish that’s dustproof, and comes in black, clear, or white to match your kitchen. The back is nice and grippy to stick to your countertop and cuts to perfect size.

A Set Of Self-Watering Planters For Those Without Green Thumbs

You get three self-watering planters in this set, and each features a unique cotton wick design. The wick slowly carries water to the soil, so plant babies don’t get overwatered, and all the pieces come apart for cleaning or checking the soil. These chic black and white, double-layer planters are made of plastic so they’re easy to handle, and come in three sizes.

This Mini Space Heater That Sits Right On Your Desk

Whether you work in an icy office or like keeping the heat turned down at home, this ceramic space heater is here to give you a little pocket of warmth where you need it. It has tip-over protection, so if it falls over it turns right off. One warm reviewer liked that it’s “not hot on the ceramic part and easy to pick up and use. I would recommend this as a safe and economical small heater.”

A Ring Light Tripod With iOS & Android-Capable Remote

This illuminating and portable ring light tripod comes with a super unique add-on. The included remote lets you take selfies, group photos, or videos from up to 30 feet away, and works for iOS for Android phones. The tripod has three light settings, 10 brightness settings, an outlet adapter, and seriously has over 34,100 five-star ratings.

A Doorbell Kit That Doesn’t Require Wiring

All you have to do to get this LED doorbell up and running is to stick it next to your door with the included adhesive tape (or screws). Then, just plug the receiver into any outlet inside. Done. It’s waterproof, and you can choose from 58 songs and chimes.

A Handy Car Clip For On-The-Go Dipping Sauces

Finally — we have a spot for those all-important fast food dipping sauces (especially beloved ranch) with this two-pack of colorful dip clips. They mount sturdily to your car’s air conditioning vents and have a unique frame designed to fit almost all sauce cup styles from the major chains. Almost 16,000 people rate them 4.7 stars and they were on Shark Tank, too.