So Many People Are Obsessed With These Weird Beauty Products That Work Incredibly Well

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You may think beauty products have to be just one thing or strictly practical, but this list is packed with weird things that will easily have a place in your routine. Though they may seem totally and completely unusual, these weird beauty products with unique packaging, intriguing ingredients, and special features work so well, people are totally and completely obsessed.

You know those 24K gold eye masks? You might think those sparkly spa moment masks can’t be useful, and they definitely can’t be good for sensitive skin. As it turns out, those masks are sensitive-skin friendly (even with the glitter), and they actually de-puff.

After your sparkly eye mask, this list has a stainless steel eyelash curler that’s way more long-lasting than others out there. The only thing “weird” about this budget-friendly set is that you get replacement pads. So, you can keep the curler you’re used to even after you’ve used it a ton.

Another product that has an unordinary twist but works so well is the jade eye mask on this list. It lets you wear real jade stones (for the cooling and anti-migraine benefits) without hurting your eyes. That’s because it has a unique and breathable beaded design that makes it way lighter.

So, if calming oat ingredients in a facial serum or a hair dye that doesn’t cause damage is “weird” — we’re all about to be obsessed with these weird beauty products.

This Sleek Ice Roller That Can Soothe Irritated Skin

This ice roller stands out from all of the usual gel rollers in the best way possible because the stainless steel is smooth and gentle for irritated or inflamed skin — even after shaving. Plus, this pink tool is more compact and aesthetic than gel options. But don’t worry — it still increases blood circulation and soothes the skin.

A Long-Lasting Polish With A Vegan, Clean Formula

This OPI nature strong nail polish earns its name with plant-based ingredients that still give you a long-lasting coat. The 32 vegan colors are free of 9 things you might not want on your nails (AKA formaldehyde and more). It also lasts seven days, and the aesthetic packaging is made of 20% post consumer-recycled materials.

This Rejuvenating Skin Serum With Snail Mucus Filtrate

This budget-friendly bottle of skin serum is an easy way to try out snail mucus filtrate, a strange-sounding yet moisturizing and nutrition-packed ingredient. It helps out damaged skin, and I promise you’ll be convinced to repurchase this unique ingredient. You’ll also get ingredients you’re more familiar with, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, adenosine, and more.

A Cleansing Balm That Can Turn Into An Oil Or Foam

This cleansing balm not only removes makeup and washes your face, but it does so with a magical formula. Scoop the balm out with a spatula and watch it turn into an oil in your hands that’s great for getting rid of sunscreen, sweat, and makeup. If you add a touch of water, it foams up for a deeper clean.

This Makeup Brush Set With A Pouch That Doubles As An Easel

Grab this 18-piece brush set because sometimes, you need to replace every single one of your makeup brushes. It’s complete with brushes for your eyes and your favorite face products. You’ll even get a water-resistant storage bag that flips over to prop all of your brushes up, which is great for on-the-go makeup application.

A Best-Selling Cuticle Treatment With Cold Pressed Oils

This lightweight cuticle oil doesn’t smell like nail salon chemicals the way most nail care products do. Instead, you get cold-pressed oils with lavender and chamomile that smell great while nourishing your nails, cuticles, and skin with natural ingredients, like safflower oil. This cuticle oil is a bonafide best-seller on Amazon, with over 86,000 five-star reviews and a 4.7-star rating overall.

A Peel-Off T-Zone Mask That’s Made With Sapphire Powder

The fact that this peel-off mask is just for your T-zone isn’t the only unique thing about it — it also has sapphire powder in it. This luxurious powder is actually what exfoliates and illuminates your skin. In addition to that bougie ingredient, this mask has fan-favorite ingredients like charcoal, moringa seed oil, and volcanic ash to refresh your nose and forehead. It can even remove fine hairs.

A Pineapple & Matcha Serum That Brightens

We’re all used to the citrus-scented brightening products that all look the same, but we should really turn to this unique vitamin C and ferulic acid serum. It has brightening pineapple extract and matcha tea instead of fragrances that simply smell refreshing — but this product smells pretty great too.

This Shimmery Lip Balm With A Tint That’s Unique To You

The speckled glitter and aesthetic pastel tube isn’t the only reason to grab this glimmer balm. This creates a pink tint to match your unique pH levels. No matter if you choose from a tube that’s colored like rose, rainbow, lavender, or unicorn, you’ll always get a glittery lip tint with some moisturizing vitamin E.

This Antimicrobial Cleanser That’s For Your Eyelashes & Lids

Cleaning your lashes might feel strange, but this antimicrobial eyelash cleanser is actually so helpful. The spray cap makes it an easy add-on after you wash off all of your mascara (or even before you apply it). It stops bacteria with the 0.01% hypochlorous acid, which can be helpful for those who wear contacts. Basically, this simple solution is a step in your skincare routine that prevents dry eyes, inflammation, and more, which is why it has over 7,500 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This Body Scrub That Can Exfoliate Your Skin

Grab this fragrance-free scrub if those tiny skin bumps on your arms and legs annoy you. You know, the extra-small ones that aren’t pimples? The pumice buffing beads will totally take care of them. With 10% AHA, this alcohol-free product also works on your everyday dry skin. Plus, the bisabolol and vitamin E makes sure your skin stays calm, no matter what you’re using it for.

This Aesthetic Jar Of Body Butter With Pistachio Oil

This aesthetic light green jar has a matching pastel body butter inside, thanks to the formula that’s infused with natural seaweed. It’s also complete with sensitive skin-friendly pistachio oil that adds a sweet biscotti fragrance. Plus, this quick-absorbing body butter has that whipped texture we all love. It always makes a hydrating moisturizer feel more expensive and luxurious.

This Clever Cleansing Bar That Comes In A Jar

This facial cleanser gives you the long-lasting bar formula, but it won’t leave residue sitting in your bathroom drawer. It comes in a jar to keep the bar clean and dry. You get an exfoliating sponge that’s the best way to get the product out of the jar — just wet it and apply. Together, this cleansing bar kit evens your skin tone and has ingredients like licorice root and kojic acid for brighter and exfoliated skin.

This Illuminating Primer That Actually Glimmers

It’s always hard to believe that a clear primer will illuminate your skin, but this illuminating primer actually glimmers. When you add a little to your sponge, it has an almost iridescent look. So, you can actually see how this sweat-proof and waterproof primer will illuminate your skin.

An LED Makeup Mirror That Looks Sleeker Than Most

If you hate how cheap and bulky most makeup mirrors look, this is the LED mirror to get. It’s sleeker and smaller than most, but you still get 33 LED lights around the frame that you can dim with a simple touch. The minimalist design has a small stand, a low-profile on button, and a small recharging port. It can also last for 250 minutes before you even need to worry about the cord.

A Brush Cleaning Kit That Won’t Break The Bowl Or Your Brushes

Even if a huge clump of old and hard foundation spins off of your brush, this brush cleaning kit won’t break. It has a break-resistant cleaning bowl that can totally handle all of the bristles you’ve never cleaned. Plus, the rubber brush collars ensure you have the right fit to avoid breaking any handles while the three-speed automatic cleaner does its thing.

A Throwback Body Glitter That You Can Use On Your Skin & Hair

This trendy body glitter is way more gentle than the scratchy glitter we all used to know. There aren’t harmful chemicals, and the gel is fragrance-free. You also won’t have to use a skin-ruining glue. It still comes in six sparkling colors, including classic silver and flamingo pink in this party-worthy makeup that works on your face, body, and hair.

These Soft Scrunchies With An Elevated Aesthetic

There’s nothing weird about this pack of comfy scrunchies except the unique, soft fabric that’s gentle on your locks and so elevated looking. Each pack has stunning textures like sheer crepe, waffle knit, satin, and more. There are also 13 packs to choose from to finally stop your search for trendy scrunchies that suit your style, because they’re right here.

A Microneedling Tool In Easy-To-Use Roller Form

This budget-friendly microneedling skincare tool comes in an easy roller form. You get 540 titanium micro needles that work to give you a radiant glow — and it’s so easy to do yourself — no need to go to the spa. Apply your vitamin C serum after using this tool once a week for some serious results.

This Sunscreen That Actually Absorbs Oil

Unlike most sunscreens, this La Roche-Posay sunscreen absorbs oil. AKA — it even helps give you a matte appearance, which most people simply don’t get in hot weather. You’ll also get a UVA and UVB filter for SPF protection. Plus, all of the sun protection and anti-breakout ingredients won’t clog your pores, which makes this great for acne-prone skin.

A Foot Mask That Gently Peels Away Rough, Dry Skin

All of the dry skin and calluses on your feet will peel off after one to two weeks after using this foot mask. It might be sort of intimidating, but this gentle mask with botanical extracts is the way to get rid of painful calluses. Plus, all you have to do is wear the clear socks with the mask formula and then de-stress with a little foot soak after work each day.

This Exfoliator That Sticks To Dry Skin (In A Good Way)

Usually, you don’t want a product to stick to dry skin, but this jelly exfoliator is the exception. Don’t worry — this hydrating product only sticks in order to easily clump up and remove old, dry skin, then you can peel it right off. It uses exfoliating pineapple and papaya enzymes, niacinamide, and more hard-working ingredients

A Jade Roller & Gua Sha For A Classic Facial Massage

If you haven’t jumped on the jade roller and gua sha train yet, this is your sign it’s time to try these trendy at-home facial tools. This non-squeaking jade roller has a small side for massaging your under eyes and the bridge of your nose as well as a larger side for your cheeks and forehead. Meanwhile, the uniquely-shaped gua sha is ideal for massaging your jaw. Together, these soothing tools can promote lymphatic drainage and reduce unwanted puffiness and redness.

A Brightening Cleansing Oil That’s Made With Rice Water

This cleansing oil gives you a brightening formula for oily or combination skin — instead of greasy. The rice water is to thank for the brightening moment and extra-clean skin. It also adds vitamins, moringa oil, and cleansing soapwort to the first step of your face-washing routine.

A Pack Of Pimple Patches With 3 Sizes

These pimple patches actually give you three sizes because some spots are bigger than others. These easy-to-use patches are discreet yet effective and suck puss out of your blemishes — you’ll know it works when the patches turn white. You get 96 of these unscented hydrocolloid patches per order, so these will last quite a while.

This Gentle Eyelash Curler With Handy Replacement Pads

This stainless steel eyelash curler lets you keep the curler you’re used to, even when it wears down. You get two replacement pads to refresh your curler on a budget. It also comes with a satin bag to keep your new longer-lasting curler safe with you, no matter where you go. Plus, you won’t lose your extra silicone pads.

This Color-Changing Polish That Also Gives You Sparkles

This thermal color-changing nail polish is one of those things you just need for the middle of your workweek. If the A.C. comes on during that boring meeting, this cruelty-free polish will change colors to add a little fun while you take notes. A few of the colors in this non-toxic polish also give you some sparkles.

This Conditioner That Also Gives You A Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Yes — you can totally dye your hot pink, violet, or teal and it’s only semi-permanent. With this color-depositing conditioner, you can add a trendy hue to your ‘do at home for cheap. Just work it through your hair, and in addition to nourishing your locks with coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and more, you’ll also get one of 19 colors that enhances every time you wash.

A Lightweight Facial Serum That’s Packed With Soothing Oats

This hydrating facial serum is overflowing with oat ingredients — oil, extract, and even oat flour. Why? It makes it way more soothing than, honestly, most of your skincare products. These calming ingredients don’t mean this serum is super heavy. It actually feels lightweight while it helps out irritated skin.

This Caffeine Eye Cream That Rolls On Smoothly & Easily

This caffeine eye cream is not another annoying step (like most eye creams are). It’s easy to apply with a roller, which also gives you a massaging effect that your normal eye cream couldn’t even dream to do. Plus, the applicator isn’t the only luxurious part because your under eyes will also get moisture, antioxidants, and a brightened look.

An Organizer If You Have Just A Few (Or 27) Lip Glosses

OK — this acrylic organizer actually holds way more than a few lip glosses. But with them all nicely placed in the 27 holders, your serious lip gloss collection will look smaller and tidier. If you don’t exactly have a full collection, you can also pop liquid concealers or mascara into these shatter-proof compartments. This effective storage solution really works — just check the 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

These Exfoliating Pads That Aren’t As Messy As Bottles

There’s no need to spill your glycolic acid with this pack of cleansing pads. Instead of pouring out serums and cleansers onto a cotton pad, this jar is filled 60 exfoliating pads. Each one has glycolic acid, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid, so your face doesn’t get too dry — which is always a win when it comes to exfoliation.

A Heated Dispenser To Make Your Nightly Moisturizer Even Better

You’ve already spent the time and research picking the perfect moisturizer, but this heated lotion dispenser will make it even better. Simply pour in the body lotion or facial moisturizer that you already love into this portable dispenser. It takes two minutes, only has one easy button, and it amps up that lotion you swear by.

This Rosewater Mist That Gives You More Than Refreshed Skin

It’s easy to think of this damask rose oil facial mist as only a skin refresher while you’re wearing makeup. With vegetable glycerin, it will actually help out with keeping your skin moisturized instead of simply dewy (but it does create a dewy look). Plus, it’s OK if you get a little bit of this spray in your hair — it actually stops frizz.

These Eye Masks That Are More Than Just A Sparkly Spa Moment

These 24K gold under eye masks might be glittery, but they’re still totally OK for sensitive skin. They’re also more than just a sparkly spa night moment because they have collagen, castor oil, tea tree, hyaluronic acid, and more for hydration and brightening. Plus, de-puffing only takes 20 minutes of wearing this glittery under eye look and lasts all day.

This Large Foundation Brush That Makes Application A Breeze

This flat-top kabuki brush is a unique and bright purple moment in your makeup bag, but it’s also durable. It has a sturdy wooden handle and an aluminum top that might make you question all of your plastic brushes. The non-shedding bristles also work with all of your products and work to apply foundation and blush evenly and quickly.

This Facial Cleanser With A Unique Fruit Extract

Blueberry isn’t an extract you see in face wash a lot, but that’s what makes this exfoliating facial cleanser so much better than others. The blueberry extract prevents free radicals and pairs with hyaluronic acid for a bouncy effect. This little lilac bottle of product removes makeup or can be used as a face mask, and yes — it smells like blueberries.

This Anti-Frizz Serum That’s Easy To Apply

This styling oil has a serum-like formula that’s way easier to apply than the spray bottle you’re used to. It actually coats all of your hair to infuse vitamins, protect it from heat, lock in hydration, and even make your hair a little fuller. This little bottle of keratin and argan oil serum is also easier to pack than a styling spray.

A Hyaluronic Acid Serum To Stop Packing On Lotions

Instead of packing on heavy lotions, simply use this 100% pure hyaluronic acid serum for added moisture in your skincare routine. It’s non-greasy, and a serum is always going to be more lightweight than your lotion. You can still easily layer a single moisturizer over it to get that double-hydration moment your skin might need.

A Jade Eye Mask That Isn’t Too Heavy On Your Face

This unique eye mask is made of dainty jade stones with a beaded design. This breathable design means you get cooling jade stones without it being way too heavy on your eyes or under eyes. It reduces puffiness and migraines just like a cold washcloth — but it’s definitely more luxurious.