Here's how your September 2021 full moon in Pisces horoscope will affect every zodiac sign.

September’s Full Moon Will Leave A Mark On Each Zodiac Sign

Here’s how you can embrace it.

A full moon is more than a beautiful and mystical moment in the night sky. It’s also a harbinger of change. In astrology, the full moon is symbolic of culmination, revelation, and reward. This is the phase of the lunar cycle in which the sun — ruler of your conscious self — forms a direct opposition with the moon — ruler of your subconscious self — causing secrets to spill and deeper truths to unravel. As the moon and the sun sit at two different ends of the sky, they inform each other and challenge each other. This cosmic battle encourages you to embrace growth, and inevitably, change. The September 2021 full moon in Pisces is no different, as it will affect each zodiac sign in its own unique way.

Taking place on Sept. 20 at 7:54 p.m. ET, this full moon rises in soulful, empathetic, and imaginative Pisces. This is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, meaning that it represents the end of a long journey and the wisdom that comes with everything you’ve experienced along the way. Because Pisces is associated with endings, it’s also the most divine zodiac sign of all, thanks to how closely it sits beside the spirit realm. In fact, a full moon in Pisces has the power to evoke incredible visions and even experiences that feel practically supernatural.

However, the core of this full moon is about embracing universal love and recognizing that everyone and everything is interconnected. Pisces is all about dissolving boundaries and acknowledging that we are all one.

Here’s how this upcoming full moon will leave its mark on each zodiac sign:

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Your deepest feelings are being revealed on this full moon. Shining a light on your psyche and your subconscious, this full moon could evoke incredibly vivid dreams. It could even lead to revelations about what you’re carrying within. Let it show you what you’re ready to let go of as this full moon encourages you to release the past.


This full moon is revealing where you stand with your community and your group of friends. You may realize you’ve outgrown certain cliques, prompting you to find the people who appreciate who you’re becoming. You might even feel inspired to team up with other like-minded individuals and pour your energy into a cause you care about.


A major development in your career could be taking place on this full moon. Challenges may present themselves, but also powerful opportunities. It’s time to take control over your career and embark on the path that matters to you. Let go of goals that distract you and place your focus on what motivates you to work even harder.


This full moon could encourage you to embark on a new adventure. After all, it’s tapping into your ability to embrace spontaneity and open-mindedness. There are so many things you have yet to experience and so many things that you’ll learn in the process of trying something new. Let this full moon remind you to have faith in all possibilities.

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This full moon has the power to be an incredibly transformative experience. It could shine a light on the level of intimacy in your life, encouraging you to open your heart to someone while setting firm boundaries. It could even motivate you to clear away your debts and tie off loose ends. You’re ready to let go of all the dead weight in your life.


You’re getting a better understanding of where all of your relationships stand. This full moon could spark turning points, encouraging you and your partner to work on your relationship in a profound way. Let this full moon show you what kind of partner you really are and how you can attract the type of relationship you truly deserve.


This full moon is encouraging you to rethink your daily routine. You only have so many hours a day and using them more wisely could help you get more out of your work. This full moon will also shine a light on your habits, motivating you to make healthier decisions going forward. Let this be an opportunity to nurture and nourish your well-being.


You’re tapping into your passionate side and rediscovering your desires on this full moon. You might even learn something incredibly romantic, revealing where your heart lies. This full moon could also spark a creative revolution, prompting you to express yourself in exciting new ways. Let this full moon remind you to embrace the beauty of your life.

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This full moon is shining a light on your personal life, revealing where everything stands behind closed doors. You may embrace a turning point at home, prompting you to create a deeper source of comfort in your sacred space. You might even experience a shift in your relationship with family or loved ones, reminding you what truly matters.


This full moon is encouraging you to reconnect with your voice and to remember that you’ve got so many important things to say. In fact, some incredibly stimulating conversations could take place on this full moon; conversations that reframe your perspective or encourage brilliant ideas. Let intellectual exchange guide the way.


You’re feeling the earth beneath your feet on this full moon. Everything that supports you and keeps you grounded is being revealed, reminding you of the abundance that surrounds you. This full moon could also lead to changes in your finances, encouraging you to tinker with your budget and set significant financial goals.


This full moon could bring you revelations about every facet of your life. But most importantly, this full moon is about getting to know yourself. Let it guide you through your sense of self, your identity, and your desire to improve. This full moon is helping you reconnect with your confidence and your self-acceptance.