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You can use Sabrina Carpenter lyrics for Instagram captions on red carpet photos.

25 Sabrina Carpenter Lyrics For Instagram Captions And Complicated Relationships

Unlike the Emails I Can’t Send, you’ll want to share these.

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Sabrina Carpenter isn’t holding back in her fifth studio album, Emails I Can’t Send. The 13-song album is full of the raw emotions of someone dealing with heartbreak, and many fans have wondered what songs on Emails I Can’t Send address the Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo drama that we all witnessed back in 2021. While some songs may be about the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series stars, all the songs are universally relatable. In fact, you could use Sabrina Carpenter lyrics for Instagram captions on your own selfies.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that’s gone sour, you can definitely relate to songs like “Vicious” and “Already Over.” If you’re in your own “Drivers License”-like situation, you might even find yourself saying “same” while listening to “Because I Liked A Boy.” However, someone in a happy relationship could also use Sabrina Carpenter lyrics in “Bad for Business” for a cute pic of them and their partner together.

Sometimes, you just want to recognize your favorite bop from the album and you don’t want to hint at a relationship at all. For that, there are plenty of lyrics from Emails I Can’t Send that would make great Instagram captions. So, whether it’s a selfie or a photo dump of your “Fast Times” night out, here are 25 Sabrina Carpenter lyrics for Instagram captions you’ll want to send out into the universe.

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  1. “It's times like these, wish I had a time machine.” — “Emails I Can’t Send”
  2. “There's no us in us when I'm lacking trust.” — “Emails I Can’t Send”
  3. I get nice guys and villainize them.” — “Emails I Can’t Send”
  4. “Why you gotta be so vicious?” — “Vicious”
  5. “‘Cause you don't think you hurt me if you wish me the best.” — “Vicious”
  6. “Wasting all our time to think that we could be casual.” — “Read Your Mind”
  7. “I guess maybe that's why I'm lying to my therapist.” — “Tornado Warnings”
  8. “I deserve my own consideration.” — “Tornado Warnings”
  9. “Who knew cuddling on trampolines could be so reckless.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  10. “It's not internet illusions, just two kids going through it.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  11. “You said I'm too late to be your first love, but I'll always be your favorite.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  12. “Dating boys with exes. No, I wouldn't recommend it.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  13. “I'm a hot topic on your tongue.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  14. “Tell me who I am, guess I don't have a choice. All because I liked a boy.” — “Because I Liked A Boy”
  15. “Same time here next weekend.” — “Already Over”
  16. “I wonder how many things you think about before you get to me.” — “How Many Things”
  17. “Bet you wanna love me now.” — “Bet U Wanna”
  18. “But I can't help myself when you get close to me.” — “Nonsense”
  19. “Ahead of myself's an understatement.” — “Fast Times”
  20. “These are fast times and fast nights.” — “Fast Times”
  21. “It'll be a Wednesday and I'll be going to this coffee shop.” — “Skinny Dipping”
  22. “He's good for my heart but he's bad for business.” — “Bad For Business”
  23. “We look good in photographs.” — “Bad For Business”
  24. “You're good at the falling, not the staying there.” — “Decode”
  25. “There's nothing left here to decode.” — “Decode”

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