Kourtney Kardashian, the founder of Poosh, shared tips for keeping produce fresher longer in a Poosh...
These Poosh-Approved Kitchen Hacks From TikTok Will Help Your Produce Last Longer

Keep your food fresher for longer like a Kardashian.

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Not only does the Kardashian family know the best hacks to keep their homes organized, but they also know how to keep their kitchens efficient AF. And just like they’ve been recently sharing some home organization ideas, the Kardashians are sharing Poosh kitchen and food hacks from TikTok as well. These genius hacks will help your produce last longer, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re someone who gets excited while grocery shopping and picks up tons of fresh produce, you know the struggle is real when you can’t eat it all quickly enough. Luckily, there are ways to keep your apples slices from browning and potatoes from sprouting so that everything tastes like it’s straight from the farm, even after it’s been sitting in your kitchen for a few days. These Poosh-approved Kardashian kitchen hacks may also help you from having to throw out any produce that goes bad. Basically, these Poosh kitchen hacks on TikTok are sustainable, budget-friendly, and smart.

The best part of all is that while it takes a little organization and cleaning to get Khloé’s kitchen pantry and Kris’ Insta-worthy refrigerator, you can start following these Poosh kitchen hacks ASAP to live like a Kardashian in no time.

How To Keep Potatoes From Sprouting


Potatoes that have been sitting in your kitchen may start to sprout if you don’t use them quickly enough. To prevent that from happening, Poosh recommends keeping your potatoes in a bowl with a few apples. This will help prevent them from sprouting. Plus, if you use a cute bowl for storage, that can be simple kitchen decor.

How To Remove A Strawberry Stem


For a super easy way to remove the stem from your strawberries, all you need is a straw. According to Poosh’s TikTok video, you can easily remove a strawberry stem by pushing a straw into the bottom and all the way through. Your stem will pop right out.

This quick step will make snacking on your strawberries so much easier. Plus, if you’re trying to have a picture-perfect fridge like Kris Jenner’s, you’ll want to have your fruits all prepped and ready to go in organized storage bins on your refrigerator shelves.

How To Keep Apple Slices From Browning


One fruit that quickly goes bad once you have it prepped for snacking? Apples. To prevent your apple slices from browning or looking less than Insta-worthy, Poosh recommends placing them in cold salt water or lemon water. This works best if you aren’t able to eat all the apple slices you cut and want to save them for later.

These super simple food hacks will truly come in handy the next time you’re in the kitchen. These may even help you prep some delicious and fresh snacks for a marathon-watch of The Kardashians on Hulu with your roomies or besties. So, while you’re keeping up with the Kardashians, you can eat like them as well.

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