These vegan nachos are plant-based recipes on TikTok for Earth Day.
Try These 15 Plant-Based Recipes On TikTok For Earth Day

There’s even a Kim Kardashian-inspired recipe.

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TikTok has become a go-to resource for finding delicious recipes online. From viral baked dishes to quick snacks you can whip up in your air fryer, the foodie side of the FYP is full of yummy goodness for any occasion. In fact, there are tons of plant-based recipes on TikTok for Earth Day that you can make for you and your roomies.

While plant-based recipes are great every day of the year, they’re especially important to enjoy on April 22. Eating fresh and plant-based is just one way you can do something for the planet. Let’s not forget plant-based recipes can be delicious as well, so why not try something new? If you’re looking for some vegan recipes that your whole family can enjoy on Earth Day, look no further.

These 15 plant-based recipes on TikTok can also be used to plan an Earth Day dinner party with your besties or just a romantic picnic date with your partner as you enjoy some fresh air. Whatever your Earth Day plans, you’re sure to find a plant-based recipe here that you’ll want to try.

This Budget-Friendly Three Bean Salad Is Easy

If you’re looking for something simple and budget-friendly, you’ll want to try this three bean salad recipe from TikToker @somethingnutritious. You can even meal prep this salad to enjoy all week long with arugula, some grains, or even as a snack with chips. This version of a three bean salad from Yummly uses red and white kidney beans with green beans, so it really can be any combo of your favorite beans together in one salad.

This Mushroom Stroganoff Will Warm You Up

This mushroom stroganoff recipe from TikToker @veggiediaryyy looks so tasty that even if you aren’t plant-based, you’ll want to try it. While this version is served with a side of rice, you can also use the sauce with some noodles. This noodle mushroom stroganoff is perfect if the weather is still a little chilly outside, and you just want a warm bowl to enjoy. So, save mushroom for this recipe.

These Chili Spiced Potatoes Are Kim Kardashian-Inspired

TikToker @justinecooksvegan has this chili spiced potatoes recipe inspired by Kim Kardashian. This recipe is both vegan like Kim and good for your skin as the SKKN founder also deals with psoriasis. The tutorial also teaches you how to make an arugula salad to serve on the side, but you could elevate your plate even more by making spiced potatoes stuffed in peppers.

These Earth Day Cookies Are So Cute

These plant-based Earth Day cookies are super adorable. Following the recipe from TikToker @bearenger, you’ll want to mix up so vegan cookie dough and separate it into two piles. One will be green with matcha powder and the other will be blue with blue spirulina to represent the Earth.

You can also use food coloring as well if you don’t have these ingredients. When your cookies come out of the oven, they’ll look like mini planet Earths that are sweet and tasty. Using some vegan cake mix, you could also make matching Earth cupcakes.

These Green Earth Day Pancakes Are A Great Way To Start The Day

This green pancakes recipe from TikToker @maxlamanna is a fun way to kick off Earth Day with an on-theme breakfast. The pancakes get their green color from spinach mixed into the batter, which might originally sound like a weird choice for sweet pancakes. However, they work well, and you can add blueberries into the mix or whip up some homemade blueberry syrup to make your pancakes look like planet Earth.

These Plant-Based Fajita Tacos Are From Tabitha Brown

These fajitas from Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown) use zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and red bell peppers. While it doesn’t have any meat, you won’t even notice the difference. You can also mix up the veggies in your recipe and even include some chickpeas like this vegan fajita recipe from Yummly. Who know, vegan fajitas may become your new fave way to make tacos.

This Chickpea “Tuna” Salad For An Earth Day Picnic

Speaking of chickpeas, for a delicious lunchtime meal, you may want to try making this chickpea “tuna” salad. This recipe from TikToker @amywilichowski can make the most delicious sandwiches for you and your partner to enjoy on your Earth Day picnic. As @amywilichowski says, this plant-based recipe is “divine.”

If you’re more a chicken salad person, Yummly has a vegan “chicken” salad recipe for sandwiches as well.

These Vegan Burritos Are A Family Recipe

You’ve probably heard someone say they know where to get the best burritos in town, but they probably haven’t tried this vegan burrito recipe from TikToker @plantyou. Using coconut yogurt instead of sour cream makes these burritos vegan. You must grill them for a bit to really get the delicious crispy outside with the warm soft inside. Add in your vegan fajitas for even more deliciousness.

These Plant-Based Carrot Hot Dogs For You And Your Besties

These plant-based hot dogs from TikToker @angelasplantbasedkitchen look like real hot dogs, but they’re carrots. That’s right, these vegan hot dogs are made with carrots and rice paper to give it that hot dog look. They’re so delicious that they make the perfect food to serve at your Earth Day backyard hang. You could even make some vegan chili for chili dogs.

These Mini Sweet Pepper Nachos Are Genius

These sweet pepper nachos are a great idea for an Earth Day dinner. They make a delicious appetizer and the recipe from @soyceress is super easy to follow along. These are so good that you might not even want to share and tell everyone they’re nachos. While this recipe uses peppers as the chips, you can also make some homemade tortilla chips.

This Vegan Sweet Potato Mash Is A Great Breakfast

Another fun idea for an Earth Day breakfast is this vegan sweet potato mash from TikToker @racheltaenzler. After air frying your sweet potatoes, mix in some of your fave veggies. Serve with some toast and your fave iced coffee for a truly wonderful start to your Earth Day. For your coffee, make your own vegan cashew almond creamer.

This Sustainable Veggie Stock So You Can Make Tasty Soups

If you like to make soups and stews, you will definitely want to follow this recipe from TikToker @theblackfoodscientist for a sustainable veggie stock. Using any leftover vegetables you have, you can make your own homemade veggie stock.

It’s not only good for the planet, but it’ll also save you money from having to buy vegetable stock at the store. With your veggie stock, enjoy your own mushroom soup or coconut curry carrot and sweet potato soup.

These Vegan Birria Tacos Are Sure To Be A Hit

Birria tacos are no strangers to the FYP. They’ve grown in popularity over the years, and now, there is a vegan version for you to make at home. This recipe from TikToker @tatytable uses mushrooms instead of meat. Once you’ve mastered this recipe, you can try vegan tikka masala birria tacos for your next Earth Day celebration.

This Coconut Curry With Garlic Naan Is Made With Chickpeas

In the mood for Indian this Earth Day? If so, make this vegan coconut curry with chickpeas from TikToker @jessicainthekitchen. To enjoy alongside your curry, whip up some garlic naan or vegan naan from this Yummly recipe.

These Rice Paper Dumplings Are So Crispy

For a delicious snack, enjoy these rice paper dumplings from TikToker @cookingwithayeh. They get extra crispy by being fried in a pan, but you can also use your air fryer. If you’re also gluten-free, try these vegan dumplings with wonton wrappers.

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