A woman performs a quick pilates workout for summer 2022 at home, according to a celebrity pilates t...

This 15-Minute Pilates Workout From A Celeb Trainer Will Be Your Summer Staple

Get a burn in even while you’re on vacay.

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The summer is a busy time for everyone, but you don’t necessarily want to skip out on working out just because you have a backyard party or beach day with your bestie to get to. You still want to take some time out to work on your core and relieve some tension, and a 15-minute pilates workout at home will do that.

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Elite Daily spoke with celebrity pilates instructor, fitness expert, and founder of Natural Pilates, Laura Wilson, who shared 10 quick and easy pilates exercises that you can add to your workout routine at home. These exercises, done in order, will give you a 15 minute pilates workout you’ll want to do all summer long.

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