A dog wears a robe from PetSmart's Valentine's Day collection 2023.
PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day Collection Has Treats For Your Fur Baby

The cutest gifts for your forever valentine.

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It may get a bad rep from the haters, but Valentine’s Day is one of the cutest holidays of the year. Celebrating the day of love doesn’t have to be just for couples showing how adorable they are on the ‘Gram. You can use Feb. 14 to shower all of your loved ones with presents and affection, and that includes your four-legged besties. For anyone whose love language is gift giving, PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day collection has everything you need to treat your dogs and cats at home.

PetSmart even has Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs as well. Just like you used to have to make valentines for everyone in your class, now you can ensure everyone at home gets a gift too. Let’s be real: it might make you happier than getting a box of chocolates just to see your dog wearing a tiny bathrobe with hearts all over or your cat chasing around a heart-shaped teaser toy.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to browse PetSmart’s V-Day collection and order what you want to arrive before the big day. Then, you can plan a cute Valentine’s date with your pet, where they can open their present and enjoy extra cuddles as you watch a movie together on the couch. There’s no better way to say I woof you than that.

Cuddle Close In Matching Heart Robes

Spending Valentine’s Day with your pup at home is the ultimate choice for introverts. You can stay dressed in your coziest loungewear while eating your fave snacks and watching a rom-com you love. The only thing to make the night cuter is to get matching heart robes. This one from PetSmart is perfect for your dog, and you just have to find a Valentine’s Day robe ($30, Amazon) for yourself to match.

Dress Up Your Cat In A Cape

Of course, if you love any excuse to dress up, that’s an option as well for V-Day. While you throw on a red dress or pink jumpsuit, your cat can wear this XOXO cape. It’s like the cat version of a comfy hoodie.

Keep Your Pup Warm With These Valentine’s Day Heart Socks

February is still a pretty chilly time in most places, so keep your pup warm with these Valentine’s Day socks. They’re adorable with pink and red hearts all over. You can either match all paws or mix the sets up for some colorful fun.

Be Single And Proud With This Dog Sweater

Let’s be real: you don’t need a partner for Valentine’s Day because you already have the perfect companion. You can both show off your independence with this “single” dog sweater. One five-star reviewer said their dog looked “very comfortable and warm” in this sweater, and yours can too.

Keep It Casual With this Heart Bandana

If you pet isn’t a fan of wearing clothes, they can still dress up for Valentine’s Day in this cute heart bandana. While it’s technically for cats, this ‘Gram-worthy bandana can also be worn by small dogs. PetSmart also has a matching bowtie collar ($12) if that’s more your fur baby’s style.

Pucker Up With A Kissing Booth

Step aside Joey King and Jacob Elordi, becasuse there’s a new star of The Kissing Booth series. For the littlest members of your fam — aka your pet rabbit, guinea pig, or hamster — get them this cardboard kissing booth to hide out in. Each time they stick their head out the front, it’ll look like they’re working the kissing booth at a carnival.

Say “Hay” With This Heart-Shaped Treat

Another goodie for your little pet is this heart-shaped hay chew, which is made with natural tea leaves and twigs. PetSmart actually has a few Valentine’s Day-themed chew toys for your pets, so you have the option of this heart-shaped toy ($4) as well that is made from timothy hay and paper.

Step It Up With This Bouquet Of Roses

Getting a bouquet of roses for your partner is not cheap. However, a bouquet of catnip-filled roses for your fur baby is budget-friendly and will make sure your fur baby has something fun to do on Valentine’s Day. Each bloom is filled with catnip, which will entice your cat and have them smelling the roses before they play with them.

Treat Your Dog To A Squeaky Heart

PetSmart has quite a few squeaky toys for dogs this Valentine’s Day, but you can’t go wrong with a heart plush. It looks just like those candy hearts with different sayings, but this one says “smoochie pooch” for your very own pooch. It’s soft but has a squeaker inside, so it’s perfect for both playing and snuggling.

Play Fetch With This Wuffly Dog Toy

If fetch is more your dog’s play style, you’ll want to get this super cute “wuff you” Valentine’s Day dog toy. The six-inch toy is perfect for tossing around in the backyard with your pup, plus it even has an internal squeaker to get their attention. At the end of the day, they can cuddle with this soft toy in their dog bed.

Tease Your Cat With These Valentine’s Day Toys

If your cat is up for playtime, these Valentine’s Day toys will entertain them for hours. Just tease your cat with the toy at the end of the string, and watch them chase, jump, and pounce on it. With feathers, tassels, and catnip, your cat will be sure to be entertained.

Grab This Squeaker Toy That Looks Like A Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are the perfect pairing, unless you’re a dog. While pets shouldn’t eat any chocolate, they can play with some faux chocolate-covered strawberries like this squeaker toy. It looks just like a strawberry covered in chocolate, but is made with vinyl.

Show You Whaley Love Your Pup With This Squeaker Toy

This narwhal squeaker toy in PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day collection is both soothing and engaging. It has an internal squeaker for playtime, plus it’s made with super soft plush so it’s good for mid-V-Day naps as well.

Deliver Some Fun With This Mailbox Toy

As a kid, Valentine’s Day was about handing out paper valentines to your besties. Now, you can give your pet an entire mailbox to show off how much you love them. This plush mailbox toy from PetSmart has a toy letter hidden inside your cat can discover. It’s also so soft for cuddling with while the two of you watch one of the great rom-coms, You’ve Got Mail.

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