A dog wears a robe from PetSmart's Valentine's Day 2021 collection including valentines dog toys.
Show Your Fur Babies So Much Love With PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day Collection

You had me at silk doggy robes.

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Showing your loved ones how much you care is an all year thing, but on Valentine’s Day, you really get to go all out. For some, this may mean writing your bestie a handwritten note or treating your partner to a picnic in the living room. With PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day 2022 collection, you can also shower your fur babies with some gifts on Feb. 14.

PetSmart never misses an opportunity to celebrate the holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Their 2022 Valentine’s Day collection includes dog clothes, cat toys, and super sweet heart-shaped treats. If your pup has ever given you those too-cute-to-resist eyes as you’re enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries, now you have something to give them to snack on as well. There’s also dapper cat collars, so you and your kitten can dress your best for some Valentine’s Day cat Instas together.

Depending on whether your dog or cat likes to eat, sleep, or play around in the backyard, you’ll be able to find something from PetSmart’s Valentine’s Day 2022 collection that they can enjoy. Along with your present, treat your pet to a home cooked meal or enjoy a cuddly movie night together. Whatever your V-Day plans are, they’ll just love spending time with you — and a new squeaky candy heart wouldn’t hurt as well.

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Sweetheart Milk-Bones For A Valentine’s Day Dog Treat

These mini sweetheart Milk-Bones are just what you need to treat your pups on Valentine’s Day. Consider them to be the dog version of the candy hearts you love to snack on. They come in various colors and have cute sayings on them like “love” and “hugs.”

Candy Heart Dog Bed For Your Pup

This Valentine’s Day dog bed actually looks like a candy heart. There are even a few different sayings to choose from. This “hug me” one is great for dogs who love to cuddle, but there’s also this purple “be mine” one and this pink “hey girl” one.

Pink Cat Toys For A V-Day Treat

For your kitty, PetSmart has these ball cat toys. Each Valentine’s cat toy is different to give your cat’s playtime some variety.

“Smoochie Pooch” Dog Toy For Your Valentine’s Day Dog

If your dog lights up when they hear a squeaky toy, this is the one for them. Not only will this plush heart keep them entertained, but it’ll make you LOL as it says “smoochie pooch” on it. There’s also a candy squeaky toy ($8) option, and this adorable narwhal ($4) one.

Catnip Mouse Toys For A V-Day Surprise

For some cats, catnip toys are the equivalent of getting a heart-shaped box of chocolate. If that describes your kitty, they’ll love to receive these mouse toys that have catnip inside.

Red Silk Robe For Your Valentine’s Day Dog

For luxe living, get your dog or cat this red silk robe for Valentine’s Day. Just imagine your pet wearing this as they’re spread out and taking a nap on the couch. Too cute!

Floral Cat Collar For A Valentine’s Day Gift

Instead of getting them a bouquet of flowers, get your cat this floral cat collar for Valentine’s day. Not only will it make them look elegant AF, but they’ll be blooming in your Valentine’s Day cat selfies together. There’s also this bowtie cat collar for extra dapper fur babies.

Bear And Treat Gift Set For Your Pup

Getting both a teddy bear and sweet treats on Valentine’s Day from your bae is like the ultimate gift. While you can always pair a plush toy and other snacks for your pet, this bear gift set has everything you need in one. The treats are also peanut butter flavored, and there’s nothing butter than that.

Playful Cat Tunnel With A Fun Toy

Instead of a tunnel of love, your cat can journey through this pop-up play tunnel. At the end, there is even a cute cat toy for extra enjoyment.

Heart Shirt For Your Valentine’s Day Dog Pics

Update your pet’s Valentine’s Day wardrobe with this heart shirt. The details are what make this a must-have, like the cute decorative pocket that says "XOXO."

Dog Bone Valentine For A Valentine’s Day Dog Treat

This cookie card looks exactly like one of those valentines you used to hand out in elementary school. You can write a heartfelt note of “I will always woof you” on the inside right next to the frosted cinnamon vanilla flavored treat.

Wiggles & Wags also has a ton of other Valentine’s Day treats as part of the PetSmart collection, like a strawberry-shaped cookie ($3) and these cupid cupcakes ($7).

Heart Teaser Cat Toy For Your Kitty

If teaser toys are your cat’s favorite to play with, this pack will be a great Valentine’s Day gift. You can play with either of the two teaser toys together for a fun Valentine’s Day in with your best fur friend.

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