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PetSmart's Stranger Things Collection Will Get Your Pup Ready For Season 4

There’s even Eleven and Hopper plushies.

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It’s time to head back to the Upside Down as Netflix’s Stranger Things returns for Volume 1 of Season 4 on May 27. While you prepare your Eggo waffles and ‘80s-inspired fits for a marathon-watch at home, your pets can also get ready for the premiere with PetSmart’s Stranger Things collection for dogs. This is the first time PetSmart is collaborating with the popular Netflix series to create toys and apparel for pups inspired by the show.

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’ll recognize nods to the show in the collection. For instance, there’s a Ships Ahoy hat and collar set that’ll make your fur friend look like Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley working at the Starcourt Mall. There’s also some adorable character plushies for Eleven, Hopper, and the AV Club that your pup will enjoy cuddling with as you rewatch the series in anticipation of the new episodes.

You can even look cute on your daily walks together as your dog wears a matching bandana with their collar. To look like you’re a part of Hawkins and the Stranger Things universe, you’ll want to check out PetSmart’s Stranger Things collection available now online.

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The Babysitter Squeaky Toy

Keep your pup entertained with this plush squeaky toy that looks like the spiked bat from the series that Steve famously used in Season 2 to fight off the demodogs.


Ships Ahoy Uniform Set

This Ships Ahoy set is too cute. You’ll definitely want to snap a pic of your pup as they wear the sailor hat and collar slider that says “Dingus” — aka what Robin calls Steve.


Waffle Squeaky Toy

Just like Eleven, your dog may love waffles and will want to play with this squeaky toy that looks like an Eggo waffle. They’ll love it a waffle lot.


Eleven Plush Toy

Eleven’s Season 1 look is so iconic that you’ll instantly recognize this adorable plush. She’s got her wig, pink dress, and even a bloody nose.


Hopper Plush Toy

If Hopper is your fave character, you’ll want to get this plush toy that looks like the Hawkins Chief of Police. Not only is this a plush, but it’s got a squeaker inside as well for even more fun.


AV Club Plush Toy

Your dog can be a part of the AV Club with this nesting plush toy that looks like an arcade game. Inside, you’ll find plush versions of the entire Stranger Things team — Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas.


Skateboard Rope Toy

Get your dog a skateboard like Max’s with this rope toy. It’s perfect for playing a tugging game or fetch in the backyard.


Stranger Things Dog Tee

Your dog can dress up for the premiere of Season 4 with this Stranger Things tee. The lightweight tee comes in a variety sizes from extra small to extra large for any sized pup you have at home.


Stranger Things Dog Bandana

If your dog’s style is more bandanas than tees, you’ll want to get them this Stranger Things bandana. The red and black bandana featuring the show’s logo is perfect for your dog to wear on your walks or even a hike through the Upside Down.


Dungeons And Dragons Dice Toy

Play with your dog just like the AV Club plays Dungeons and Dragons in Mike’s basement. This plush toy looks exactly like a D&D dice from the game, and even has a squeaker inside to keep them entertained as you play.


Palace Arcade Rope Toy

The fun doesn’t have to stop when you have this arcade game rope toy. It looks just like one of the games from the Palace Arcade from Season 2 of Stranger Things. Not only does this toy have a rope for pulling games, but it’s also a plush toy and has a squeaker inside.


Walkie Talkie Squeaky Toy

For retro fun, get your pup an ‘80s walkie talkie toy. It’s made with latex and comes with a squeaker inside to entice play with your dog. It also looks just like the walkie talkies that Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin use in the series.

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