Spooky Season
The Petco Halloween 2022 collection for dogs includes a hot dog costume.

Petco’s Halloween Dog Costumes Are Here, And They’re Furry Adorable

Check out the matching pawrent sets for a twinning lewk.

Courtesy of Petco

Can you believe it’s already almost fall? Every year, you promise yourself that you’ll come up with a Halloween costume idea early so you’re not scrambling last minute to put it together. While you may still be going back and forth between ideas for yourself, shopping for your fur friend is always easy, thanks to Petco. Petco always delivers on the cutest costumes and accessories, not just your dog, but cats and reptiles too. However, the Petco Halloween 2022 collection for dogs is top notch. Whether you want your pup to look adorable, trendy, or a little scary, Petco has the costume for you.

You might even be so inspired by Petco’s Halloween 2022 collection that it’ll make coming up with your own costume easier. After all, who can resist a twinning moment between you and your dog? In Petco’s Halloween Bootique, you’ll find tons of matching dog and pet parent costumes in addition to the hilarious ones just for pups, so you and your pup can get cozy on Halloween with similar fall onesies or pumpkin beanies. You’ll also give people pumpkin to talk about as you walk around the neighborhood with a dog dressed up like a spooky clown or tasty burrito. It may not be officially fall, but you can certainly prepare for Oct. 31 now with any of these 12 Petco Halloween dog costumes.

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Going For A Beer Run

If you’ve got party plans for Halloween, you might need to go for a beer run. This LOL-worthy costume makes it look like your dog is also bringing home some brewskies with another pup in the rear. While it may be funny in pics, it’s even more hilarious in action.


Wrapped Up Like A Burrito

If your pup is always begging for a bite of your burrito, let them be the burrito this Halloween. All you need to do is wrap them up in this dog burrito costume that’s un-burrito-bly cute.


A Phoebe Bridger’s Skeleton Onesie

While a skeleton hoodie is always a classic Halloween costume, you could also go with this look if you want your dog to dress up like Phoebe Bridgers. You could even wear your skeleton onesie $20, also from Petco, to match your fur friend. The best part about this hoodie is the fact that it’s a dog skeleton instead of a human one. The detail is pretty humerus.


A Fun-Guy Mushroom Hat

For a cottagecore-inspired Halloween costume, get your dog this mushroom headpiece. This is also perfect if your dog isn’t a fan of wearing clothes or you’re planning a group Mario Kart costume and still need a Toad.


The Star Of Netflix’s The Kissing Booth

While The Kissing Booth series on Netflix may be completed, your dog can still dress up like a kissing booth for Halloween. If you’ve got an affectionate pooch who likes to give everyone a kiss, this is definitely the most appropriate look for them.


A Candy Land Cupcake

A sweet pooch deserves to dress the part on Halloween. This adorable cupcake costume is perfect for dogs who have a sweet tooth. You could also dress your dog up in this costume if you’re planning a Candy Land or Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” costume for yourself.


Not That Kind Of Bloody Mary

This may not be the first Bloody Mary you think of when you think of Halloween costumes, but this Bloody Mary drink dog costume is LOL-worthy. It’ll make your dog look like your favorite brunch cocktail. This could even be a cute look for your pup if you are dressing up as the scary Bloody Mary for All Hallows’ Eve.


A Scary It Clown

For spooky dog costume ideas, this scary clown should be at the top of your list. It’s an illusion costume, which means from the front, your dog will look like an It clown running towards you. Of course, seeing your dog in a rainbow wig may be funnier than it is scary.


Your Fave Petco Carrier

Another illusion costume that will make your dog look like a walking human is this cute Petco carrier costume. As your dog goes for a walk in the neighborhood, he or she will look like a delivery person bringing some Petco goodies to a fur friend in need.


A Headpiece Full Of “Watermelon Sugar”

For a dog who is one in a melon, dress them up as a watermelon this Halloween. This cute headpiece is a great idea if you’re planning a Harry Styles costume for yourself, because your dog can be a reference to “Watermelon Sugar.”


Cozy Halloween Pajamas

If you’re planning a cozy Halloween night in with your pup this year, get them these themed pajamas. Petco even has a matching PJ set ($20) for you to wear. While in your matching Halloween outfits, you can snack on tasty treats while watching your fave movies, like Hocus Pocus. Just don’t forget to snap the cutest selfie of you cuddling on the couch.


A Slice Of Pizza

Since Halloween is a time to dress up as some of your favorite things, your dog may want to be a slice of pizza. This hilarious headpiece costume is great for hungry pups and dogs who don’t like costumes that go around their full body.