A young couple hugging in their coats on the most romantic day in October 2022.

The Most Romantic Day In October 2022 Will Be Full Of Desire

See those? Those are the stars aligning.

On Oct. 18, Mars — the planet of assertion, desire, and lust — will harmonize with its divine counterpart, Venus — the planet of love, beauty and romance. With the celestial lovers both glimmering through airs signs (Libra and Gemini), the vibes are as lighthearted as they are flirtatious, making it the most romantic day in October 2022 for every zodiac sign.

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Aries (March 21—April 19)

On Oct. 18, you’ll be in good company and feeling your best, Aries. Whether it be a new crush that makes you smitten, or a business prospect who’s on the same page as you, things are going your way.

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