Woman in neon light, embracing the spiritual meaning of the November 2021 new moon in Scorpio

The New Moon In Scorpio Will Help You Rise From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

Prepare for an unexpected transformation.

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Life is full of new beginnings. Even waking up in the morning presents you with a brand new day, filled with endless opportunities at your disposal. In astrology, a significant opportunity to start over arrives at the moment of the new moon, the first phase of the 28-day lunar cycle. As the moon slides behind the shadow of night, disappearing from sight, it wipes your spiritual slate clean and gives you a chance to begin writing a new story. Every new moon is unique, and the spiritual meaning of the November 2021 new moon in Scorpio — which is the first new moon after Halloween — could leave you feeling breathless.

Because every new moon takes place in a different zodiac sign and makes its own connections with different planets, there is no easy way to define the way every new moon will feel. However, you can be sure that the new moon will be the beginning of something different; something that has the power to change you over time. Think of the new moon as the moment you plant a seed into the soil. You have no way of knowing how this seed will grow or even if it will grow in the first place. All you can do is water it, give it plenty of sun, and be patient, hoping that seed will eventually blossom into its most fruitful potential.

The new moon also presents you with a potent spiritual alignment to work with, helping you tap into every layer of yourself. After all, it takes place when the moon — ruler of your emotions and your subconscious — joins forces with the sun — ruler of your ego and your overall character — helping you make a decision that deeply resonates with you.

Here’s why the post-Halloween new moon is so special:

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The New Moon in Scorpio Takes Place Nov. 4 At 7:58 p.m. ET

The energy of this new moon may feel somewhat extreme, thanks to the fact that it takes place in passionate, intuitive, and committed Scorpio. After all, when Scorpio zeroes in on something they want, they immediately begin strategizing, calculating, and connecting with the will to win.

However, that passion doesn’t just arrive out of nowhere, because it stems from a deep place of wanting. This new moon may encourage you to let go of what’s been wasting your time, inspiring you to fill that newly vacated space with something truly transformative. Even if it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom, don’t worry. Rock bottom is where Scorpio does its best work, rising to from the ashes like a phoenix and proving everyone who ever doubted them wrong.

This new moon may feel a lot more emotionally charged than you would expect, because Scorpio either pours their whole heart into something or they couldn’t be bothered to care. You may feel somewhat uncertain about what the future holds, thanks to the fact that this new moon will oppose Uranus — planet of rebellion, sudden changes, and innovation — paving the way for all sorts of unexpected things to happen. However, embracing these uncomfortable shifts could be challenging at first.

Luckily, Uranus doesn’t switch everything up just to annoy you. Uranus simple wants to make things more interesting because stagnancy and monotony can get really dull after a while. As this new moon opposes Uranus, it could also lead to surprising epiphanies, genius ideas, and a renewed sense of freedom. Why not embrace it?