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Here’s The Deal With Miis In The New Nintendo Switch Sports

May the best player Wii-n.

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The competition is on with Nintendo’s latest gaming release, Nintendo Switch Sports, a new take on the OG Wii Sports. The single and multiplayer game comes with six sports — soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara (swordplay). Switch Sports officially drops on April 29, and I was able to check out the new games to see what they’re all about. For Nintendo fans wondering if Nintendo Switch Sports has Miis, I have some good and bad news.

You can expect a brand new look to the game. One that doesn’t include Miis, but will instead focus on Sportsmates. Fret not, you can recreate the beloved Miis on your Switch for the games, according to Nintendo. It won’t look exactly the same as the Miis, with a lot more detail to the body and outfit. If you’re new to the whole Switch and Mii business, Miis are avatars that first came along with the Wii when it was released in 2006. They’ve stuck around and were included introduced with the 3DS, Wii U, and Switch.

For Switch Sports, you can import an existing Mii or create a Sportsmate.

How To Use A Mii In Nintendo Switch Sports

You can start by creating a Mii on your Switch console. Once you’ve done that, you can save your Mii to Amiibo and access it there from your Switch Sports Settings, according to CNET. It’s important to note that Switch Sports is currently only compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED models.

How To Create A Sportsmate

If you’re hopping on the Sportsmate trend, because again, the game is Mii-free, get the look by customizing your avatar’s features, hair, skin tone, and outfits.

How To Play Nintendo Switch Sports

So, now that you have all the pieces of the puzzle let’s get into what the Switch Sports games will look like. To start playing, you can select between playing globally, with friends online, or with people in the same room as you. Then you’re brought to a virtual map of a complex known as “Spocco Square” with a bird’s-eye view of the sporting arenas. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll first run through a tutorial of how to use the wireless controller, aka Joy-Con, for specific games. In soccer, you have the option to wear a leg strap that attaches the Joy-Con to your leg to really get a kick out of it. In a shooting game where soccer balls are launched at you, time your kick strategically while aiming for the goal. Don’t miss the golden soccer ball to score bonus points at the end. Alternatively, play with a team on a virtual field in a complete game to really get that adrenaline pumping.

Volleyball and tennis put your team player skills to the test. You’ll work with another player to beat the competition in a series of serves, sets, blocks, bumps, and spikes in volleyball. Meanwhile, tennis doubles moves fast with the Sportsmates and Miis running on their own; you just need to focus on hitting the ball. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds. Go head to head with your opponents in badminton, bowling, and chambara. TBH, I totally KO’d in chambara, and it wasn’t pretty. The attack is as key as the defense in the sword-fighting duel. Bowling felt very much the same as it was in Wii Sports, but with higher-quality graphics, making it an overall better experience. In badminton, similar to volleyball and tennis, the moves depend on how light or strong you swing the Joy-Con, which will reflect in the results. Sometimes I felt like I was going back and forth, but it definitely takes a hot second to figure out the winning strategy.

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The Switch Sports is sold in physical copies for $49.99, with the leg strap accessory included, or a digital version for $39.99. The leg strap is optional, and you can still play every game without it. But for the full experience, it can be purchased separately for $9.99. The game is available to buy now on the Nintendo website.

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As someone who doesn’t game often, I genuinely had a lot of fun. Sure, it takes some time to learn the tricks, but it comes with practice. It’s a solid option to play indoors with small movements that probably won’t break a sweat unless it’s from the sheer intensity of the competition. And if you need even more competition, Switch Sports will be expanding its games from six to seven with a new addition of golf in the fall.

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