Young woman surrounded by blue neon lights during Neptune retrograde 2022.

Neptune Retrograde Is Bringing Clarity For Every Zodiac Sign

Goodbye, delusion. Hello, coherence.

When Is Neptune Retrograde 2022?

On June 28, Neptune will station retrograde in Pisces until Dec. 3, 2022. Taking place annually, Neptune’s retrograde period brings clarity to the area of your birth chart where it’s previously been difficult to see things clearly.

Here’s where every zodiac sign can expect the fog to lift on this day:

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You’ve been experiencing some fog and uncertainty when in comes to your behind the scenes rituals, Aries, but starting on June 28, you can expect some much-needed clarity in this area. While this may not be a time where you’re pursuing any new endeavors, the ones you’ve had a difficulty maintaining a firm grasp on will become easier to embrace.

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